What’s So Real About Racine County?

I love my job. My job is the best job in Racine County, absolutely. I get to establish relationships with people who live in Racine County and I get to bring fun events to everybody, every day. People here love showing up. Tourism is a big deal, I don’t think that a lot of people understand that even a county like Racine which is not Chicago and it’s not Milwaukee but we have attractions and it doesn’t have to be a festival it could be shows, music, art, food that we have every single day that becomes normal and we don’t want it to be normal we want it to be exciting and new and fresh There are the big draws here that get a lot of the promotion but it’s the it’s the surprise of finding something new and something exciting and cool that you didn’t even know existed here and the next thing you know you’re in it and you’re doing it It’s really easy to get sidetracked here. For example, with my family we wake up and we’ll look at the calendar of events and said let’s go try this out. The next thing you know you’re driving past a farm or somewhere out that says “Welcome, stop in” and then you’re there and the entire day is done and gone and you’re still at that farm. You’re still on a side street that you didn’t ever plan to stop at and we never even make it back to where we started. Even if my job wasn’t to promote what’s special and cool in Racine County I’d still be out there doing all these things that I do and I’d be promoting it because of the place to be


  • Top 5 attractions
    #1 – Rubberville
    #2 – the river run hotel
    #3 – jacato drive
    #4 – racine county jail (prime extortion center)
    #5 – Wal-Mart
    Bonus location – a water filled mining hole to swim in

    Sadly as a current resident here this is the real racine and alot of gas station liquor stores . I should also add that 7 mile fair is bigger then the entire downtown area

  • Omg that’s so true😂😂

  • Rock on!

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