Why Lisbon? | Lisbon Real Estate Guide

What’s going on in lisbon you may ask? What’s all the buzz about well. I just moved here, so let me tell you it’s mix of tradition and modernity reflects on its architecture its food culture and people I find it lively solar Energetic it’s got the best quality of life with the lowest prices in all of Europe and that’s where I want to be Portugal has a deep-rooted pride in its rich history, but the future has arrived with a bang and it’s here to stay You can see and feel everything changing people places faces businesses and ideas The Tech scene is booming with new startups popping up every day the creative energy is contagious people call it the New San Francisco It also feels like Berlin a few years ago a haven for artists creatives and young people from around the globe Lisbon is a lively inspiring and multicultural place to be Go out dancing have some locally made wine listen to great music and eat fantastic food Lisbon is a permanent invitation to a life outdoors everything is vibrant and feels fresh [neverending] coastlines is [surf] before work a variety of green parks to stroll with the kids Amazing views from the [City] seven hills and breathtaking landscapes priceless And you get to enjoy it all with a real feeling of safety And when you feel like spending a weekend somewhere else. It’s easy. You’re close to Europe’s main capitals [the] [property] market is on the rise with amazing investment opportunities and great returns Real estate prices are still low compared to the us and to most European capitals, but prices are already rising Along with the young retired people are also moving here to take advantage of the tax incentive programs Elderly people can count on the efficient and Modern healthcare system families have great education for the kids Traditional yet Modern lisbon is it The City that seems to have it all Past and future coming together to make [change] Right here right now This is the place to be


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