TWO STORY BOX FORT DOG HOUSE! 📦🐶 Elevator, Slide, Tv & More!

Two stories, we’ve got his own little dining room down here And of course up here on the second story is the Media Center He’s got a brand new flat screen TV. How’s it going in your box fort? Alright dude this is the place. Alright now remember, Mr. W is a very strict box fort builder. He wants only the best box forts built but he got us this contract, Logan we have to put all of our work in here I– I just– I really want to impress Mr. W I’ve heard many things about him He’s had some of the biggest box fort builds under his name If we can build something for him, it’s gonna open up doors for us Literal doors, Logan. lets say bye why are we talkinng to dog papa jake and Mackenzie Come on in, I presume you’re papa Jake Yes–uh– yeah, this is Papa Jake and Logan We’re the box fort builders you requested It’s an honor to be here, sir We’re just so excited to potentially make a box fort for you Honestly, I think you hired the right guys for the job Hmm, yes, we’ll see about that I’m looking to have a brand new box fort mansion, and, I believe you two will do just the job Woa– We got the job?! Jake: Dude
Logan: Oh my god that’s amazing! Logan: We’re gonna do the best job ever, we’re gonna make the best box fort for you
Jake: For sure, I promise This is gonna be great, I am so excited to work with you I want to shake your hand. I want to shake your hand. You want to shake my hand? Oh uh you, you’re a dog. I didn’t know that Excuse me…is there some sort of problem with me being a dog? No no no no no no problem at all. I just uh I just wasn’t expecting that, uh. Would this- would this be, like, a, smaller box fort, build? You think just because I’m a dog I want a small box fort? I expect this to be huge! two stories at least and a T.V. Right, no, no. Of course, sir, no, I- Mr. Wiggles, it is still just such an honor to meet you in person Your reputation in the box fort game is by far the greatest. And we will do whatever it takes to make this the best box fort ever Sir, I just have one question. Would I be able to pick you up? You’re just so cute, I just wanna pick you up. Mr. Wiggles: No, no, please do not pick me up. N- no. Put me down, please. Put me down. I know, but you’re just so cute I just had to pick you up. It doesn’t matter that you’re a dog. The fact that we can build this box for you is still an honor and we are gonna do our best job. I promise you that. Mr. Wiggles: Look, look, at least shout out for my Instagram account. An- an Instagram account? Yeah, no, of course. We can shout that out. Mr. Wiggles: Here, just- here it is on my phone. Oh, this is your account? I didn’t even know you had a phone. Wow, @wrigleythepomsky. Alright, no, I’ll definitely shout that out. Yeah, No, we will- we will promote this. That’s really cool, Mr. Wiggles, we will do it and we will make this box fort the best box fort you’ve ever seen. I promise you that. Ayo! What’s up, guys? It’s Papa Jake from (inaudible) and we are back with a brand-new video and to-day we are doing a very special box fort. Today we are going to be making a billionaire dog house box fort.

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