VLOG #2: What makes a good REALTOR® and my #realtorlife perspective on training

Hey there Real Estate Champions and
welcome back to my channel, the number one place for people who love making
smart real estate decisions this week if you do follow me on Instagram you would
have seen that I had a busy Monday and Tuesday at a real estate summit in the
GTA area and it was very quite eventful it was insightful and I love investing
in myself as a professional now I did get some questions about you know why do
I attend these trainings what kind of things do I learn and and so on so today
on this vlog and number two I’m going to talk about realtor life and specifically
I’m going to talk about what makes a good realtor
are you ready to get started let’s do it all right you guys welcome back I’m
Cindy Lou Schmitt broker realtor and I served Waterloo Region and surrounding
area for those of you who are joining me for the first time thanks so much for
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get back to you all right so let’s get into this so I attended a training for
two days this week which is a fair amount of time to invest because it does
make me do some catching up for the rest of the week it has been a busy a couple
of days doing that but it is absolutely worth the investment so there are so
many things that you can train on as a real estate agent or a professional but
at this stage in my career of my goal is to stay ahead of trends not necessarily
just in real estate which can be quite dry but to stay ahead of trends for my
clients who for example are coming up with different needs so with the way
that the market has become it’s there are a lot of people who don’t have
necessarily the buying power that they wish they could but they have more time
now I also have a great number of my clients who are young professionals
physiotherapist doctors people who work in the tech sector who are looking to
also become involved and grow wealth with real estate where they have a nest
egg saved up but not so much time they’ve got family they’ve got
work right they really want to focus on their careers and so I’m working on
strategizing and creating opportunities for my clients that way finally the
other opportunities I’m looking to to better myself in and become an even
stronger advocate for is creating a accessible way for people to be less
intimidated by thinking about real estate as a way to grow wealth and as a
way to create accessible opportunities I know doesn’t sound accessible because
you know every month that I make a report for our simplified market update
the prices continue to rise but that’s exactly why if you’re thinking about
real estate you should be a part of it now so that’s really about the training
that I attend now what makes a good realtor are five things I’m going to
talk about now and those are the things that I am always trying to work towards
to be an even better realtor than I am all the time and they have a lot to do
with the trainings that I attend so number one a leader is a reader so to be
a good realtor I believe that you are leading yourself you’re leading if you
have team members like I like I do and staff you need to be a good leader
because you need to understand how to help people enjoy their lives and be
motivated and create a strong service presence for our clients and also it’s
important that I understand how to lead because my job is to help lead my
clients who are buyers sellers and homeowners into making the right
decisions and make confident right decisions for their lives and in order
to do so it’s important that I understand many different things and
that’s why I have always been an avid reader and it is something that I will
always continue to do whether it’s a book or an e-book or an audible or
whatever it is that you want to to read out of now so there’s number one number
two thing that makes a strong or great realtor is somebody who understands and
this is probably the number one thing that is going to make you a successful
realtor in my mind for longevity is understanding it that you own the only
person that you ever compete with is yourself
you will find a lot of misery in competing with other people because it
is absolutely first of all impossible for you to be someone else or to be
exactly like someone else and secondly it discredits your uniqueness in what
you bring as an individual and what you bring to the people that you serve
because you’re not honoring who you are what your strengths are and how much you
can be in terms of your potential and the the benefits you can bring to your
clients and your families and friends that work with you so that’s absolutely
a huge thing only compete with yourself number three is we talked about
longevity so longevity has a lot to do with balance and balance is almost a you
know perhaps it sounds like it’s not possible in real estate or other service
industries like this because of the time schedule because of the commitments that
I make to my clients it does absolutely get hectic sometimes but definitely
those are within the realm that I am comfortable with now I am in the service
industry and as a real estate professional I think it is really
important that you remember that we’re in the service industry but we’re not in
the servant industry and if you proceed with your life as if you are a servant
and you don’t respect your own boundaries you don’t respect your time
you don’t respect your need for mental space for your own wellness for time
with your family if you are always sacrificing things that are important to
you in order to meet the needs of other people you will not last long it can be
extremely exhausting in this industry and deflating and that brings me to my
next point which is mindset so mindset is a huge factor in order to be a great
realtor this is a huge factor because ultimately your mindset is going to
determine how successful you are how dedicated are you how much discipline
are you in acting and probably more than that is your mindset is going to dictate
your vision for what kind of business you want to have what kind of realtor
you want to be and what success looks like to you so for example my vision for
my role as a realtor as a business owner as a team leader
as a professional in the what region community and as a citizen in the
Waterloo Region community my my emphasis is on embarking on a journey of
education learning and empowerment because I know that is where everything
has started for me in terms of my personal success both as a both
financially and in my career and as an investor in real estate and knowing very
deeply what real estate can do for people because obviously I aim to do it
for my clients and I’ve seen it happen in my personal life and it’s absolutely
critical for me to make that happen finally the number five point that I
would say makes a great realtor as someone who understands who they want to
work with and who wants to work with them my lifestyle as a realtor and
that’s why hashtag you know hashtag realtor life it’s it’s uncommon it’s a
big part of my lifestyle it is my lifestyle just ask my family and but
it’s something that I love and I think that shows in what I do and part of that
is being very careful about who I work with and who I refer and it’s not
because I don’t get along with someone that I would necessarily refer someone
out as a client but I want to make sure that my specialization and my focus and
my enjoyment of my job is based on the people and real estate transactions or
real estate purchases real estate sales that most highly match up with my skill
set and my interest level because my business is my lifestyle I need to enjoy
my job and that’s a huge part again of longevity so for example for my
clientele I focus on residential buyers who want to buy real estate for to live
in basically so if you want to buy or sell a single detached home a
semi-detached home or a townhome along those lines that’s my focus it’s not
investing in commercial real estate it’s not investing in six plexes but am I
connected to make sure that I’ve built a strong network of people who are focused
on that yes because why have built that up overtime to make sure
for example that my clients or people that have reached out to me that trust
me for opportunities and trust me for results can understand and can be
confident that they’re going to be referred to another agent that I trust
and has the same high level of excellence the same high level of
customer service to take care of their real estate needs so there you go those
are my five things that make a great realtor and all of those five things are
things that you can grow evolve continue to always develop as part of a training
effort and that’s why I’m always making sure I schedule my trainings I schedule
my conventions and I travel to the States I traveled Arizona California
Florida it’s it’s great when it’s in the GTA because it’s just in town here but I
really make a commitment to that I make an investment to my business my career
my family and obviously my clients and that is super super important to being a
happy realtor a great realtor and just building a life you want to live be part
of and that’s how I do my job so I can be happy and extend that to the people
I’m with so anyhow I hope you learned something new if you’re thinking about
getting into real estate you know kind of gives you some insight if you’re
already a realtor it kind of helps you hopefully understand how you can improve
your business how you can improve your satisfaction in your career and
obviously if you are you know a buyer seller a homeowner just to give you some
more insight into the realtor life because it’s interesting I know I get a
lot of a question so anyhow thanks so much you guys I hope you enjoyed that
and I will see you next Friday but bye now


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