YouTube Couple Land Dream Yacht!! (Full Version)

ELAYNA: Alright, what’s going on Riley? RILEY: Well, Elayna and I have just sailed from Tahuata to Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas, and now we’re flying to France ELAYNA: What ever for? RILEY: Excuse me! ELAYNA: Cooking some eggs, running the generator to charge up the batteries before we go. And, we’re going to Paris today! I’m so excited! ELAYNA: So what’s the deal with La Vagabonde? RILEY: Leaving it for two weeks while we go to France. We’ve got a dude here, Kevin, who’s one of the agents from the Marquesas. He’s going to look after it. He’s got the tender sorted, he’s going to run the watermaker, he’s going to do all sorts of stuff for us. So he’s a legend. Good on you Uncle Kevy ELAYNA: Yeah, thanks Kevin! RILEY: Umm, we’re in a mad rush packing. We arrived yesterday morning and I hadn’t slept, so we did all our washing and then, yeah, it’s craziness again. But enjoyable. ELAYNA: We’ve got a taxi in half an hour ELAYNA: There’s cows everywhere! So this is the email that we received I think the best way to agree on a partnership would be to invite you to the boatyard. We could show you our facility and test the boats. And find an agreement to let you have an Outremer for one year or more. ELAYNA:Dot, dot, dot ELAYNA (voiceover): After a few flights, we arrived in Paris, where we would stay for a few days before catching a train to the South of France, home of the Outremer. This is our view! Okay. Cheers to Paris! RILEY:Did you shoot it? ELAYNA: I didn’t mean to! RILEY: Oh Elayna! ELAYNA: For anyone who’s been to Paris, you’ll know what a unique city it is. We did a bit of sightseeing, before our departure. Just boarded the train. We’re going to Montpelier. Riley’s just jetted off to get some food and the train’s about to leave, so I’m a bit stressed out. He always does this. I hate being late. I’d rather be like an hour early. And we were an hour early. And he decides to go and get food last minute. Here he is! The man just came to check our tickets. We must be leaving like right now. Oh my god, you’re the best! RILEY: I know. Been doing something for you. ELAYNA: Are you excited? RILEY: Well, I haven’t been able to sleep for months. That’s how excited I am. RILEY (voiceover): We were picked up by Matthieu, the marketing and sales guru who has, if you’re Australian, a very difficult name to pronounce. MATTHIEU: Have you been sailing on multihulls, catamarans already? RILEY: I’ve done minimal, so I’ve done probably 5 or 6 days. So, all my sailing stuff I taught myself, because I got the boat and I learnt on the boat. MATTHIEU: You didn’t sail before? RILEY: No. MATTHIEU: You’re kidding? No Nothing? No ELAYNA: After lunch, he gave us a tour of the factory Outremer, a word meaning “overseas” in French actually began its company in 1985, and since then the company has grown a lot, making about 17 boats a year Matthieu…
Oh my god, I’m a YouTube star! RILEY (voiceover): The catalyst for all of this was when I stumbled across one of these Outremers in Los Roques in Venezuela I went over to the boat and eventually was invited on board by the owners Elayna and I actually spent Christmas with them I was drawn to the vessel because of its beauty but I eventually found out that they’re lightweight and therefore fast, long and extremely well-built I won’t go into the intricacies of general catamaran performance and safety here but, as my father used to say to me, all will be revealed in the fullness of time ELAYNA (voiceover): Pretty much all the jetties here are covered with Outremers So we had a field day looking, dreaming and wondering what the deal was with this company, as a word hadn’t been spoken about it since we first arrived Luckily for us, the daydreaming didn’t stop there, as they accomodated us on a 49 foot for the week ELAYNA: What have we got? Sautéed asparagus and broccoli.
Thank you Patrick. and some garlic, feta, eggplant and then I’m going to chuck a kebab on there afterwards This is the boat. These are our neighbors. Hello! So, tomorrow is the first day of the regatta It’s going to be very cold, and we’re expecting 50 knot winds on Sunday, so we’re not going to be racing RILEY: I’d go! Sure you would! OK, it looks like we’re having sheep for lunch (times six) Bonjour! ELAYNA (voiceover): After our first sail briefing, which we didn’t understand a word of, we were placed on a boat full of Norweigians, who we didn’t understand a word of! It should be noted that they were very nice people, so “tusen takk” to the team on Mais Uma. It was our first day of racing, in fair conditions OK, so today there’s a list of challenges. One’s a cooking competition, and the other is the best Instagram photo, so we’re all about to go to the front and take a photo on the hammock before we take it down Very splash guys Look at the canoes in the water Honestly? That’s really dangerous! RILEY: What’s happening darling? ELAYNA: Well, it’s just gotten about 10° cooler, so we’re putting our jackets on, and we are going like at 12 knots RILEY: In 20 knots of wind It’s seriously like I’m a bit nervous. There’s lots of boats around and It’s insanity. Waouh! ELAYNA (voiceover): A successful first day on the water ended with a shredded sail, by Liladha Cheer guys! Cheers everyone! So a nice day on the water, good wind. Thank you very much for taking us out on your boat. Our pleasure! RILEY (voiceover): On day two of the regatta we jumped ship to sail on a 59 foot 5X. Today we are on Wildling. She’s a 5X, owned by Doug from Australia, and yesterday they hit 17 knots speed, so I think this is going to be a very interesting day I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m hot, I’m about to take my jumper off And I need a coffee ELAYNA (voiceover): It was going to be a really nice day on the water and there were more helping hands on deck than we needed, so I kept mine busy doing other things for most of the morning. This stand up paddleboarder has a deathwish ELAYNA: Amazing! Aargh! I’m getting sand in my shoes! RILEY (voiceover): As the racing and yacht club shenanigans were unfolding, we were having clandestine meetings at lunch and dinner with the Outremer staff, to try to organize a deal. Philip to the left of me, Riles to the right. We’re hitting the town It’s freezing cold! It’s ridiculous! We’ve just walked home in the most crazy windstorm, rain… RILEY: We had the meeting today We had the meeting today, and the CEO goes “I’ll take you to a restaurant”, and he knew we were walking home and he knew it was raining and he dropped us like at a restaurant that was about 45 km away I think he’s trying to test our mettle! Yesterday we went out for lunch with his daughter and she ordered a plate of mince and a raw egg and we had to watch her eat it! We think it might have been some sort of business tactic She just sat there and demolished a bowl of mince before my very eyes Well played Xavier, well played! Well, we made it home Ok, so we’re just about to go visit Spica It’s a 45 Outremer, the same boat that we’ll be getting So we’re going to show you guys what it’s like inside, give you a bit of a tour And, yeah, part of the deal was that I had to wear the hat ELAYNA: Nice shirt! Hi there, I’m Michel. I’m with Christianne on Spica. Welcome abord Spica RILEY: Thank you very much MICHEL: We changed very few things inside the boat. The main changes were done outside, on the deck, for the sheets and so on, but inside, it’s quite the same. What is optional, what is my choice or our choice, is around the navigational system, because we use a PC, not a B & G or a plotter and so on. It’s a PC with a software dedicated to navigation, which is French software called MaxSea Yeah, ok Ah! Straight into the ocean, yeah? Yes, yes, and you can listen to the sea. You put your ear and you can listen to the sea Oh yeah. Does it open? Like the other one. And you can put fresh waste in the sea. No plastic or any rubbish. Of course! No, we compact them and put them up near the anchor Yeah, brilliant. Just filming the panty For me, this is very exciting! The first time Riley saw this pantry, he just lost his marbles Yeah, the pantry is very essential Very nice to get to there, isn’t it? OK, so here is the storage Plenty of room for my shoes and all my clothes I don’t know if that is enough room, but yeah ELAYNA: Honestly, this is amazing RILEY: That is beautiful ELAYNA: And does this mirror open up? Yes, on your right Aww sweet! That’s so big! Look at this square bed: it’s square! We get even amounts! RILEY: What are we used to? It’s some sort of trapezium. We sleep in a triangle like this, and Riley takes up about 90% And more storage down here, yeah? For the guests.
Or family. This will be for our patrons. Patron room number one. RILEY: Well done babe! And patron room number two. Er, suck it in! RILEY: It’s very nice. I think that’s my hat! Did I get that? That’s the one that Jack lost MICHEL: And then the guest shower there A beautiful view RILEY: Yeah, isn’t that lovely? RILEY (voiceover): We went up on deck to check out a few more options, and to snoop around ELAYNA: These are the retracting keels. You can pull these all the way up ELAYNA: Liferaft MICHEL: I want a movie! ELAYNA: Wow, there’s a lot of space in there. MICHEL: The trap is to put too many things down there. It must remain very light you know, so we weigh everything we put on board For very light winds ELAYNA (voiceover): The pair of them were nice enough to share some stories with us, and a bit of sage advice Alright, a huge thank you to the team at Spica Thank you Thanks a lot.
We’re so excited! So that night we had a final gathering at the yacht club, before our new friends on the water would set sail, and we would be flying back to La Vagabonde, in the Pacific Ocean RILEY: Where are we darling? We are at the Montpelier train station. We’re about to train all the way back to Paris That’s the end of our little trip RILEY: So how was it? Did you have fun? Racing these boats was just like a really cool experience And meeting all these people. Like we’re just like networking. It’s great. We’ve met some really good eggs on this trip And it was sad saying goodbye to Matthieu And yeah, we’ll be back RILEY: Matthieu really looked after us, didn’t he? He did. He’s a nice person.
Thank you Matthieu, we love you. Hey guys! So, just quickly, all of that was filmed about five months ago, in May, and since then, we’ve signed all the documents, only just recently though,so we are finally able to make the announcement: We are definitely getting the cat! Very excited! It’s actually being built right now. So a huge thank you to all of our patrons for keeping this a secret for so long. I know that must have been hard And get excited for the future! And thanks to anyone who’s ever watched even just one of our movies Anyway, that’s enough of all of this. Back to normal videos from now on! Bye! We love Sailing La Vagabonde!


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