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Welcome to Charles Barnes School of Real Estate, Oklahoma’s leader in real estate education, conveniently located at I-35 and North West 27th Street in Moore, Oklahoma. And I’ve been in the real estate business since 1971 and began the school in 1978. And if you watch national news or read the papers you would just think that the real estate market has gone away, but that’s not true in Oklahoma. One thing about our economy, is it has remained stable whether you’re going to become a home inspector, you’re going to sell real estate, or upgrade your sales license
and get a broker’s license. or do your provisional training, we have it available at Charles Barnes School of Real Estate if you look around downtown Oklahoma
City and look at the new Devon tower you’ll see that things are moving in
Oklahoma, Tinker Air Force Base is still hiring people they took on the addition of the old General Motors building and they’re putting people to work there Things all over Oklahoma are improving and prices didn’t decrease in real
estate in Oklahoma, they increased over the last year and it shows the stability of market
that we have so if you are considering a career in
real estate where it be in home inspection, selling real estate, or
upgrading to a broker’s license Charles Barnes School of Real Estate is the place to do it. We have it available online, we have live classes. Visit us on the internet at www.charlesbarnes.com Thank you and may God bless you!

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