Why Do Realtors Take Overpriced Listings?

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr and in this video I want to talk about a question I’ve been
getting for years since I’ve been in the business over 20 years ago and that is
why do Realtor’s take over priced listings that’s what I’m going to talk
about in the short video now I’m a little surprised I haven’t
done a video on this because I just had so many people ask me neighbors asked me
I mean just friends acquaintances everybody why’d a realtor’s takeover
price listings and a lot of people don’t really understand and know why so let me
just give you a few reasons why realtor’s me take over price listings
the first one is they just think if the seller has to get the home sold they
might as well be the person that lists it I had an agent told me one time he
said Lance what was I supposed to do if the sellers going to list the home at
least it’s me at the end of the day he’ll eventually sell it and I’ll get
paid money so I don’t necessarily agree with that right there I think you should
be always be up for an honest with someone but as long as they are then you
know you’re gonna have to make the decision as a seller another one is that
just the pressure of the office in real estate they always say listings listings
listings the office is pretty much everywhere any books you read you know
any any type of training we go to everything’s just about listings
listings listings and of course the office wants the art sign in the front
yard they want the the recognition they want to be seen and a lot of times the
agent does too they want the sign in the yard maybe they wanted in the art so
they can knock on doors and see if anybody else wants to sell or they could
call on the telephone to the neighborhood hey I have a listing or you
thinking of lists in your home another reason they may want to do it is maybe
they want to sit open houses it’s a very passive way to sell a home but open
houses were never it was never really meant to sell homes from the real estate
community most agents do it in virtually all agents do open houses because
they’re trying to procure a buyer they’re trying to get a buyer that they
could work with they’re basically using the property as a marketing tool and how
buyers come in and they need buyers so that that’s so that’s the way as well
there’s a lot of different reasons why agents may take over priceless seeds
those are the some of the most common reasons now I said this a lot over the
years if you’ve got to hire a real estate agent hi
based off of their marketing and hyerim based off of their negotiating skills if
you have any questions whatsoever don’t hesitate to contact me if you know
anybody looking at buying a home or selling a home share my videos with them
hopefully the videos will help them out I appreciate you watching my videos if
you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to give me a call I’d love to
answer your questions or if you’re in the Tampa Bay area or you’re looking for
a good aggressive agent to list your home and sell it let me know as well
take care and thank you you

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  • Carol Apostolos

    I appreciate that you say you are honest with your customers. I believe that's the best way to do business

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