Zillow Zestimate Got You Spinning in Circles?

Hi I’m Michael J, and I’m so excited to be
just as confused as you are with your Zillow estimate! Why can Zillow tell you how much your house
is worth better than me, a professional real estate broker for over 20 years? They even admit, it’s 7-14% off so I’d be
just as confused as you are! Come buy your house from me. If you have any thoughts on selling, or need
an appraisal because somebody died, or you’re getting divorced and you want your fair share,
call me, Michael J! And if you’re about to lose your house to
foreclosure, call me. We can help! We might be able to delay it, or we can sell
it, or we can get you $3,000 cash for keys. Wouldn’t you want to have a nice guy like
me help you sell your home? Give me a call, Michael J in Seattle. 206-200-1234

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