What Type of Marketing Should My SEATTLE Realtor Provide for My Listing?

When you’re speaking with a real estate
agent about selling your home, you need to ask them what types of marketing
they’ll do for your property. traditional methods of marketing would
include postcards mailed to the neighbors, flyers available for buyers to
take as they view your property, open houses, open house signs. But today with
digital marketing and social media, we can really target market the exact buyer
is going to be buying your home. We would start with beautiful professional
photography. We might look at shooting a video
property tour of your home and then we broadcast that through digital means. So,
on social media we can post those photographs, that video, and then really
dial down on a specific demographic that we think would buy your property, and
then we can assess it So after three days on the market, if
we’re not getting the kind of reach we want, then we target a different
demographic and we change it up. So we have the flexibility to really
customize where those marketing pieces are going things that a
postcard just really can’t do, especially when it’s sitting in someone’s recycle
bin. So when you’re talking with the real
estate agent about what types of marketing they’ll do for your home, you
need to really dial in on what is their digital strategy, and what kind of
outside-the-box and relevant methods they’ll be using to bring the perfect
buyer for your home in to pay top dollar.

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