What is Zillow Offers?

Zillow Offers is a new way
to sell your home. There’s no need
for open houses or repairs and you control
the closing date. Just provide some basic
information about your home and if eligible, Zillow
will send you a free no obligation offer
within a few days. We were living in Glendale, Arizona
and it was getting very big, very fast. So we knew that we wanted
to move to a smaller town. We thought how can we get there
as quickly as possible. I went online. I was looking at Zillow
and they have a new app. I like the fact that I could
just go from room to room, take a few pictures,
post it and that was it. I was contacted in two days. I sold my house
in less than a week. We closed in two weeks later
and we were out. Our offer is based on the
information you provide along with a custom market analysis done
by a local real estate agent. We’ll send you the offer
and you decide what’s next. The first time I got a call
from the rep, I realized that oh, this is a rep that’s going to
take care of my case personally. I felt good.
I felt important. If you like the offer, a home
inspection will be arranged. After the inspection,
the offer is finalized and you can move forward. Then it’s time to pick
your closing date. I got to pick the closing date.
I chose the 27th. Everything went very smoothly.
People came in. We closed. I was out the door
the next morning and we were on our way
to Wisconsin. We want selling to be
a positive experience. Zillow Offers helps you sell
with less hassle so you can move on
to what’s next. You have nothing to lose. Take the first step and request
a no obligation offer today.


  • Money! You’ll lose money this way.

  • I hear the realtor is still crying today

  • from Arizona to Wisconsin?…. Whaaat?

  • Don't get taken by Zillow. And agents, STOP paying Zillow for ads.

  • Clutch Carabelli

    I can look at my property on your website, obviously… But Zillow offers doesn't recognize it ? Now if it were someone else I would say no really there is such a property look it up on Zillow stupid… But you are Zillow and you cannot seem to look it up on yourself

  • Is it more than paying a real estate agent?

  • Agents are a thing of the past. Like taxi's to uber and Amazon to retail. Real estate businesses when crazy quick to create a robust website tethered to there own company. So that no nerd like zuckerburg would create a dominate website controlling the housing market. They succeeded to hold off online housing market up until now. Its just a matter of time till the public seeks to skip the agent through online real estate listings. They probably got laws on the books with the government to protect them. Much like the car dealer industry has a stronghold on car sales forcing auto manufactures to sell through dealerships.

  • the barney channel home movies

    va apraisers hate zillow,why data is flawed

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