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hey guys it’s Michele Bee with Remax
Services here in beautiful Boca Raton and and today
we’re gonna be talking about how to build your brand and get more clients
with YouTube yes youtube I have really enjoyed
starting to build my brand on YouTube and today’s guest is Karin Carr
she’s with Keller Williams from Savannah Georgia
so watch the video you’re gonna get lots of great tips that you can use today and
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the wall notification bell okay let’s go hey guys it’s Michele
and I am back actually we tried to record this a little earlier on the
iPhone and it’s a student likes analogy yeah I’m with the fabulous you keep in
car the YouTube expert and we’re gonna be talking to all things YouTube today
again but first rent is no no what little I talked about she’s good boss
you’re welcome Karen tell our audience a little bit about who you are where do
you work what you do and how you start with YouTube sure
so I’ve been a realtor for 13 years now I am in Savannah Georgia with Keller
Williams and I kind of stumbled across YouTube quite honestly by accident so I
had a channel and I had been making videos every now and then but nothing
really regular right and we moved from Atlanta to Savannah last summer and I
was thinking how am I gonna get business nobody knows who I am I know name
recognition I don’t have any skier here I don’t have any past clients here I
might as well be a brand new Lea licensed agent all over again
right and my phone rang and somebody said hey Karin you don’t know me but I
feel like I know you all of your videos will you help me buy a house and
unfortunately he was talking about Atlanta and I was like you have the
worst timing ever couldn’t you called me a month ago no I
referred him out to somebody else but it kind of was like a ding ding ding moment
for me where I thought that’s what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make videos so then I
started researching my competition and I went onto YouTube and I searched for
realtor in Savannah Savannah real estate savannah homes for sale realtors in
Savannah using YouTube nice search for everything I could possibly think of and
you know what I found nothing all I found were virtual yeah found tons
and tons of videos of people that were just showcasing the listing they were
trying to sell but their face was not on camera there we’re not doing a voiceover
so I wasn’t able to connect with them in any way
it was all about the house they were selling and I thought I’m gonna do
videos where I am on camera so I’m trying to connect with the audience and
if they like my personality and they want to work with me then awesome but
I’m not chef leasing of each specific house I might be talking about a
neighborhood or a tip for buyers or a tip for sellers or what it’s like living
here but it wasn’t it wasn’t all about the listings right and I think one of
the things that we did met on Facebook all right but fever so really like where
we we engage with each other regard to each you because I just started really
focusing on YouTube about five months ago and even that and
so I was looking at your channel which ranked and using tags you know there’s a
lot of courage out there and as we’re talking about earlier there’s a lot
coming at us and the number one reason you use YouTube is because because it’s
a search engine I mean it’s not I don’t look at it as a social platform I don’t
look at it as though it is a Facebook or an Instagram or a snapchat it is a
search engine and it happens to be owned by Google which is the largest search
engine and YouTube is number two right so my strategy was okay if somebody is
searching for like houses for sale by the beach in Savannah I want them to
find me how can I do that and so you’re really trying to figure out what would
somebody actually type into the search bar in order to find a video on this
particular topic right but me it’s kind of like writing a
blog you don’t just write a blog post and hope somebody sees it you do keyword
research and you try to figure out what are people typing into the search bar
and we’re gonna find that blog post and how can I make it get found faster
though really that’s about your tags and we were talking about this before that
have tags on youtuber not like tags on Instagram right not hashtag real estate
hashtag realtor lights hashtag beach house right
the tag is something that somebody goes to YouTube and types in the search field
they don’t type beachhouse they type beach houses in Savannah or they type
coffee shops in Boca they are typing in an actual search phrase right that is
what you use clear title that is what you use for your tech and you put it in
the search are the the description box below your video like there’s a whole
strategy around when you do your videos that I have I meant to ask you this
before do you also incorporate your YouTube
videos in a blog post anywhere or do you just have them started okay that’s funny
you could absolutely have them standalone your YouTube channel could be
a thing all by itself yeah and you can have a blog standalone would be a thing
all by itself right if you combine the two loop that’s where the magic happens
because google loves YouTube because Google owns YouTube yeah you have a blog
come with your YouTube and video embedded right in it it will help you
show up in the search results that much faster I think it’s fantastic I love
this concept the search engine piece and we were talking earlier too about you
know we don’t like to door not we don’t like couple calling this is like farming
without having to you know 18-month proposition of mailing postcards and the
expensive that people are coming to you not the other way around
agreed I mean with with farming I am NOT hi there I’m just not okay and with
spending 300 dollars a month for a year before I see any sort of return on
investment today that’s not a good use of my time no if you – it’s pretty much
free I mean between buying a couple of lights and a microphone it’s fifty
seventy-five dollars yeah yeah you know there are free video editing
South there you can do all of this for let’s just say it’s $100 all yeah our
initial investment and then from there on it’s free yes I yeah I agree with you
and and the other thing is that it’s evergreen you know I can’t do exactly
cars I just feel like this woman is this good I totally agree because if you door
knock you are only generating leads while you’re knocking on doors and
they’re going to get in your car and drive way you’re done so if you make a
video let’s say you spent three hours door-knocking versus three hours making
a video and doing research on it and polishing it and getting it up onto
YouTube but people find in a month from now a year from now three years from now
go search for anything on YouTube and I guarantee you’ll find videos of five or
six years old and for a three hour investment to be found in two years from
now and still be getting leads from that that’s awesome that’s awesome and not to
say that door-knocking doesn’t work because some people love that strike the
word nailing strategy I am at a stage in my life where that is just not my jam
and so the other thing is I just sent out a newsletter and on email you can
email us or what are the steroids I have I do something once a month and a lot of
it’s already in there and then I just kind of update it that I dropped a
YouTube video in there and I drop some other links to my YouTube videos in
there so it’s going to be very interesting to see I think that might
might be one of the results and it will tick up yes but you and I were talking
about earlier is I started tagging things properly and using too funny and
what’s this other one that you also mentioned keywords everywhere and I do
last week um some of my videos then I sent my newsletter out on Friday
the funny thing is now I’m certainly see this chick up since what did I say
Wednesday or Thursday of last week and I’ve had like 50 views on my channel
since then and I know it’s from that you gave me when we talked on Saturday but
also but you were you know mentioning and the Facebook post which is you know
tagging these things and key burying them properly which is awesome you know
I love that the whole goal is four so I always said like if I made a video and I
put it on Facebook I could probably get a ton of you so you can get you know
hundreds of views in the first couple of efforts and that’s fabulous but are
those people Sara Lee looking to buy yourself real estate probably not they
just happen to see it in your feed and if they find it on YouTube it’s cuz they
were looking for so if they are googling or searching on YouTube yeah you know
beach houses mana and they come across your video they didn’t just stumble
across it by accident they were actively looking for and right well in my videos
you know I try not to be salesy at all I go out to the beach I’ll do a driving
tour and I’ll take pictures of you know here’s the the pier where are many
fishes and your the great restaurant here what the houses look like and let’s
go drive around and see what you know whatever and then in the description box
underneath your video we can be like a little mini blog post and you can talk
about who you are have a link to your website where they can search for all
the beach currently for sale when they get to your website you’ve probably got
all kinds of lead capture pages over there fill out the form and when you get
that magic email says you have a new lead and you call them they actually
want to hear from you it’s very funny that they actually cure celebrity
because they can see your YouTube videos do you call somebody and they go oh my
gosh I can’t believe I’m talking to you in person I know you’re some you’re just really
cool so if you take these platforms that have the video capability like Instagram
stories this book live even snapchat I do this frequently which is I like to do
Facebook lines but I also know that I’m not really being found anywhere but how
captive audience in hunting solokha which is our little web blog and one
outlet to is I’ll save them into Dropbox see how on Facebook you can save your
videos open up the video and download it and then I just offered the Dropbox and
they use it among YouTube videos and sometimes I put my videos together
through until birth video and as I said before I’ve got an intro and an outro
fiber by the way and then I can put that up on my youtube channel my they thing
was ok guys videos how do I get people to watch this stuff you know what does
off Facebook but my point being is that you can take the little videos that you
do and put them all together with like you said some editing software and
you’re not having to reinvent the wheel you’re just mmm you know recreating with
what you already have which is great right absolutely and the day that you
post your new video on YouTube you can share it on Facebook and on Instagram
share it on all of your social media platforms I share a lot of videos on
LinkedIn hmm and all of those are to drive traffic to the YouTube channel you
want them to watch the video on youtube so that the view counts counts on
YouTube whereas if you download the video from YouTube and you share it on
Facebook if they’re gonna watch it on Facebook they’re not watching it on
YouTube guys really help you get more subscribers and get one of you so I’m
trying to do everything to drive traffic I love that that concept and and I think
you were also talking about like the woman in half so tell everybody like
using if I can see it in the background a little bit – I think you use an iPad
you’ve got a ring way I mean you put a lavalier microphone yeah so I just I
film on my iPad and the only reason I use my iPad instead of my phone is
because the screen is bigger and when I first started making videos I could
download it a teleprompter app so when I’m looking at my phone if you’re at the
blimp right the the prompter app is running right there so as I’m reading it
it looks like I’m looking at the lens even though I’m really reading yeah I
need it was a cheap little app that you just downloaded from iTunes and it was
harder to see on my phone I loved that and then I just have a tripod to hold
the icon right and I have a $20 microphone yeah I have two lights I
think they’re called soft boxes it’s really just a tripod with a light bulb
in the top and then yeah two of those and like I’m not using them right now
but on the day when I’m filming I just have one on each side yeah no it really isn’t it and it was on
so reasonable anyways that it it makes it pretty easy and I think like you have
a pretty you have a nice little background
I’ve got like something kind of neutral in the background and then it’s all
about the content anyway you know and everybody what do you think about like
when you when you have the description under your videos what do you like to
put in there how much how much text you put in your descriptions
oh I well I don’t give away the farm so I’m not going to tell them everything
that’s in the video because otherwise they won’t watch the video their high
descriptions so let’s say that the video is about like the one I listed today was
buying a house long distance and I said are you thinking about moving across
country be really stressful today’s video has
five tips to make it easier yeah that’s pretty much it I make sure that I say
the title of the video in the description because basically we’re just
trying to give YouTube as much information what this thing is about
yeah and then I have links to all my social platforms and like one paragraph
about me it is not this you know four page by olive while I’m so fabulous
abused me like a teeny little description of Who I am
so that they know that I kind of know what I’m talking and then links back to
my website so I’m trying to drive traffic to the website which is where I
can capture their information because there’s no lead capture on youtube so i
always put links back to my website in the description box under yeah I get
that I got some of my social media channels under there I’ll probably tweak
that and see if that drives a little bit more traffic just back to my website but
I got Millis data that I’ve got my hash tag so botha so it depends on where I
want them and I’m looking for followers on Instagram too so that doesn’t give me
a location though which is nice to be able to drop this one so I do like that
and don’t don’t just drive back to your home page you always want to drive them
to a specific page where I want them to do something I want them to download a
free guide I want them to sign up for my newsletter you know some call to action
yeah yeah yeah now you started your YouTube channel how long ago I started
it like four years ago yeah four year old school I started four years ago
thank you but I never did anything with it I just had it up there every now and
then but it wasn’t until last June that I started with making weekly videos
I decided I would make them weekly just because I was new in town and I have
clients that I figured I will just do it now before I’m really dizzy and in your
little Chandler right at the top of you drive I even say I post new videos every
Monday because that’s kind of like my my world accountability partner right and I
say I’m posting videos every Monday that I better do it
well I and you’ve given me that push because I need to change my channel and
just have our stove oka logo up there you go sweetie you cover real estate on
under that originally I started my channel out as just enlisting you know
listing videos and now playlist set up and I have you know different aspects to
it so I’m thinking about this the other anyway I need to change that up a wall
bed you know now that I you know working on this and I I find the content of our
business is so cool that I want everyone Indian I know me too
I’ve been talking about it well when I first started doing these videos
I really was doing it just to kind of get my name out there and kind of
establish myself in a new city yeah I’ve been a realtor for a long time but
nobody knew who I was and I did and after about three months I got a couple
is to me phone call where they signs the papers right then and there and they
didn’t even interview anything else they had already decided and I was kind of
flabbergasted because I thought really I mean never once was I asking for the
sale in these videos right and here’s all the free information if you want
more information about buying a house in sadhana click the link below and that’s
pretty much easy to enter and then it happened again and I started getting
buyer leads and seller leads and these people would convert at a ridiculous
ratio it’s like 80% is my conversion rate not don’t convert is if they decide
not to buy or sell after all yes you it’s because of something that’s
changed in there we’ve decided not to move and there you know Facebook ads I
can get Facebook leads for a dollar to a piece all day long but if I have to call
a hundred people to find three people that were actually interested not only
that I don’t want to do it I’d much rather yeah I would much rather have
people contacting me because they’re already interested and then they’re
happy to hear from me when I call them and they willingly tell me all of their
information it’s not me calling it expired where they go oh my gosh it was
17th person to call me in the last hour leave me alone yeah I think again this
goes back to the kids this is you know yes it’s a form of social media but it’s
really not it’s where we lead generate and it’s a search engine as Pinterest as
a search engine and you know one of the things that I really love is listening
I’m just at a stage in my life where that is like I never understood that
when I would talk to agents who’ve been around like something like oh I like to
live you know all I do is listen why don’t you work with fire so I was always
working with you know for some home buyers and then and shifted and I
started work in niche markets and I studied those niche markets and I will
tell you when I can send a email or even a text message to a potential customer
who needs magic builder home especially in a niche like the ones that I work in
it’s very powerful one they know that you really expert they
can google you and will come up and you’re not just the realtor you’re the
realtor who also specializes in you know XYZ so I think it’s so powerful and I so
appreciate your information and your knowledge and hopefully some of the
folks watching today not be fearful spray me you know you
have to like jump on in the water’s warm I mean it’s really true we’re all afraid
to be on camera at the beginning I know when I started making videos my lighting
was atrocious my sound was atrocious I didn’t know what to say I probably
looked like a deer in the headlights on camera half the time but only way to get
better is to just start doing it and to keep doing it and then the more you
watch yourself back you realize I say on the lot or I do this weird thing with my
mouth Rhaego right before I talk and don’t have to
make conscious effort not to do that anymore
it can be done the only way to get rid of those things is to watch yourself
yeah yeah exactly because like I was somebody who was it
are you set up the funniest video he was doing something with his hands who was
that did you see mom and it was hilarious I might have been in one of
the video groups I’m in like rub nation or something and he redid it with his
daughter behind him and she’s doing all these funny and we like completely
making fun of himself do you know you talked a lot right
larious though because he was able to take it and go oh okay maybe I need to
like tone that down and like Toastmasters you know I tended to throw
my a ring when I was talking all the time
and so two semesters kind of helped me stop that of course they always stopped
you from saying um and we all do that I think I think it’s I get nervous I come
a lot but yeah I say thing you just have to go back and cut you and critique you
know I can get better and people don’t want no they don’t care they don’t want
perfection they want somebody who is honest and genuine and knowledgeable ya
care if you’re young or all they don’t care that I’m Miss Lee age they don’t
care that I’m nan size – and then I have dark circles under my eyes they don’t
care about that and if they did and they didn’t want to
work with me based on that then screw them I don’t want the next player anyway
who cares I think the coolest thing is well the other your toast now is we had
a lot of you know free information I know I totally watch some limit in
particular that I like who have great channels sunny large easy and Amy Lindy
no I think they’re terrific and I’ve learned a lot from them and now I’m
learning from you and I think that’s fantastic and you know you have a lot of
good nuggets that you can share with you know Realtors at any stage I mean I
think I think there’s no better opportunity if you’re a new real estate
agent and you’ve got a mentor what a fantastic way to get your name out there
and your brand out there and who you are and you don’t want so you get a big
listing you’re not comfortable with someone that’s how you do it you know so
I’ve had a lot of newer agents say but I’m brand new I don’t know what I would
talk about because I don’t have enough experience well you know what it’s like
to live in your town so maybe instead of giving buyer tips and seller tips you
highlight where you live I think go drive around and show them what the
neighborhood’s look like and you show them some of the big attractions I mean
I did a video where there’s this thing in Savannah it’s like a table with
bicycle wheels underneath it and it’s essentially a bar so you drive around
the city pedaling like a crazy person drinking and it’s hysterical and it’s so
much fun yeah I went and did that with a friend of mine and then I had such a
good time that I called the owner of the company and said tonight come do a video
on you and they were like yes so I just interviewed them and said what is this
thing worth and why’d you do it and why she’s and then I took some video it’s a
thing going down the street and I took some selfie videos of myself and my
friend on and has nothing to do with real estate but everything to do with
the vibe well here’s the beauty of that one you can do that on Instagram stories
and save all those little clips you can even do it
and scape I love that Sunny Lenarduzzi said turn your camera around I’m still men she was
videotaping because that’s the way that you can say there’s a landscape but I
said I don’t think anybody cares at this point cuz you can shade it out anyways
if you’ve got some little software but I think the key is being the digital mayor
of your town I’m a huge advocate of that there’s a few people that I really you
know I didn’t come up with that concept you know Pinky Knows Naples and Dustin Brohm Search Salt Lake we’ve got you just did a terrific
interview with Neil Mathweg I love madison you have a great podcast
there’s Shannon Milligan’s another was just amazing
videos you know where she’s where she’s at so you know there are people out
there that have already done this and seek them out yes another finding is
like you just people are having to share how they’re doing it and how they got
started and why they’re doing it and the return could be I don’t mind sharing
these chests because honestly what goes around goes around
you know just paying for none of us compete like Gannon is in Virginia
Dustin’s in Salt Lake Neela’s in Wisconsin you’re in Florida I’m in
Savannah none of us compete with each other and I
know I even share this information with the people in my own office in my own
market yeah because like what goes around comes around and maybe there’s
somebody in my office who is very analytical and very detail-oriented and
has a very different personality and somebody watching his videos my yeah I
mean not everybody’s gonna like I say this all the time there’s only one me
there’s only one you and you connect with this we connect with my blog
fantastic so Boca which is going to start a tongue-in-cheek because Boca
was she showcase our town because I’ve been here almost 40 years and then it’s
fun and there’s lots of every night every day there’s something
we do and there’s offensive it’s a very giving community with the nonprofit’s
I’ve never seen anything like it in my life there’s just so much going on for
nonprofits here and I’m very lucky to be invited to things or I can go to them
and so why why not showcase that in a nutshell case you into small business
owner and the entrepreneur is starting out and restaurants like restaurants
have such a tough time so I can shine some light on them why not and at the
same time oh yeah so talk about that right and of course they’re gonna share
your video on their pages system they’re gonna post it on their website and
they’re gonna drive traffic back to you as well so it’s it’s a win-win for
everybody I mean I go out to restaurants I’m not
doing a bad review it’s not happening I’ll leave that up to the professionals
so is that bad I’m not it’s not gonna do anything but I just wouldn’t do that you
know that’s not my goal with this but I love all the tips that you shared with
everyone today and take a – great and so can you share your channel with
everyone so they subscribe follow you learn it’s really really original it’s
Karin carr real estate and then I know what was that Karen with an i right yeah
Karin I was Karin carr real estate it used to have the city I was in but then
I moved maybe I should just have my name and that way I have her music and I
don’t have to read well I just have to switch the name my name because I am
again marinated this I have to get to 100 subscribers so I can change my damn
URL right but something so stupid from 2008 on my house for god sake so I find
this baby you know like people there’s this cargo channel my lady and I hit
that putter and like yes and then I’m like oh what should I call it
so that was conflicted when on facebook on snapback and I’m like what should I
do and everybody’s like yeah I was like now I’m just doing it under my name
because that’s my name you know and then my playlist set up underneath or so but
then people will figure it out alright so subscribe to Karin’s channel and reach
out to her you are thinking of buying or selling in Savannah which is one of my
favorite tales and by the way as I said earlier they have public stairs you can
get home stuff through the back but Sophia’s my favorite and I love the man
I love the riverfront and just the restaurants are like crazy good and I’ve
never been to Boca but my husband almost took a job there and so he flew down
there for the year and he was like oh my gosh you should see this place it’s
amazing so we you can visit a new month to have you know you know I think the
same with Savannah de I just think it’s a fantastic community and it’s just
gorgeous so yeah so they’re there all right so thanks for joining in on our
social social spell today and make sure you subscribe to all my
channels – below it are Lisa or over here on the bottom so I think I have a
great day thanks Karin thanks Michele I


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