Who Will Live and Die in Avengers Infinity War? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– [Announcer] Thank you to Zillow for sponsoring today’s episode. We’re breaking down who’s
living and who’s dying in Avengers Infinity War. We’re outside one of the
greatest estates in Los Angeles. The real life murder house featured in American Horror Story, a.k.a. the Alfred Rosenheim Mansion which you could find on Zillow. And it got us thinking about who’s ticket is going to get punched in Marvel’s next team-up flick. So, in honor of this
historic murder house, we’re rounding up all
of the latest rumors, set picks and oops, I
shouldn’t have said that from the cast and crew to tell us who’s getting killed in action in Avengers Infinity War. But before we start busting
out the death certificates, let’s go ahead and get that big old spoiler
warning out of the way. (Hulk roaring) There you go. First up on our list of probably not going to
make it to the credits is Thanos’ adopted daughter Nebula. While Guardian’s 2 may have
seen the purple-skinned alien promoted from antagonist to uneasy ally, her character arc has ultimately
been about killing Thanos. Now, if The Infinity Gauntlet
comic is any indication she will have a significant
part to play in the movie. However, being the one to kill Thanos will be left to other Marvel A-listers, leaving Nebula to be a tragic sacrifice. And speaking of the Guardians, what are their chances of survival? Well, pretty good. James Gunn has said that
he wants to finish out the current iteration of the
Guardians with volume three and it seems quite
unlikely that he would let Star Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, or Drax dip out before he had a
chance to finish their story. Perma-death is not in
the cards for these five. But let’s move on to
our earth-bound heroes, specifically Iron-Man. Robert Downey Jr. has
always said that he wants to step out of the iron suit
before it’s embarrassing, and Infinity war could give
him the perfect opportunity to fly out on top. As for everyone’s favorite
Jason Bourne villain, Hawkeye, unless Marvel is trolling us, we’re pretty sure that Hawkeye will live, especially since he’s
currently shooting Avengers 4. This evidence came to us
courtesy of Jeremy Renner’s Instagram of his fresh
new do from last month. So, what about Iron-Man’s
personal Siri-turned-hero, Vision? Well, you could say our vision
is clouded about his fate. (laughing) Considering he has a mind-stone
stamped into his forehead and Thanos needs said stone to complete the Infinity gauntlet, that makes his chances of
surviving the Infinity War somewhere between slim and none. That said, Vision actor, Paul Bettany, recently let it slip that he
still had Avengers 4 to film. Of course, this could
be a next level redirect to hide his character’s death, ala Yondu being spotted
on the Infinity War set to mask his characters
death in Guardian’s 2. So, who knows? And what about Vision’s
girlfriend, Scarlet Witch? We think that with her brother
dying in Age of Ultron, it might be a bit much to kill off both of the
Maximoff’s in the MCU. Her chances of survival are pretty high. So, let’s check in with the
only other female Avenger, Black Widow. Her blond wig in the Infinity War poster tells us that she went into hiding after the events of
Captain America Civil War. Now if there is one thing
we know about Natasha, it’s that she is a survivor. And honestly, we’d be
pissed if they kill her off before we get our Black
Widow stand alone flicks. Status, most likely alive. What about Thor and Hulk? Well, despite the fact that their next film is called Ragnarok, based on all of the positive
buzz surrounding the flick, it’s unlikely that Marvel is about to throw all of
that good will to the wayside by killing their new bro-mantic duo. And with social hype
surrounding Black Panther, an early exit for him
seems equally unlikely. Next on our list is our friendly
neighborhood Spider-man. Verdict, Spidey lives. Marvel head Kevin Feige
has already confirmed that the web slinger is
the face of the franchise, post Infinity War and Avengers 4 with Spider-man Homecoming 2 being the first film out of the gate for Marvel’s phase four. Enough said. And what about Spidey’s
fellow New York resident, everyone’s favorite sorcerer
supreme Dr. Strange? We think he’ll make the cut. He is currently shooting Avengers 4, and if Iron-Man is done
after Infinity War proper, then who best to step into
the role of lead go-to bro? And finally, that leaves us with old stars and stripes
himself, Captain America. Now, we’ve known that
Chris Evans has been ready to hang up his shield for a while now and that Sebastian Stan,
a.k.a. the Winter Soldier, has been waiting in the
wings to pick it up. With Evan’s contractual obligations to the MCU coming to a close, this would be the perfect
time to go out on a high note. Plus, Bucky eventually donning the red, white, and blue in the comics along with the confirmation that this would happen from Stan himself, we think this means goodnight and good luck for Steve Rogers. So, what do you folks think? Who do you think will live or die by the end of Infinity War? What about all of the other
68,000 MCU characters? Let’s discuss. And thank you again to Zillow for sponsoring today’s
episode of Nerdest News. If you’re looking for your
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  • The minor human characters will die. Maybe even the guy with the eye patch.

  • Cap is definitely a bye-bye. Iron Man goes on cameo roster_ still need him for continuity. Hawkeye possibly taken out in infinity war / avengers 4 maybe. Nebula… pfft R.I.PIECES. Aaaand our #1 wakandan takes lead of the avengers after 4. That is until bucky gains trust, war machine comes back, and spiderman stops being a newb.

  • Even if somebody dies in the flick, the Gauntlet can (and did, in the comics) bring them back from the dead, so we might, (and probably will) see a fucking bloodbath, with many beloved characters dying, and coming back to life, possibly more than once.

    Not saying that the plot will be the same as the comics, but the ENORMITY of the Gauntlet's power almost demands deaths and ressurections, as well as multiple wearers of the Gauntlet, with a new set of deaths for each wearer.

    We'll see.

  • my prediction. ones dying by the end and not returning post avengers 4. cap, iron man, hulk, nebula, drax, vision, war machine, hawkeye. thor retires as king of asgard doing cameos…odin either buys it as cannon fodder against thanos or hela in ragnarok or avengers 3/4. captain marvel becomes the new powerhouse replacing the hulk which imo makes him expendable. universal is never going to give them rights to a hulk movie so just end his arc. you kill off the hulk and odin to show how much of a threat thanos is to all of them. it's 2 oh shit moments during IW that sets up thanos as this uber powerful villain similar to vadar in SW. avengers 3 is going to end with thanos wrecking vision effortlessly….and it's going to be awesome. avengers 4 will be won by odinforce powered thor, captain marvel, scarlet witch, and strange finally getting to their potential, guessing they get help from celestials and other dimensional beings in some manner per strange making a bargain…..could setup avengers 5 against dormamu or one of stranges other multidimensional enemies.

  • That Infinity Gem on Vision's head's a death mark.

  • Guardians can still die. Volume 3 could be set very soon after 2, and long before Infinity War.

  • Death of Natasha or the Hawkeye will bring them together, as Coulson.

  • For me, the most likely one to die is Cap. Sure they have stepped back by not killing ANYONE in Civil War, I am pretty sure that Cap won't survive Infinity War

  • I still cant believe shes 40

  • If anyone dies in Infinity War, the only way they return is if Doctor Strange still has the Time Stone. If he doesn't then they're dead, period. If Avengers 3 & 4 are the full Infinity saga, then it means that at some point Thanos will complete the Gauntlet. If the Avengers can't take Thanos when he doesn't have all the stones, they have 0 shot against him with the full Gauntlet. Therefore, it makes more sense that everyone makes it out of Infinity War but a lot of people die in Infinity Gauntlet. Okay, maybe one person dies in Infinity War. Maybe Vision and one other person. But Avengers 4 should really be the culmination if Thanos is going to be the villain of that film as well. Of course we don't know what Avengers 4 is, but we know they go to Japan and interact with the Yakuza. We'll have to wait and see

  • Charles Patterson

    Of Cap doesn't get a "Death of Captain America" comic style send off then I will be pissed with the MCU. That story was made to be adapted into a movie. It's too perfect to pass on.

  • If Cap and Shellhead die, can the final shot be RDJ and Chris Evans holding hands?

  • what if this is just a huge troll and everybody dies… and then deadpool comes in, slays thanos and gets Hella because why not

  • Chris Evans moves on but passes the shield to Bucky. Ironman similar, fake death passing his company too… and the tech responsibility to Falcon?

    Vision sacrifices himself for Scarlett, but is brought back with the lifestone afterwards.

    Movie ends with Tony, Cap, and Nick Fury saying their "for now" good-byes.

    I can't stand WS or Angel as Cap in MCU, I'd rather see him replaced. Dude from "This is Us" could jump in and play the role of Cap and barely anyone would notice (Justin Hartley; I thought they were the same guy initially).

    Idk if the Avengers can afford to lose Cap and Ironman at the same time. Pass the tech mantle to Bruce you lose Hulk. Can't pass it to Antman bc for whatever reason they went the old man Pym route which was weird from the get go (I like the movie, I like the character, but the switch made little too no sense to me). Besides Banner Falcon is the closest we have to a tech genius in the Avengers, and he's not a tech genius (neither is Banner but much closer as he is a genius, it just depends on what he is choosing to study). Doc Strange is not. Intelligence wise he's probably a little below Spidey with no tech experience outside of medicine.

    So yeah, heck if I know what they will do if they send Tony packing or kill him off (which completely breaks all the Marvel lore I can think of at this point. Heck, they had him as the only surviving Avenger, besides Hulk, in one crazy multiverse plot line in a world ruled by Ultron after he rebuilt himself for the umpteenth time.).

    They better figure something out though, as RD Jr won't be very believable as a 65 year old Ironman.

    Anyone? An MCU genius hero between 25-45 that Marvel still owns the movie rights too and have not killed off yet?

  • it'd be cool if everyone dies, except doc strange. that way, he could head back through time to prevent it (maybe back to civil war so he can prevent the avngers from infighting). "Avengers: Days of Future Past"?

  • Spiderman maybe he will not killed cause is a new marvel character from 2016 at civil war. Maybe captain american he will die cause is alive from 1943-1944.Odin i think he will die. Hawkeye i think he will die cause he is not strong i think.I think nick fury he will killed and S.H.I.E.L.D it will destroyed from thanos. And last i think doctor strange at the end he will kill thanos cause is so strong and with eye of agamoth he will use all his power to kill thanos, that all i think.

  • What about the young avengers bill and his white haired brother which name I don't remember … they're Wanda and visions sons so they can't kill vision … can they ?
    Am I the only one who thinks they could just retire instead of dieing … please …?

  • They forgot about Ant-Man

  • Why does it say spoiler and will when it's not confirmed yet?!

  • Nebula will be in Avengers 4 sooo… you are wrong

  • Still waiting for Black Widow solo movie 🙄

  • I think with Infinity War they really need to let the old Avengers go. We've had enough Avengers for this decade. They could move on to something new like doing Spiderman Spiderverse stuff to secure the character for their universe. They could also move on to inhumans… oh wait… 😉

  • No one dies. Except for Quicksilver, a character that the audience had no emotional investment in, no one ever dies. Besides, Evans is on record as saying that he will play Cap as long as they want him.

  • Iron Man dies

  • Can Vision really die?
    They could just make a weekly Backup of his mind and when Thanos "kills" him they just have to get back Visions infinity stone, build a new body for him and copy the last backup.

  • What about Ant Man?

  • Iron man will die & be replaced by Dr. Strange. Cap will die & be replaced by Bucky/Falcon. Thor might die & be replaced by Captain Marvel. The newcomers will survive. GotG will survive, yes, even Nebula. Deaths will be split between Infinity war & Avengers 4

  • 的茍且生活JJ son

    We all know Daniel Craig will return for James Bond so money is anything

  • Cap, Tony, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Nebula will die

  • Loki just dont die

  • Everyone but Agent Coleson dies.

  • Brandon Entsminger

    You need to worry about who Cari Dee will kill in real life. She's coming people. You've been warned.

  • Cpt. America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Wolverine and Aquaman will all unfortunately die. Hawkgirl, Mystique and Magneto will appear in Avengers vs. X-Men (2021)

  • α ℓιℓ ρρℓ ωιℓℓ ∂ιє ιи ανєиgєяѕ 3 вυт α ℓσт ιи ανєиgєяѕ 4

  • It better not be Stark. I’d rather see cap tap out, but before he goes, Tony hands Bucky the shield ! They better bring back Mary Poppins !

  • they won't kill any of the Avengers…

  • Iron man and cap is not going away,if iron man will will go away than Spider-Man is going to by himself in Spider-Man homecoming 2 and then there will be no leader for avengers.cap will stay because he is the main reason Bucky is fighting, if cap is not there,so will Bucky and both of them are not going to fight anymore at the mcu😡

  • I believe Captain America will be replaced by Bucky and the friend he will have to support will be Captain Underpants.
    You heard it here, first, folks.

  • Everton Videos And Gaming

    Iron Man will die

  • What about Loki??

  • make Capitan america retire instead of die off

  • In my believed opinion, Agent Coulson and Quicksilver will die. They are too awesome for the MCU.

  • As Long As Spider-Man Lives I’m Happy.

  • If today's times are ANY indicator, and knowing Disney's agenda of the past few years, I boldly predict that ALL of the white male heroes will die.
    Black Panther? Non-Caucasian. Therefore, safe.
    Black Widow? Caucasian, but female. Therefore, safe.
    Spider-Man? Peter Parker? Bye-bye. Bring in Miles Morales! (They've already hinted at him once)
    I stand firmly by these predictions until proven otherwise on premiere day.

  • mrsuperawsome 12

    Cris Evans he has said this is his last marvle movie

  • Sastiel Padacollins

    pretty sure loki is going to sacrifice himself for thor

  • Spider Panther Prime

    I don’t want scarlet witch to die in infinity war

  • Oh how wrong you are.


    Every one will die except iron man
    Iron man will survive
    He will die in his ripe old age

  • leah Carlisle

    Infinity war sucks bevause they like all die

  • This was almost 100% wrong!

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