Zillow vs. the Real Estate agent. What is the difference. Reston VA Realtor-(202) 841-7601

I think its very important to understand what
pricing agressively means. Every body is case by case but if you want
to get that your property sold in these next upcoming winter months. Then it is very important for you to understand
where you need to be priced. And doing an evaluation based on Zillow evaluations
is very limiting. Because they use information that users input
about their own properties they also use 3rd party sources for tax records public record
information. When you use Zillow when you find a number
based on Zestimates and that sort of things. You are limiting yourself. Because a Real estate agent has real time
access to information that is accurate. I can tell you what your neighbor’s home sold
for. If you find it on Zillow it might say something
different. I think the value in using me is that I have
the expertise the access and the knowledge to share with you the actual facts that are
going to help you get your house sold in the shortest period of time for the highest net
dollar with the least inconvinence for you.

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