White House goes after Adam Schiff for whistleblower tip


  • She did ask a fair question. How is Trump going after Biden not connected with the 2020 election? I would say here's the difference. Obama secretly went after Trump while he was still a private citizen and created a Trump/Russia conspiracy theory that lasted most of his presidency. Trump publicly went after actual corruption of a congressman who should know better. Is Trump's motivation going after Biden questionable? Certainly. Is it something the democrats would call foul but would do it if they thought it would help them win an election? ABSOLUTELY!!! Without question. 100%

  • William Van Horn

    Disney, which owns loser cnn, has purchased the only outlet making money, Fox, and has put lefties and libturds in to so call report. If you can't beat em, buy em. No trust for ANY MSM. Liars!

  • William Van Horn

    We the people demand that this sedition ends! Time for dems and their crooked kids to go to prison! Trump 2020

  • She's wiggling alot… Typical Democrats.. Turner owns all these stations.. manipulating the masses

  • Hey Martha watch the blaze channel and he explains why Biden is involved with 2016 election up to today with phone call.

  • There is no room for the devil in this godly country. One can't live, if the other lives.

  • I'd like to think of myself as a good Christian. I would never wish harm to a man even as despicable & evil as Adam Schiff, But is it wrong of me to wish upon him sudden, explosive diarrhea with frequent sneezes while at a sit down dinner party with dignitaries?

  • Well she proved it. Martha has become one of the 'Farting cows' and should move to the 'View' anything Trump, she becomes confrontational. just sayin

  • Good grief! Rudy had already gathered information on the whole conspiracy thing because he started and ended before the Muller investigation. He already had the info!! I think someone needs to spend more time making sure she has the facts…

  • It's time to drag them all to jail NOW

  • Get a Grip Martha. Heโ€™s a guest on your lame show. Be nice, even if you have to fake it

  • Has this woman always been like this? Or is Fox News here, just creating controversy for the clicks? I heard tell that Disney bought Fox recently. This feels fake. That's an awfully high comment total there, for this vid.

    Fox News always seemed OPPOSITE to mainstream media; has something changed here? Or is it just particular people like this woman? She's reminding me of reporters who get an idea of reality in their head and just keep asking the same question, expecting the respondent to give a different answer. And this chap is handling her rather well.

    It's sad, these days, when what I see MORE OF is reporters pushing agendas instead of reporting the news.


  • She's a deepstate puppet trying to spin a different narrative n imply something other than ,fox sack her get her off!

  • Hogan Gidley only appears on Fox News and commenters still complaining about interviewer . You lot are priceless.

  • this woman sound like a democrat agent

  • Adam Shiff the New Benedict Arnold.

  • timewise timewise

    Here in Germany all asylum seekers go through fingerprint stored in their criminal databases.

  • Ill tell you why Pence was pulled from going to Ukraine and it wasnt scheduling problems. Pence is one of "them." This isnt the only time he has been "pulled" from something. People need to watch him closely. Dont let that holier than thou act fool you. Could I be wrong? Sure. (but i dont think so) Remember he was one of the people who received an envelope at the Bush funeral. He is also very close to the Bush and Clinton family. I also remember that slight of hand (passing a note) when the Sheriffs came to the White house. This was done behind the back of Potus. There is also an email between Ryan and him that I found interesting. Potus isnt stupid. He knows exactly what is going on with Pence.

  • "clear marks against" really Little Miss Martha….thats how you characterize shiff for brains behaviour and lies???

  • The female roman empire anchors on Fox are starting to slowly show their bias.

  • People watching this are Stepford Republicans

  • Martha, go watch Glenn Beck's thorough breakdown of the entire Ukraine time line of event's… It will explain everything.

  • This entire media hysteria is just stupid

  • Thank You SR, For Protecting Our Borders, We Depend On The Good People In Government, God Bless You And Americaโ€™,๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • You represent very well Mr Gidley

  • Michael Kirkpatrick

    the spin on second hand info does not hold up. the inspector general spoke to the officials who told the whistleblower, then submitted his report that the complaint was credible. gop spinners keep forgeting to mention that part. talk about desperation tactics…pathetic display

  • Hey Martha, are you a journalist? Research your ridiculous question, connect the dots and answer and report the corruption yourself!

  • what are we investigating. He is strait up lying and framing our PRESIDENT on air!

  • Bajaholics Anonymous

    Burning red eyes:. FOX "Reporter

  • Well shift Washington Post turned on you yesterday New York Times turned on you today your Democratic party will turn on you soon clown

  • Fox your new CEO is a socialist this lady seems to be a Democrat she's definitely worthy of a few blond jokes anyone have one or two or three you know fox has their trolls that read through all these comments

  • Really! who are you going to trust to investigate, FBI, CIA…. Good FOX hasn't lost any objectivity!


  • Black American Patriots

    Ukraine didn't trust the FBI nor the CIA and wanted to tell Rudy about it instead. This corruption will c9me to light. Just the facts.

  • Call it what it is already…treason! Against Trump, patriots, the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    The Clintons were bought, Biden, etc. Trump rolls in to DC dropping dimes not needing any and they donโ€™t like that. Patriots know that. Ugh, drain the swamp and throw those media letters rgt down that drain too, cnn, etc

  • Yes on the DNA for illegal immigrants, I have been saying we need a system, that can prove parental right to a child, they carrying with them while seeking asylum into the United States. I have no issues with South America they are our neighbors. We should be helping them when we are able.

  • Donna Romaniello

    The heck with her, let's drain the swamp. The democrats don't care about the people, just want to be in control. They've done NOTHING about anything for the people. Just worried about getting rid of someone who's for the people to hide they're treason towards our country. They refuse to do anything. They have made they're party a laughing joke to the people and showed us how corrupt that whole party is up there. Let's start getting rid of them and put these people in jail where each and every one of them belong

  • Schiff is nothing but a corrupt career criminal.He should be in a jail cell somewhere instead of holding a job that Americans are paying for….Its time for him to go.

  • how come u didint answer the direct question lame

  • Nice try. Fox news liars are only for Trump's 30% base. Intelligent people believe what they see and hear. Trump is corrupt. Period!!

  • you gotta wonder why Schiff wanted naked pictures of Trump for :/ sounds a bit weird to me.

  • Jesus Christ, let the man talk.

  • How many spies in total are there in the Whitehouse anyways?

  • Arrest Schiff, ask questions later! Have you lot heard yourselves!! Russia. Job done. You're fighting so hard you dont see your democracy dying. Wanna be like China now??!!

  • Prince hectoroftroy

    "We Came, We Saw, We steal " Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (known asย Joe Biden)
    ย "I Came, I Saw, I Lie " Adam Schiff. (known as Jussie Smollet of Congress)

  • Martha I wish u could see this comment U R a FLIP FLOPPER AND GET UR 411
    before u keep rudely interrupting saying all false shyt for public to see It spreads negativity GO PUTIN

  • Seriously, she is quoting the Washington( Com) Post ?? She is joining in the fraudulent chorus of CNN!CNBC,and the other fraudsters of the MSM?? FOX is fast losing credibility. This "chick" is a tool.

  • Putin has a sense of humor!, that is funny.

  • Thanks for ruining Fox too. Apparently we didn't have enough mockingbirds.

  • Bloody what

  • Planting two lips

  • Peddling or meddling in Russia afaiars

  • Adam Shittf created this fictitious whistleblower.
    Shame. Fired.

  • The Schiff hits the Fan! Schiff is one MFing Scumbag who's owned by the Rothchild Zionist banksters!

  • Stop being nice today's Democrat s*** heads . ……………

  • Okay I'll take that

  • Gerry English Expressions

    A.dumb Schitt
    (sorry, coulnd't resist ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • My fellow Americans. Please try to contradict a few things to each other. First, when president Obama
    whispered to president of Russia D. Medvedev;" Tell V. Putin I will be a lot more flexible after election",
    and another one, the fact, that president Obama allowed to Putin service Americans inside America land
    operation called Kaspersky Lab. Ponder a bit about it, before asking a question; How Russians knew so
    good how to brake into ANY server in US?

  • Sharlene Carpenter

    the proof has been out there butch why is media outside this country know about the dnc and our intelligence but our msm is so dumb that you don't investigate anything our is so stupid the dossier came from Ukraine you idiot

  • This interview is prima facia evidence of how thoroughly the IC buys and sells anchors. At one time, this woman showed promise as a real journalist. Someone who'd be pulling down top dollar from any media outlet she represented. Instead, she's being used as a shill to further the IC's agenda. Pitiful.

  • Quid Pro Quo: Kurt Volker to Ukrainian diplomat just before Trump phone call July 25:
    "[7/25/ 19, 8:36:45 Kurt Volker: Good lunch – thanks. Heard from White House?assuming President convinces trump he will investigate ?get to the bottom of what happened? in 2016, we will nail down date for Visit to Washington. Good luck! See you tomorrow- kurt" Time to tell Trump "Your Fired!"


  • Her job as a reporter is to find the truth and deliver it without bias go back to school Bobby K

  • She is trying to get someone to say something that she already thinks she knows but is unable to hide her bias even in her long-winded way of asking. Dumb blonde.

  • BTW love the necklace Martha

  • GO TO HELL ADAM SCHIFF YOU LOW LIFE PIECE OF TRASH!!!!! This man is a terrorists. He has told malicious lies against our President and interrupted our peaceful lives. Iโ€™ve had it !!!! This piece of ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ๐Ÿ’ฉ is gonna pay for his actions.

  • This is why I only watch Waters, Hannity, Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Levin, Ingrahams and parts of The Five. The rest of Fox News is left-wing talking points vomit.

  • Joe Biden was Vice President at the time and Hunter Biden is his son and they were in involved in corruption in Ukraine bc Joe Biden was VP of U.S. and Ukraine offered the info about Biden and asked to help U.S. to assist in help investigation of corruption in Ukraine, including with 2016 election.

  • What's Happening Here please somebody tell me

  • Most of us around the world are shocked at how rude and disrespectful the American media is ….Shame !

  • Schiff, Pelosi, Biden's, Nadler & DemocRATS are Corruption & Treason. President Trump In 2020.

  • The hell is she wearing?

  • Schiff is a rodent

  • What does it have to do with the 2016 election? Well, for one, why does it have to have something to do with the 2016 election? Are we not allowed to know about Biden's corruption if it wasn't during the 2016 election? Is the president not allowed to know or limited to that timeline? This is just nonsense! She kept pushing that question, well here is an answer; Trump has been accused of collusion, treason, and obstruction while a lot of the people, including Joe Biden, are guilty of those things instead of Trump. The 2016 election was reported as being won by working with another government. The corruption of Biden and others prove that they are the ones who don't mind collusion. Where are the people that will call these sob's out on their double standard and desire a fair and even balance of judgement for both sides. They decided trump was guilty before he ever got in office. They said he colluded before the report ever came out. And when it did, they accused him of obstructing for a crime that he didn't even do, that a bunch of democrats even said he was innocent of, the same democrats who declared that he would never be President and if he did then they had a back up plan. They actually got caught, not speculation, or hearsay, but actual factual got caught. These are the people who INVESTIGATED trump for the crooks who said he did those things and they didn't find collusion.

  • Martha needs to move on to CNN. This woman is really hard to watch.

  • It is so obvious, they scream about one accusation and when it turns to nothing then they just move to something else without ever answering to the lies made about the previous one. When is it going to be pointed out on a liberal network that they actually got something wrong. Cnn, nbc, abc, cbs, they never stopped to say, Hey, trump didn't collude even though we said he did! SORRY, we lied American people, We just wanted to get our way.

  • Martha is another traitor of fox news Network, she should join Sheppard, Juan Williams Fredo Cuomo!!

  • This blonde ? was always anti-Trump with her prev. skinny male host forgot his name also.

  • Is it just me, or does Martha have a constipated look on her face?

  • Schiff is so obviously compromised, maybe molested a kid on video or stole millions, probably both I'd be willing to bet, and he will lie right to his grave to try and stay out of jail and also to protect all of Obama/Berry Soetoro crimes

  • I have had my fill of Jacobin Democrats and Jacobin media members such as Chuck Todd, Don Lemon et al.

  • I can't watch this little cow, she is like a trained seal, she barks at every command. It's like Shiff is her new god and he can do nothing wrong, she will try and justify any and everything he says and does. I wish the Republicans were as loyal in fighting for our President, but their not, it's as though they're afraid of the Dems. Our president is having to take hits from all sides and he still stands straight on facing his enemies, slauting them in the true American fashion with his Middle finger standing tall and saying phuck you Dems, phuck you. Our President is for the American people to be sure, MakingAGA.

  • Richard Guttierrez

    Adam Schiff belongs to the untuchables so he don't have to play honest he can lie plus he's a Demacrat Only republicans get investagated .and punished .Well finly there a god finly he and the wicked witch are getting impeached ding dong the witch is dead witch old witch ding dong is dead .I bet both of them won't live to long they have a lot of enemy s

  • Normando Binkier

    It's about cleaning up corruption.

  • Can you imagine how much these people could have helped the American people with the millions they have wasted on trying to find dirt on the president. Sad should acept the loss in the last election and move on to better their people in America.

  • It reminds me of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, his political rivals paid millions of money to individuals who is willing to testify against Pres. Duterte on his fight against drugs in order to bring Pres. Duterte down and it failed.

  • Hello Fox News, please fire Martha, that's not what we want to hear on Fox
    She hates our President. She has to go, CNN e.g.

  • I hope Martha is enjoying sucking the dicks of her new liberal bosses.



  • When Trump wins again, the DemonRats MUST PAY… INCLUDING THEIR LYING MSM COHORTS


  • We the People the Patriots need to go hunting along with the military for Schiff and all these rats including like these media treasonous traders.

  • Be quiet woman listen to the answer please she looks like a CNN fake news journalist

  • Oldliver Goodhag

    What difference does it make…

  • Adam "BULL" Schiff should be in forward area of Paddy Wagon.

  • Ronny Caporuscio

    Why don't the government seize All of the bidets assetsLike they do king pins and drug lords and return that money to the people

  • Fox is turning I heard from a good source. Apparently we'll be seeing some changes soon and not good ones. Figures!

  • Take Schiff security away he is a leaker get him out of office

  • At the 3:05 marker This girl is so dumb she can't see the difference between investigating a crime and digging up dirt, she sure is pretty though!

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