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The immigration debate
continues to dominate the news. Families separated,
children in cages, and now people are going hungry. A Virginia restaurant
refused service to White House Press Secretary
Sarah Sanders. Stephanie Wilkinson,
owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia,
told the Washington Post she asked Sanders
to leave because she works for a “inhuman and unethical
administration.” That’s right.
A Virginia restaurant tossed Sarah Huckabee Sanders
out and refused her service. -And I know… No.
-(whooping) I know that you guys
are cheering, but, I’m sorry, I think that was
the wrong thing to do. I think what the restaurant
should have done is treated her the same way
she treats the press. Yeah, they should have
just brought her an empty plate, and then when she goes,
“Uh, where’s my food?” you go, “Oh, it’s right there.
It’s right there. -It’s-it’s right there.”
-(cheering and applause) She’ll be like,
“There’s no food.” And they’ll be like, “Well,
the chef told us there’s food, “so there must be food there. And that’s our position.
That’s it.” You know, when you think about
it, when you think about it, asking Sanders to leave was probably the nicest thing
they could have done. The waiter was probably like,
“Listen, if I’m being honest, “all the chefs are jizzing
in your food right now, “so if I were you, “I’d go get a pizza
at one of those places where you can watch them
make it. Yeah.” So, look, all in all,
I’m gonna be honest, I don’t think this was so bad
for Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Of course, she sees the whole
incident a little differently. Here’s what, uh, the press
secretary for President Trump tweeted out. She writes, “Last
night I was told by the owner “of Red Hen in Lexington,
Virginia to leave “because I work
for President Trump “and I politely left. “Her actions say far more
about her than about me. “I always do my best
to treat people, “including those
I disagree with, respectfully and will continue to do so.” Really? You always do your best
to treat people with respect? Come on, Sarah. We’ve seen how you treat
journalists on TV. Like, come on,
you can’t lie about your job when your job is on camera. Yeah. Just ask the police. It comes back
to bite you every time. And, actually, and, actually, wh-when you look
at what happened, Sarah Sanders didn’t get
that bad a deal. Yes, they asked her to leave. But they had already served
her a cheese board. Right? It was
a cheese board appetizer, which they didn’t charge her
for. Yeah. And, honestly,
if I was Sarah Huckabee Sanders, instead of complaining
about this, I would use it to my advantage. Yeah. I’d just go
to different restaurants in a disguise and then I’d order all my cheese and then once I’d got it,
I’d reveal myself like, “Aha! It is I, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders! “From the Trump administration! Y’all got cheesed, bitches!” You’ll just be getting free food
the whole time. Yeah, the-the only way
that wouldn’t work, the only time it wouldn’t work,
is if the restaurant was owned by an immigrant.
‘Cause, immigrants, we don’t play those games.
Like, we’ll kick you out and still make you pay. Yeah. Yeah, an immigrant owner,
he’d be like, “You need to get out. Sarah,
you need to get out. You nee…” She’s like, “I’m getting out.”
“No, no, first you pay. You pay first.
Then you get out.” “But you’re kicking us out.”
“Yes, I’m kicking you out, “and you’re going to pay, okay? “Cheese is not free.
Cheese is not political, okay? “Cheese is not Trump
or Democrat, okay? Yeah, you eat the cheese,
you pay, you leave.” Now, as you might expect, uh, the president
of the United States quickly jumped
to Sanders’ defense. I mean, not physically, of
course, because of bone spurs, but he did it on Twitter. REPORTER: The president
just tweeted about it. He said, “The Red Hen Restaurant
should focus more “on cleaning
its filthy canopies, “doors and windows
(badly needs a paint job) “rather than refusing
to serve a fine person “like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. “I always had a rule, “if a restaurant is dirty
on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!” I love how President Trump
always goes right to the appearance of something,
you know, even when it makes no sense.
He’s like, “Oh, yeah? Well,
guess what, restaurant, “you ugly. Yeah. I wouldn’t eat there
with Mike Pence’s dick.” Why are you dissing their looks? Now, Sanders’ farm-to-table to sidewalk meal
was just the latest incident in a string of Trump folks
getting confronted in public. Last week–
I don’t know if you remember– Homeland Security Secretary
Kirstjen Nielsen had her fiesta gone loco, and, uh, in Florida, in Florida, left-wing protestors
chased a Trump-friendly state attorney general,
Pam Bondi, from a screening of
the new Mr. Rogers documentary. Yeah. The weirdest part of that
was when Mr. Rogers joined in. He was like, “Everyone deserves
love and compassion… Is that Pam Bondi?
Get the (bleep) out of here.” (laughter, applause) And now… and now… And now it’s gotten so bad that even low-level Trump
staffers are feeling the heat. You know, many say
dating in D.C. is pretty hard. Yeah, but apparently,
dating in D.C. as a staffer of the Trump administration–
even harder. According to an article
by Politico, current and former staffers say they’re often ridiculed
by prospective dates online. Some say they’re denied
when someone finds out where they work or that
they voted for President Trump. As a result, many young staffers
say they have decided to date exclusively
within the administration. (laughter, loud groaning) Oh, that is… Yo, that is so sad. (laughter) White House staff can’t get
anyone to swipe right on them? Yeah? Or I guess in their case,
far right, right? And I… and I know…
and I know they’re saying they can’t get dates online
because they work for Trump. But just look
at all these male models who have worked for Trump,
and, uh… Like something tells me it’s not their political views
holding them back. Yeah. ‘Cause I know they want
to blame the president, but Trump is smashing.
Let’s be honest. Like, these guys… Like, if you ask me,
saying it’s about Trump is just an excuse
girls probably use to let Stephen Miller down easy.
It’s just like, “Yeah, I can’t date you
because of your boss. “Yeah, it’s totally not
because you look like a Slytherin professor,
who got MeToo’d, yeah.” (laughter, applause) So, Trump people are getting
a lot of pushback in public these days. And there’s a lot of debate
going on about whether
it’s going too far, you know. But if you ask Democratic
Congresswoman Maxine Waters, this isn’t going far enough. MAN: Maxine Waters
told her supporters to confront other Trump
cabinet officials. (applause and cheering) Damn, I love how… (applause and cheering) I love how… I love how
Maxine Waters has gone from formal impeachment request, to “We need to jump this fool
and his boys “wherever we see them–
gas stations, anywhere. “They’re gonna come correct. We’re gonna jump them
and tell them how we feel!” So, look, honestly, uh, I feel bad for Sarah Sanders
and her people, you know. Some restaurants
won’t serve them. People on dating sites
prejudge them before even giving them
a chance. And every time
they step outside, they’re made to feel like
they don’t even belong here. It’s really horrible. But on the plus side, now the
Trump administration has a taste of what it’s like
to be a minority.


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