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  • Indiana is a tax lien state..wasn’t really specific on how how often we do tax sales I know we have a surplus sale in September of this year though!!

  • Actually Max Indy is both it turns out!!

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Any good recommendations on real estate wholesaling books? Thanks in advance.

  • 3575 Ethel southwest

    I talk to much my girl gets mad because I’m steady talking about wholesaling

  • Shalom Max., Blessings
    I 💓 Your Passion for Other People. You are Totally Awesome !!! ✌

  • First Tuesday of every month
    In Texas a tax deed state !
    Don’t know much about real estate but I know I have what it takes! When I land my first deal I will come back and comment !

  • Florida is both a Tax Deed and Tax Lien State.

  • Both and once annually

  • Clark County NV

  • Texas is a Tax Deed state, and auctions are held on the first Tuesday of each month.

  • Texas is a Deed state and My county holds auctions regularly

  • Georgia does deed and lien tax. they have sales in Dekalb and Augusta on the first tuesdays.

  • Tax deed state and auctions are held monthly.

  • Texas tax deed

  • Florida is both

  • Florida is both Tax Deed & Tax Lien, Sarasota County holds auctions once or twice a month varies! Best of luck to you all!!

  • Texes is a Tax deed state

  • florida is both tax deed and tax lein state and lee county holds auctions evry tuesday at 10 am

  • OBEY THE CROWN LifeStyle

    Texas tax deed every Tuesday of the month 10am-4pm

  • Ohio seems to be a lien and deed state. But, from I could gather, my county, Cuyahoga, is a Lien County.

  • Manace Marcelin

    Florida is a tax lien and a tax deed state.. My county has a auction every first week of the month. From 9am-4pm..

  • Pa is a hybrid state but two years to redemtion

  • Tax deed state – Ma

  • I found that I must be going through analysis paralysis because I have known this for a while. Harris County / Texas is a Tax Deed County/State and hold the auctions on the 1st Tuesday of every month. I guess that good to keep the list smaller than a thousand pages lol.

  • South Carolina is a Tax lien state, though I'm not really sure what the distinction between liens and deeds are. Greenville County holds a tax auction annually. I'm not even sure if they have a date yet, the only information I was able to find is "Fall 2019" lol. Guess I'll be looking at other Counties.

  • I live in a tax lien state NY, auctions are held every year

  • MI
    * Tax Deed

    March 1
    * every year

  • Wisconsin is a tax deed state. Milwaukee County has tax auctions every Monday morning.

  • sergio hernandez

    Cali is a tax deed state and it does hold tax auctions

  • cameron johnson

    North Carolina is a tax deed state, Some states allow local county tax collectors to sell tax lien certificates while other states sell *tax deeds and allow investors to own the properties after purchasing the deed.

  • Tax Deed State and the county holds auction 1st Tusday of every month.

  • Texas holds tax deed sales once a month. Thank you for your advice/videos! 🤗

  • In Illinois we are a lien state , and as of watching this video we have an auction coming up on 7/19/19 and another the following weekend .. thanks for snapping me out of my paralysis

  • My issue is getting trustful cash buyers!!! Where are they?!!!

  • Texas is a Tax Deed State and the auctions are held on the first Tuesday of each month in Travis County.

  • Rickey Phillips

    FL is both a tax lien and tax deed state, and Volusia County has a tax auction sale once a year! 🙂

  • Virginia is a Tax Deed state, and the city of Norfolk holds tax sale auctions every December 31st.

  • I live in cobb county in Powder Springs Georgia. We are both a tax lien and a tax deed state. My county holds an auction the first tuesday of every month.

  • The Newclassprince

    Texas is a hybrid state (both lien and deed) and auctions are held every first tuesday of the month for Dallas County

  • Californa is a tax deed state and has tax defaulted property auctions

  • Austin Copeland

    VA is a Tax Deed state. Great video!!! I am getting back into the game but I will be watching your videos to gain the needed knowledge. I had a terrible time wholesaling the first time I got into the game lol

  • Super smart way of getting you followers to show their market, super smart

  • Delaware is a Tax Deed State that holds monthly auctions. Please tell me the importance of this.

  • Can you wholesale foreclosed homes?

  • Montana Tax Lien state. Yellowstone county- pretty often

  • Live From Outside

    Guilty of analysis paralysis. Can’t be afraid to fail let’s get it!

  • California is a Tax Deed State.

    La County auctions held in August and October

  • Pennslyvania is a hybrid! Neither tax lien nor tax deed. Allegheny county holds auction the 2nd of every month.

  • AR is a tax deed states. Tax sales auction for Pulaski county was held April 9, 2019 so once a year.

  • Arizona is a tax lien state and they do tax lien sale every February

  • Illinois tax lien State cook county once every year in May

  • Colorado has both although it takes three years to apply for a deed. El Paso Co. Only holds tax lien sales once a year in October

  • Texas has been referred to as a hybrid tax deed state because its laws provide homeowners with an opportunity to pay delinquent taxes for a period of time after a winning bidder takes possession of the county's tax lien against the property.

    The Sheriff’s Tax Sales are now held at the Old Red Courthouse, 100 S. Houston St., 4th Floor, Dallas, TX 75202 the first Tuesday of every month beginning at 10:00 AM.

    Auction days and times are listed at the Dallas County Courthouse, 600 Commerce Street, on the Public Information board located on the first floor. Visit www.taxsales.lgbs.com for additional information.

    Bidder’s Certificates are required to purchase property at the tax sale. At least 24 hours prior to the sale, all certificates must be purchased at the Dallas County Tax Office, 1201 Elm Street, Suite 2600, Dallas, TX 75270.

  • I am in Pittsburgh, PA & I think PA is a tax deed State.

  • California is a Tax Deed state and they have tax Auction sales throughout the year.

  • Arizona is a Tax Lien Certificate state

  • louisiana states it is a redemption tax deed state sale type


  • Pennsylvania is a tax deed state. It holds two auctions

  • Michigan: Tax deed state and auctions held 2x a year.

  • Ohio is both and tax deed auctions are held all year round, liens annually

  • NJ is a tax Lien state. And holds auctions in my county Usually quarterly. But each city has a tax sale, usually twice a year. Great video!

  • Connecticut is a tax deed state. Auctions are held at least once a week.

  • Wendell Avery Richardson

    Tangipahoa Parish Louisiana is once a year and is a Redemption deed state.

  • Florida is both a tax lien state in tax deed state. Tax sale auction is held 1/23 /2020

  • (Maryland) tax state

  • Awesomeness. First, thank you for all the videos. I reside in South Carolina we are a Title State. The auctions are annually in October.

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia does not authorize the transfer of title to real estate upon payment of delinquent taxes (tax lien sales).

    Ok, so what do I do with this information, Max?
    I’m on day 12 of learning about wholesaling.

  • Virginia is classified as a tax deed state.

  • There are no tax lien sales in Virginia, however, you may purchase real estate at a public auction. You can sign up to receive notice of our upcoming tax sales.

  • FL is both tax lien and tax deed. Hillsborough county holds auctions every Thursday at 10am online

  • Jorge Fuller-Vargas

    Florida is both and my county has them every Wednesday.

  • Tennessee is a Hybrid

  • Hi Max, is the ebook still available?

  • Tax deed. Every week

  • Tax deed state.The second Tuesday of every month

  • My state of Florida is both tax lien and tax deed

  • I find your video very informative. I also find that too often you tend to focus on aspects of the motivation/aspiration (inspiration) it takes to get involved into wholesale vs. becoming a tool in something I'm already interested in and would like to know the tools to your success.

  • Arizona is a tax deed state, and auctions are held pretty much every day! thanks Max Maxwell 🙂

  • Utah is a tax deed state. They don't sell tax liens. I know this because my family lost one of our undeveloped lots and someone bought it at the tax sale the next year! Utah is also a tough state for tax recovery agents (that Bob Diamond thing) as apparently most residents are in the know when they lose a property to taxes.

  • Just started out and found your site – here is the information you requested – Ohio is a hybrid state because some counties hold tax lien sales, and many others hold tax deed foreclosure auctions. Counties with a high enough population are 'allowed' to sell tax lien certificates, while the remainder of counties are limited to tax deeds. In my county The tax lien certificate sale is generally held in October or November, but can also be negotiated with the County Land Bank.

  • Love your videos. I am brand new and cannot figure out how to get contracts for CA. Could you please help me know where to get them? Looking forward to watching more of your videos….binge watching right now. 🙂

  • B uTiful Lady B OneLove

    Texas is a hybrid of both Tax Lien and Tax Deed. The auctions are on the first Tuesday of every month.

  • PA Tax Deed buck county holds auctions every month

  • Illinois is tax lien state and cook county tax auction once a year

  • The comments above are universal and have nearly Zero to do with wholesaling and primarily about investors' possible imperfections. The State Tax Lien / Deed is public knowledge but for many us REIs it's good to know.

  • shit thanks just found out cali is a tax deed state.

  • California is tax deed state and only holds tax action sales twice a year.

  • NM: Neither, property sales are conducted by public auctions due to three or more delinquent property taxes

  • Va tax deed

  • Messi World Entertainment

    Texas is a hybrid state. Tax sale first Tuesday of the month

  • joshnadamproduction

    Michigan is a tax Deed state, A Notice of State tax lien is an instrument that gives the Michigan  Department of Treasury a legal right or interest in a debtor's property, lasting usually until a debt that it secures is satisfied. Our last tax auction was held September 10th 2019. Sorry for the late reply I just got into Realestate investment.

  • I’m from Arizona and we hold them the first of February or as needed !

  • Louisiana is a tax deed state

  • Texas uses aspects of both tax Lien and tax deed. After action the winning bidder obtains a tax deed at auction. However the winning bidder is not guaranteed eventual ownership, as the delinquent tax payer still has redemption rights.

  • Pennsylvania is a tax deed and my county has tax sales twice a year.

  • Arizona Tax Lien Big Lien Auction is every February

  • Texas tax deed state and they conduct sales 4 to 5 times a year

  • Washington is a tax deed state counties do sales once a year

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