What Is A Home Inspection? (Do You Need A Home Inspection?) | #AskRigs (Sharyn Rigsbee)

Alright, no BS. You want to know what a
home inspection is and do you honestly need it? Keep on watching. Hey there guys, it’s Rigs here a Realtor with Coldwell Banker King Thompson, bringing you all
things real estate here in Central Ohio. Let’s get into it. First question, What is
a home inspection? Well by definition, a home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home typically in
connection with the sale of a home. The home inspector will describe the
condition of the home at the time of the inspection but does not guarantee future
condition, efficiency, or the life expectancy of any systems or components. So the next question I think you would have, Is what does a home inspection
cover though. And so I like to see it as three categories of things that home inspectors look at. One, is the mechanical systems. The second is the structural integrity
of the home and the third is any health or safety related items. But then again
if you’re like me I like a bit more of an exhaustive list so I got you covered. So here you’re gonna see a list that I’ve taken from the American Society of
Home Inspectors which is a respected professional association here in North
America and this is a running list of what they say a home inspector will
evaluate when you hire them for that service. So the next question is, Rigs do I honestly need one? And my answer to you honestly is yes. A home
inspection is what allows you to have some assurance that you are making a
sound investment. Here’s what I can tell you if you’re buying a home you had a
lot of emotion in terms of when you walked in or your family walked in you
loved that home but that’s an emotional decision – it’s a feeling. If the walls could talk to you while they were in there and let
you know what happening it might honestly change how
you felt about that home. That’s really how I feel a home inspection is. It’s a
person who is certified and professionally trained to be able to
really help you know what is happening at the time of the inspection with the
home. Now what I love right now is here in Ohio we just had Ohio Senate Bill 255 that was passed earlier this year which requires home inspectors to
have licensing. Now I’m excited about this because as a Realtor myself I am
required to be licensed, I have to have ongoing continuing education done and I
have a duty, a fiduciary duty to protect the public and so does a loan
officer and so does a home insurance person as well. Home inspectors had a
little leeway in my opinion and so I’m thrilled to know that here earlier this
year we have legislation that’s put in place to require home inspectors to be
licensed to pass a national exam and to have ongoing education. Now with home
inspections I believe a good part of what they do is just on-the-job
experience. The more inspections they do the more familiar they become the more
things they’re familiar with they can tell you but it is nice now that they’re
being held to a standard to protect you, the general public. So let’s get into
what can you expect at this home inspection? Well first let’s talk about
the cost because that matters and for some people that’s what helps them
determine if they’re doing this or not. Now I still think regardless of cost you
need to have this done but to each its own. A home inspection is gonna cost you anywhere from $300 to $400 and the price could be higher depending on the size or
square footage of the house. Now a home inspection is going to take anywhere
from 2-4 hours of time for the home inspector to come in and evaluate
all that I just shared with you and again it could be longer depending on
the size and square footage of the house but it could also be less time as
well. Now I get this all the time, Rigs should I be there and my answer is yes
you should! Now I know we’re all busy and you’re thinking how the
heck am I gonna just be there for 4 hours potentially of time? Trust me I get
it. I tell all my clients this, look let’s call the inspector and see how long they
think it’s gonna take for the home and my case most times it’s about 3
hours. So I tell my clients let’s give the inspector some time to get all the
exterior stuff done and to really get into a groove with inspecting the home. We always get there about an hour to an hour and a half before they’re done so
then we can just walk through the house see if we notice anything now that we
are looking through a different lens and then obviously we have the time with the
inspector there to go through the home and they can talk through whatever
findings they see and we now have a visual. Because what’s gonna happen in 24 hours or 48 hours after the appointment the inspectors gonna send a report to
you and it’s nice to see this comprehensive report that can be
literally 40 50 60 or plus pages long but it’s really great to have a visual
to go with the report as well. Now if I can caution you on something, the
inspector is hired to find things wrong with the home. So my tip here is do not
please do not freak out if you have a report that’s a hundred pages long and
when you’re at this summary meeting or you’re at this inspection they are going
through 50 things. It’s not as alarming as it may feel to you right now hearing
it. They’re hired to find things. What I tell my clients is we categorize what is
major material things that are big dollars and what are more cosmetic
things and what are seen as maintenance things because let’s be real cosmetic
things are probably easy to fix; maintenance things do not mean they have to be done right now but should definitely be on your radar; but those
material or costly items are things you’re likely going to want to start
considering negotiating if you’re in a transaction to purchase a home. So again
don’t freak out by the quantity or number of things, focus in on what’s
material. What are some pretty big pocket, big ticket expense items that
you would have to tackle if you purchase the home. Alright let’s talk about who do
you hire and what should you be thinking about when you’re looking to hire
someone? And that right there I think is the best question you’re asking. You just
don’t want to do a google search and just choose the first one you see. I know
a lot of us use Google search and if you’re like me I do check reviews just
to see what folks are saying because folks are honest in reviews and they
will put it all out there but I also put a lot of weight on what other people
closest to me say. So if you’re working with a real estate agent ask your agent, we work with home inspectors every day and we can tell you some that we know are thorough, that are trained, that are professional, and do a great job of
making sure that you feel comfortable with making this investment. But if
you’re not working with an agent ask anyone that you know that you trust who
they’ve used. You have to know someone who has used a home inspector and we’ve got social media in most cases you can put something out there and you still
will trust some of the recommendations that they may give you as well. But if
you have to just go old school if you will and just Google search, just pick up
the phone, call the home inspector and ask them about their process. If they can
just tell you about a home inspection and what they do and what they’re
looking for without missing a beat, that’s a positive sign. But you also want
to make sure that they are properly trained and they’re licensed and
certified and see how many years of experience they have under their belt as
well because again in this space the more they do, I think the better they get. So that’s certainly important. See what rapport you have with them and then go
from there. So there you have it, if this was helpful for you, in the comments
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video. Take care.

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