Tunnels & Trolls live rpg war in new lands 67 the hamlet of ruins

welcome back to dance studios
RPG show boy bb-boy keeper sir yeah nothing I
think I’m a good enough singer that I would have liked actually I don’t worry
about copyrighting I don’t know one note from Fudd wouldn’t matter if any part of
the lyrics I try to keep before well yeah that’s why did you I don’t know
lyrics I don’t really listen to singers much I’ll this to the voicing pups but
really not the singers the words it’s just another instrument
I’m also playing very badly okay I’m because we haven’t been here
okay I’m gonna go ahead and mark off the building’s you know we hit because I
marked along three for that’s a big ten what are you chicken 12
okay I didn’t play that last time except
failed to notice it but I was rereading stuff today oh but
yes thank you I did forget by having a distinct now on accident um the gray
area here where the water is are you sure
well do you add it above yeah because remember we that’s how we worked hours
yeah now I guess we should ask is lytic see there I don’t know Sarah
and these he’s a pencil pencil how about this one I’ve been to the eight days Lisa she’s
smoking it became one hey weights too big for she baby it’s
kind of a bad time to start vaping no Friday was eight hours right yes
somebody’s I was wrong congrats on the three days no smoking oh
I see yeah she was just trying to give you extra credit as if you’ve done it
longer head all viewers hi hello we love you so since you weren’t able to stop anywhere
now my calculator now oh yeah who needs a pink one
I’m only rock to that one okay you rock the calculator you use all the fancy
ideas of one it’s still rather nerdy the whole games nerdy I love it always like
the nerdy okay next he is watching head on are
saying she wants her experience point bonus she said her it’s done she says
we’re getting sweetie coming for that booty okay
sucks to be Fox right now oh you’re the one who caught that did so this time
they want you to get where experience points to Lake in my tree okay
fixed up the met up there some so we can see where we are where our where the
four-sided dice is the empty spaces within one space of you are like planes
that’s why there’s nothing there it is just open space there’s a road that goes
from this town but we haven’t gotten there yet actually looks like just go
speed more but it looks like some of these like that one these are these
peter out after a while that one just one that heads out here we are we start with another fine
morning at the camp over here which is where the tinkerer in this desire now
he’s asked um how have you found anyone out there because although it’s all
constantly been just for decreasing in numbers there were people here last time
found a couple guys but they drugged us well that wasn’t very nice so did you
you weren’t into that were you okay you are hanging around my daughter I
gotta keep an eye on you to have people yeah actually she’s my dog take care of
her oh yeah kind of a dog award yeah watch out for him and ya YB and
maybe him sure you guys from here huh you too from here it’s a town up north they hate they’re
the only place around here that we’ve run into mini-horse halflings we focus a
little for we food yeah we go okay well yeah okay um where are we and she believed that Matt ballek it was
a doe Matt vodka it’s just as crazy as a No yeah she could so he thought you know
what no proud of me it was played by I don’t
remember but there was a baby willow there was a hot little rowdy or no sweet
drop fell into some beer and he gets up he’s like yeah wasn’t the guy that
played Squiggy I think so yeah yeah and then when he took it off he was bald do you think he has a big long hair but
it was yeah okay uh hallway you ago did you see the map to see which ones are
marked please hand it to a tow hater will decide today’s I have the area
seven seven first of all died six for everyone
one for free and the visual to distance and these are spelling six okay you’re on your way to 7c a poor
guys like walking up on the pathway over for the other houses or something but
they just they’re walking by are they the one each other I think you
got no they got away didn’t they um yeah except for the guy that was in
charge hey you parole they six days community okay the other is actually
sent one before but there’s a lot of yellow hey yeah they turn looking you guys situation
like look came back with some Dwarfs no that’s alright come on bitches and they take off running chicken shit chase some sick a little
speed roll oh yes anyone that wants to catch him don’t
really candy roll again dice 36 well looks like you’re catching one speed 28
second level makes it it’s super tired 13:28 joke it forty-two Cueto mm-hm okay once getting away but
you kept tapping the guys who caught three of them
who’s the ones who cut months okay yes we have come back with you guys you guys
go ahead roll your numbers we’re gonna separately though oh yeah the one I
don’t really heat it too much for the numbers are easier to be okay
you all roll your console and then after the first run anyone else can kick in really small
they’re just brigands 1:36 well maybe we can we wait I’ll go instead fuck 38
points yeah Medina no my water lily guy was running one 142 okay another one 1095 38 points 95 so
since you’re you got here that’s enough we did ones running I’m
going after the mother okay um you make a roll there’s everyone
love it yeah because you’re gonna set my level I already have a two level bonus
so I broke away already four months so whatever you roll 67 which was 60
nine eight probably not Jen 18 Tory thought it might snap his neck
okay go as a strength role of third level
Amanda gorgeous hi forty-seven 47 3 plus 6 plus armor feet dip 38
Chili’s is to take key knees behind on the two pecks of behind so reference now
you’re heading back to I’m going to see how many up to n 7 nothing achievable a mother I’ll just
break looks like right here hey we’re just a little short ones of
course thanks that short no no no no no man no no recent their
quit making mistakes no excuse me then she’s got to choose for their bull three
I got lots of free clinic says hi everyone hi everyone and everyone’s not
here there’s only some people here like she’s down here well she is
yeah she’s online she can say hello online but he I don’t think he’s easier
Gingras legs so probably not one of the ones that was listed the cottage is in
better condition than most of the hamlet I’ll look damage looks to have been
constructed more recently than the other buildings Brambleberry vines cover most
of the place even growing between the rafters the walls and roof at the open
end of the building seem to be intact the door is severely but still hangs
from its hinges I look you go check you go poke around
the room some yep Oh building yeah kick rolling dice 6 6
okay and they’re making the toe this world seem to find it 32 okay well first thing when you open
the door it creaks that’s why I had you do any counter job that was a nice six this building still has a few pieces of
the original furnishings two broken stools and a warped and splintered bench
there’s a filthy green banner lying on the open end of the building wadded into
a moldy pile it is festooned with tattered soaked patches depicting wheat
cheese there’s nothing of value here in this room area six this shambles appears
to have once been a temple or a church it was built in the shape of an X each
side approximately 30 feet long however the walls themselves are ruined
partially burned at one a time or another
and now afflicted with some kind of fungus or rot which gives the once white
walls a strangely steely red texture the ornate finely detailed doors have been
smashed off and lay rotting on the floor of the church only rainbow huge glass
shards and tendrils of lead remain where the stained glass windows of once were
the side nears the road is completely crushed possibly by a battering ram or
our force or somebody was crazy enough to summit to fool me it looks like it
was busted in because the doors are inside well you haven’t gone in yet but do you
want to know I’ll be Jesse enough okay rolled a six eight Oh went into the
house it’s like with the door to heaven but it sure they come screaming out
three three yes okay and they make me would you have you
not seen me play Red Dead no no red over to see that twenty okay um so the first
levels it’s obviously a church I was some kind
of like goddess female related it looks like I tell you tell I mean first level
Devon are urine oh yeah it’s gonna like try to read this what you have is my
life print yeah you have a lot of damage on the walls from fire here and there
but they’re like spots so in other words just where it would have just gone up
and then just boom no it’s not below more like someone threw fire at it you
were here weren’t you a no there are no think products lighting Hawk was just
ice there’s no there is a large alabaster altar in the
center area which retains some of its original glory despite graffiti sprawled
all over the side and read on it says engulf or comment as a us alone no pale
strumpet will save you from the shadow within it’s the darkness she’s gonna
consume us again Lourdes my favourite here oh wait to me kids it was again oh
yes you want to explore anything further that does look a little let’s look
around where give me a location well let’s check the or like something you’re
looking at like liquor the thing with a review it ah the statue yes was it 20 now roll of dice 6 is yard work yep
3 oh I think you for being at work a stiff construction fish there’s a hollow area underneath the
statue but you’re not sure how to open it
can I call for assistance on this sure no giant hard I need the other dwarf in
here oh look short stack is too afraid to be
in there by himself I found a hole I think we can bury a toe in it alignment did really I didn’t know your
mom was here she did exactly watch that bitch into the space it’s tough for him
to help okay come on in roll the dice 6 see if you make any noise or swiped
anything yep – you’re all right so now checking it
out you’re gonna get intelligence roll what you got 24 but I will give you both the structure stable things having grown
quite as much over this one is law the other stutter what it looks like
actually Oh awesome since you made uh well no Helia for soul – I’ll stay both
you guys as you came in there was a lot of like crunching the grounds like
covered with like stuff that breaks easy oh yeah that’s what they are some people
apparently came into this church in here and they busted in they were here doing
fireballs stuff like that but who made the luck girl anyone 22 and so did he
but hero 22 well okay so both happen to look out and a door opens up on the
bottom of it pops open and there’s something in there there’s like a quick
glint of metal you only snip it up to reach in or
should I guess he’s doing it okay oh just gonna reach in and grab it or
you want to look in there first ring this voice is evil I need to boom bomb
it quick grab it kicked it roll or Julie roll I mean X this decks that’s right
Agility’s fighting Julie you know marble that’s a face 23 you guys just like the
first level you grab it you pulled it out what’s your strength this is 31
you’re all right what’s your dicks 13 okay you pull out this sword
six-foot-long it’s a great sword but it’s two-handed and it needs an 18 dicks
can we just hold on to it yeah you can actually use it to but you
don’t get any personal ads since you can’t handle it yeah but um two things
happen one you pull the sword out right yeah two guys somebody got dark outside
why’d you guys do they pulled the sword from the stone put it back but doesn’t
that mean he rules England I’m boom bombing this place right put the sword
back but it’s a good sword put the fucking sore back the sergeant
do it again you heard this dusted murmur of ravens heading this way let’s get the
wagons will squawk furiously great sack of the birds you go we’re running
in there yeah first guy get a – 6 roll you’re
screamin see if you attracted a thanks nope nothing comes in each chip anyone
else you go in there and then they are I’m gonna grab the sword from him but
back where it was put it back in the box ok the doors opens – and it’s still dark I’m not the fuck out of this bag no I’m
not the fuck out of them okay Dan you go punch him yes okay that’s a die six plus
your per slice what are you gonna do just let it happen are you gonna like
try to dodge all right what you want to do
how does he dodged 22 um 22 what do you do is trend odd should be the e takes
rule and what you get well again silver Maria you want to go up on this
considering they caused it 3232 so that’s 2530 that’s three levels roll
three dice six me no that’s basically defense he would
roll twenty do you said yep would you get he got 12 bit slow okay
you take 10 points damage it glanced solid shut – armor of course wait why
are we anyway it’s still okay 312 the hell you smacked it with it yeah or you
punched him now the sword was punched it right okay where’s this very conscious
for a day and something happened 800 years for camping he doesn’t like to
match what sort of being out of the they were out of the statute no it is master
story there’s actually it wasn’t a box all right roll wizard me yes
helm army know your Road right yes you roll no baby we can give the sword for
somebody that’s classic 73 okay two things
actually laughing I give you but the sword looks a lot like the sword of the
thing that’s gonna be on the statue like it’s a tumor
in the church and there’s a curse if it’s removed
you’ve been cursed Oh boots a minute grew boots in the
books tell this chick Mountain it was your idea no one called him in there I
just looked at the dang thing you’re the one that has the bloody gribbit you I
said he was rabid or should I he could have deferred that to me then it would
be careful exactly he saved you you could have opted to see if there
were any writings on 82 okay do you have Loctite yes I do
trying to lock tight the door that’s basically sealing it back to the hole so we spend locked okay and it starts to
brighten out like the clouds were delicious what have we learned
do it again fuck off you’re sending these two okay
bullshit it’s him you gotta worry about I didn’t go for the sword all we saw was
something there was a door we arguing for see if you get one too Wyatt one
both you guys roll two dice six I’m stepping lightly still yeah I was run
away shit roll doubles no let 12 okay six for him six I’m using some up but
watch roll dice six which one the one neons horn deck 6 one day six one it’s the front door locked yeah I
believe so but so close also I think I’ve been open now for
because we don’t want we don’t say Duggan bill Nikki hey some guy looks
like he could have in front of those guys that you killed earlier some guy
just was burning across the street like from that side to that side and didn’t
even like looking guys all right you’re the closest who’s the
closest me or YouTube that’s cuz you go through these in kenner it’s happened on
your side of the circle of you guys yelling I guess he was closer to the
church you guys were so he went running by yeah scream at him okay he keeps
going where’s the throwing knife when you need it cuz I’m stretch ace in his
ass down can’t make a speed check 26
then you are you following or not it’s just him you got you in trouble last
time but nah it’s just both dwarfs doesn’t mean because I’m
green isn’t it hey um so this guy goes running crazily
by trust you guys right and then he goes running after the guy for my shopper
then you see what the first guy was running from what a black bear which is
now chasing him to buy you here a black bear behind you and shit he was running
from it I’m sitting there like oh I have a dream we fuck it I’ve lived a good
life huh turn draw my axe you show them a picture
of it draw it looks kind of like this go ahead
and you roll your dice and overall boom I’m just sitting there cross-links
mugham I want a hit he hits her her wrists when she tries to choke people Lexi says don’t die
that wouldn’t she’s not here to loot you besides you’re going to ask you
questions about stones although you actually have no skill especially
without me there I need new gear well then I won’t give you the sword that
I’ve been holding on for you better not be there one from that box did you want
this in there too no they still have that obsidian sword yes you do
but I hope you have a good number I have a number what’s your number in there Oh
Oh number was easier to roll I guess I should worry well I do have 36 point ads
start with really you’re using my leg on dude
hundred eleven thanks one different one for that this is yours
yeah it is what’s it doing here I don’t know never heard of you put in your shit
shit how’d he get there dude walk on its little shut up Kenny
Oh use her puts karma wrong game well I guess it doesn’t hurt you hundred eleven
that’s it use karma to roam game exactly well then I’ll change it to
experience how’s that thank you for many no no okay well you got it pretty good
but still look yeah it’s still up not but it still but
it will leave if you let it you let it go it’s an animal you know
they’re not they might be on at their points they don’t have to yeah like
they’re not stupid like people you’re pointing you give you a xanax
he completely slinks away you get 46 points karma
for experience points karma damn it now Drake Marvel character do you see
points up Jerry but now I thought I had one that bloke could utilize whatever yeah that’s great well I just have never
used it to my game well that was like many campaigns ago yeah we’re all the
way up to the second time playing 9 Future past lot people died we were like
a lot of FEC for killed the first one Maximus they were all in Radio future
mutants world where you know Sentinel a Gandhi that character gonna put on the
train Hey what where you going that was seven
right no those six that was six that’s right just go to eight eight if you find out there’s nothing there
don’t be surprised you only help you justice no you know like to touch my
stuff no that’s there’s nothing slides out of
my way half this time I’m doing this so I can’t still see the map second right
step on it which it doesn’t matter so far okay but you guys can’t get out of
here sooner or later now which one eight yeah Scottish looks still looks
habitable wall seems sturdy with only a minor warping of a few siding planks
only two holes are visible on the roof each less than one foot or so in
diameter there’s large bundle or pile of some cloth or sacking but under the
front door though which has been torn from the frame and cast to the left of
the door we’re going okay 45 okay okay she closed the roof in fact has the
hole in it with the whole Eastern gabled were Devils burped and rotted away
the pile of cloth consists of shreds of scraps of burlap canvas and various
articles of clothing all which looked to have been chewed up and dragged around sorry okay doesn’t matter you hear growling that’s a wolf told you you should have
fetched silver yeah there’s something more
where are we flushing oh you’re right back we need to change batteries yes
battery charge and Justino ish kind of figured out from
the everybody kind of somewhat be in the willow universe apparently you’re mad
mod again I’m willow because of our yeah evil a friendly dynamic what time is it
807 we’re doing really great might as well okay we’re going to change
batteries in the camera well be back and we’re taking our early break time
YouTube up out of my way okay
Oh oh sure that way I think I should
yeah you don’t need to go outside and have a
smoke break crazy no no cigarettes I wasn’t talking to you no but you know thought people aren’t
going to least 400 20 days after they realize where they screwed up they
screwed up because other people outside of the companies has been altering the
equipment their people vitamin C you know but the issue is they do it because
they’re reusing the one time you sweet pots and they use it to get it in there male ch’ that stuff’s not supposed to be
fighting to see that but in there is it supposed to be bait yeah but that’s
that’s not really a worry because that’s what’s that’s killing people they’re
blowing it because people are at and you’re not supposed to put anything else
ever peanuts must be refilling you use them to their daddy throw them in the
trash yeah that’s how they’re designed people are trying to
reuse them yeah violent ways to put their own oil
you know baked stuff and heat into it yeah because they’re not doing they’re
not going out and get beat Cody yeah it costs money do you start it on it yeah
it’s a one-time payout yeah but on the other side let’s say you really want to
quit but you have maybe five dollars a month basically when the people are poor
which our society pushes importance people get desperate and what they do
like you know people taking out their own chief because they can’t afford
temple I’ve done it did it with a bottle of vodka and a pair of needlenose pliers
pull it back here it hurt a lot and it was swollen and abscessed but my heart
was bad so that the dentist wouldn’t do work on me because my he was worried I
would have a heart attack yeah so I drank and then pulled it out
that had to be healthier I’m sure but that’s what I had to do right he’s
reaching there and it hurts it first you got to hold the middle so I could to put
needle nose pliers right down the Med Center to hold my tooth and grabbed it
and if she ain’t for a while it took a couple times I’d stop for a while
and do it again but it was so bad though from the infection and earth walls doing
it since I pulled it out Oh God everyone’s like an orgasm is
incredible please you’ve been hurting for months about the big thing and how
they’ve been because people have been screwing around with the disposable ones
and when they those idiots who are making their own fucking juice and
they’re using the vitamin C shit that’s also not helping well no that’s for
whatever you cannot put regular juice in those pots no but they might be using it
to either somehow in it or somehow get it in there yeah they’re thinking it’s
just vitamins seeding or sink no but it’s not made for that don’t those
things are not safe to reuse is once they are used up the facility there’s a
element is like dangerous because it’s been like overused yeah it’s like if you
overuse your barbecue I don’t I was looking for my company demonstrate it
already oh yes I see this and that’s the whole
thing is enough dumbasses doing it ruins it for the rest of you oh yeah but
they’ve got to find out for sure it’s basically it’s a safety callback and
something similar in some states but either
in other words it’s one of those we’re gonna pull them off the show yes leo
cata we have to see if these with us an answer if this is the problem than that
if it’s not great bad it’s an investigation then why call out of hand
because you can’t have it a ban is temporary just say it’s we’re pulling
them for an investigation purpose smaller than Omega worse I I heard that
already on the news the thing is the standard I don’t have it but the
standard mainline news yeah see that’s that’s that’s the whole things just you
know I mean you know what honest they’re hoping to make it permit afterwards yeah
but it’s not going to be because there’s too many people well yeah but it’s like
they fucking do it – cigarettes years ago thank you like month might be this
problem is you can ask bill you can ask him oh but bill first met me a smoke and
a half a pack a day I smoked two packs today
no he’s just move a heavy pack today and that was only what 21 barely know I was
does that feeling what I could have met you I am you guys you were barely 21 I
didn’t start till I was 23 I started it my wife at the time I started smoking
again I didn’t know where members Kipnis said she started again she put before a
man but I was a bursting her or taking it up myself but I went with cigars
and with the pipe yeah tobacco pipes let’s see this the thing is I started
baby that has that habit dropped to where even now if I were to buy a pack
of smokes a pack that pack will now last me over a week yeah
you know Ivan touched the Sura in almost five years well the problem is with the
equipment not the juice because you can put the juice on your counter all
fucking day and they eat it is not gonna blow up on you
no problem is you did well the reusable ones are the ones I’ve always seen the
problem with is those ones are the ones that people are this conversation is
making me not won a game work done yeah we just want to talk about it online
yeah well I’m a banker I’ve been fucking vaping for almost five years and I’ve
been cigarette free for almost five fucking years oh yeah the point is
simply if this is a problem and it’s unsafe why didn’t they polish it on
cigarettes yeah that I’m agree weights up let it go green with its little
bullshit it is you gotta get to your spot we’re going that way
you guys got you to yours Kevin do you know where my big purple cup is yeah I
think I got all the big dirty pun intended
always hey Deb does his neighbor quit smoking like you did with me he’s back
to smoking because of it he is so pissed I got a couple other ones I can also
take this make your coffee I blame Mike give me all week so I blame
Amanda makanda it’s makanda it’s both one-headed being okay you want to play
you guys want to see by the way I got last night oh come on Tim I was doing
that to her all night last night some change things okay next you were looking
at a college a college look yeah tell me a wolf yes it is four of them coming out
after you so do you want some help I’m gonna go get that sword you can try
but it’s covered now by magic magic wore off yeah we could never have any fun hey
Silver Fox he wants to die kill him hey look that way tell them just look at no big like when
the Mafia will be sports like they take them out fishing and witches looking the
wrong way and then the trigger you’re fighting for wolves coming at you you’re
mad at you you’re in their homes for their stuff what’s your armor 14 32 Oz – where do you sit 40 18 points damage this is closer fighting
on you okay mate there’s no makeup arena and I yell for silver fox fuck these two
it’s a lot of yelling to do while being chewed on by wolf you know I’m joking oh
I know you’re hurt he doesn’t shift once you get any more hurt oh you’re the one
that I’m running from a bear or to a bear thanks price price
surprised that hurt from that normally I’m the one who’s always getting hurt
but actually that’s a regular black bear and these are for dire wolves yeah snow
I’m always the one who usually ends up hurt fuck they look very hungry I know
you can’t change into a wolf in tacos wrong game right I guess all you guys can roll in I
should roll too 1:43 hold on you guys had all yours
we’re doing a group attack because you guys are in a small space where you get
though I’m 43 it’s good startled to make 113 the same reason all the right ones here
you have my role last time I think do it good thing I need to do this last time
on you you’d be a guy to be rolling critical at least for you
she will Linda took over your arm speech Eccles you got nothing but doubles
what’s a butt double oh that’s that like like like an iMovie pretty woman
she had a photo she’s the girl that was in the squeaky Savoy stroll in the Today
Show if I remember right but there’s many squeaky West Show girls on that
show give me a big number so uncute wait
teehee Ryan on his own okay that’s fine she wants to do both Imran and I guess
okay that’s not fair I’m outnumbered I complained 79 544 primary what 44
something tells me with cristela that would have been over 600 of course then
we’d have to make the joke that you know Ito and Sal yeah but she’s not trying to do they start
backing off to hurt they’re cut up they don’t want to fight anymore do you guys
check them anyways or let them go what standing its ground so the other
skaters you want to take on the one I’m just being this good sister and letting
your brother pick it take it hey don’t take it oh that’s something
else there’s something completely different now look really try to back
into the towel room at the bathhouse 28 he was hurt he dies for 55 everyone else
gets 23 points 23 yep for everyone else half the points of dad because they ran
out with half their points they escaped with their experience points intact do
you want it for yes take it I’m gonna skin that bitch
okay as you’re doing medic we’re while they’re doing that everyone’s in
the house does anyone want to search around 55 okay 55:43 yes you have one
wolf pelt will say good quality thinking your other game yeah but a good quality
wolf but also if you take different rancher no right dad I played it too yeah no wooden they do that they have
neat inside the fur oh yeah I know the fridge she didn’t
take that she took the fur yeah well though I know that you get me
out of it it’s right there so that’s a 43 for me
okay and it’s oh you have your bag you’re using up use yes so he’s gonna
use it up and roll it so how many if we roll three dice takes and he uses up one
use every time you can use it for bag right thank you superb a those bad boys
were you guys carrying a mic all over your horse are you networks dragging
them on the ground behind you pretty much I guess you could put some on the
guys wagon my role does learner will make room for it on the wagon senses
yeah health stuff and she’s gonna eating to know you roll doubles or now yes as you’re looking around the house and
all this for them you know what is your hell with the place she call you right
now I’m at seven and what is your help normally 25 you can have that he passed
you up you’re full of yield I’ll hit him with
some finger dick you find a running ready bag holding 25 gold pieces inside
it so I’m gonna make this dork – how much needs it will stay true else is
hurt other than him you’re already healed he’s the only one left
Oh from before yeah go ahead and he’ll support would have taken care yes she
does healing 31 she says you guys deal with a lot of evil I should find you
guys stones to protect you from the evil out there looking around on the ground bullet protection just like all the other things she’s
helping you actually it’s 22 she makes see you back to full no he’s down by one it uses off for this one eight I got it
marked here as I said cleaning I did know my money you’ve so many money I’ll
kill you fine good you can draw me but did you
look that way for a second hey what’s he doing and Hales get a bunch of the face
put that back in your pants Seth part is is if somebody were to
yelled at another location sixteen I’ve already said that you listening see that
fuckin told you guys first it starts with Ada and we need to get more
hardcore now you guys say that percent for Friday that’s right you’re only
fighting evil demons from the hell they call you bitches and whores and accuse
your here you got to be getting your dick wet in that one yeah yeah when she
told me that the comment that I had I got in trouble for it cuz I couldn’t
watch Fridays so she told me what happened I got in trouble for my
government with the thing just like mystic bulb so or I was like hey that’s
only with juggernaut not in juggernaut a weathered sign that I got triple
depicts a bag of wool and a loom still hands on the front of this building less
shelter than this site it’s site is completely stripped down to
Timbers leaving just post and warped and discolored flank floor what do you do is
just looking at the upset house why don’t we well why don’t we have him look
this time maybe he’ll find something and I’ll get in trouble for it no we’re not
gonna get trouble this time okay which consists of going on the
other side of the doorway because they’re mostly everything is missing
okay make a luck Roble to you thirty yep and how about you 46 walking in some floorboards come
loose and he like fall halfway into a hole but not all the way but when you
landed you notice the floorboards had something
underneath them it looks you can kind of see it but it looks like there’s
something metallic underneath the floor in front of you between the rafters to
get it you’ll have to like maybe chair up the red lip floor okay do that yep
what our unit use strength okay strength roll then okay they go
inside their chair another building sure can I roll the start laughing you do a
detect magic no magic okay until they pull something out of the ground and
there’s something from whatever they pulled out they kind of move you a
little bit we don’t know you found wanted to pull it out just gimme will
lock on it oh it’s long and pointy I don’t think you’ll like it first two soft pillows at the end what
so it’s a yeah what yes it’s a chest not like boobies or
anything like that but like some you locked up into metal box with the lid
and a lock lock we have someone who has a spell that can open it for us
making strange Wolfie can’t punch him in the fucking stars you’re not in there
yeah but you can sir heading that way I’m going to yeah metal creak oh I’m
running in there okay it’s a trap it’s Pandora’s box 57 minutes this time they
don’t forgive you those you get it open okay you know screw you find out why it
was kind of heavy but as you open it if I pop it open there’s a sound of crowd
of like breaking glass and something’s leaking out of the bottom of the bottles
camera brown sticky liquid but inside the box covered by some of this brown
sticky liquid in and broken pieces of a vial of some kind is 1250 silver pieces don’t worry it was just a pushing a
fever oh it’s gone now Maya wasn’t broken I would have taken it
yes how would you take the expired potion it’s a box
wait saw what happened last time you roll the dice six plus your personal ads
he gets a Dex roll if he wants to move or he get a tip to black bloc black bloc
but yes you can you can hear many times in life one died six is Whitman huh 1250
and it’s sticky someone should make you watch that tonight yeah hey the liquid
was magical that’s what Magic’s gone like you’re a fucking dumbass you could
have started some shit again keep sending these people in to do
things you never learn from the door labs why do you think I call him the
drunken elf yep because that’s his nickname
swear to god he’s drunk all the time it’s funny
pickled oysters I see has his great big Kegel shit yeah he waits at home asleep Marvin
hey no start drawing this portrait thick that nose doesn’t seem right I remember
we were talking about when she or she goes up to like there’s in the game Dead
Redemption they have late notes yeah stuck to trees be it we like to do I
like to joke with her than what they are stick things
it’s how least the delivered dick pics recommend a picture their penis and
stick it something you’re like wait I have to this one it’s the same penis but
I think he traced it how he says okay you have silver not Thor’s
okay that was 16 also roll of dice six roll nice six uh he has an encounter
checked when he made a lot of that noise ripping out the board’s break in the box
it’s gotta be like on something flag no no that was a six six is now suspect
just then every roll I don’t want 101 I wonder is a critter all Helen again
attack him for his deed role no just a few pro leagues really get to number at
one one wait this guy says no one so much drew a three to the one you know
added to more dots no one will notice you do I’m cutting your fingers on i
seventy six add files on all side no one notices five um where you want to go but
where you want to send you we can all just anyone in these fucking buildings
anymore they’re not safe I’m worried about your health and mine
where you wanna go we just want to go back to camp going to 17 going to 17 the
Paris remains of this farmhouse stands for Terry asleep before a large barn the
walls of the barn are decent shape but it’s double doors were torn off long ago
there is scattering of bones near the road don’t care I’m gonna okay today why
do we also have to go into the fog now so there is no bar holder c17 there is
no bar okay it isn’t barn then I guess so the farmhouse is a bar that’s why I
got confused 57 okay because it just said for muscle
burn but there’s nothing on the map yeah no there’s not seventeen going on inside make an
intelligence roll 57 opposed for something else little girl I wonder just
because you started you started to notice this
by now see me an additional check I’ll still describe this place to you 89 okay Jesus
you smell wolves you’re starting to get used to their smell you know what it is
there’s probably wolves in here um
let’s see looking around when you made your first roll though you see a few
Tufts of fur skin and bones from rabbit seriously cotton devoured um you what Jewish to go in or yes I’m
going in okay why don’t all of a sudden your funeral needs to be my head you
hear some yips of smaller ones like if I’m you Dan I’m just gonna turn around and walk out
future and not let anybody go in okay there’s six wolves are there into
trouble okay okay next I rolled a six one oh two two one
would you guys take one would you get 2 2 2 1 1 is roll two dice six six six we’re safe these guys come out like they’re gonna
cost you some trouble so you the one that’s been killing our
friends for brigands again this bunch of thieves move in this area sure everyone
to join in on this do something first okay magic yes Magic’s oysters all right
a pike he throws pretty bad good thing he has a
bow you kidding me can barely draw that why she’s got enough steel out of he’s
just an extra speed person so he’s a little limp in the bow area because you know we always want some
through here 192 fries please okay they’re not dead
are they cruise no it really pretty cold though they’re down to three points a
piece I’m just gonna go they may try it around there’s a cold
over there however they’re over running it has to be Chac to him down yep
okay well meanly you beat the hell out of four frozen people giving you a
hundred fifty two experiments beaten up that was 15 no no he I’m gone there yet
get all the way right okay 15 building must have been well built or is still in
decent repair though the shutters were long ago torn for the windows door hangs
missus Lee from rusty hinges there’s a square post in the front of the house
and there is a horseshoe nailed to each face of the post there’s a flat piece of
rotten wood on the south side of the door well they’re all looking at the building
and the dead bloody six I’m gonna open it okay cruel deserts
six okay now while she’s in there searching this you guys got four bodies
on the ground do you want to search him yeah everyone that wants to bodies roll
the dice six you want to buy one Lexi’s going to bed okay or says I’m going to
bed soon sickies one Lexi alright your experience points down just for watching
okay you got a one year then oh my god I think I know one oh you got something
tuba don’t like you yeah nobody no um both you guys rolled a six eight K coins
roll dice one of course copper angle three day six
we got to see how many before you write it down don’t you thirteen do I roll doubles yeah yeah
tingle okay now back to the area looking around you this looks like it was once
twenty chopper 20 pennies all this is what’s kind of like playing grind it out
a little bit well these are ugly looking buildings
old beat-up it’s like that with the words plague written across it
oh you haven’t gotten that far yeah well online you can still find that town
where’s that I’ll show you all this was once the Hamlet’s smithy there’s nothing
of interest left here such as you can’t even rebuild a smithy the Ron Wood is
the former sign of the smithy which spares a carved image of an animal
that’s your shirt you go for scissors yep
you need this dick she’s just okay I don’t have a sleeve for this from the
show me I split the break yeah we will be back in a short while good anything good luck you candy okay people move
back in no I just got good here so here your seat is still good then I get into
magic buttons you might need me don’t worry you ready yeah worry about it
don’t be embarrassed Randy dear so it’s upsetting isn’t it no okay just
let it happen okay we’re coming back Hado could decide just who’s gonna go
into this much right about that experience some technical difficulties
yes never I decided to be a little wonky on us no actually it’s all right to say
yeah we’re here’s a medical condition sometimes we have to make sure things
all right we’re concerned I have a medical condition I can start getting
shocked at any point I used to be shot three times a day which is good my other
option was dying I didn’t like that one bother you know we just shocked by all
those things it’s like being kicked by a fucking horse never a good feeling
cuz I’ve been kicked by a horse no this thing is just so I think it’s trying to
the quail is burnt out from him he stopped you quick I can’t tumbled off
the front and then he stood on my chest oh yeah just like held me there looking
down at me like are you okay city boy aren’t you yeah
Oh or you get him with a trying one try it I actually smacked them across the
nose yeah well I had to go with the biggest one because how large I was yeah
so and that one was a little snotty sometimes it was grumpy it was an older
one I think it was like get your ass off me
yeah just stood I mean I went back to riding the canoes sitting there going
look at you going how does it feel huh there’s a great pair like in
either go write up worse to the waterfalls oh he gets tired sometimes
he’s got a little bit we all got our conditions yeah we all do okay that’s
real life and that’s why we needed everyone should have insurance we’ll go
into that one okay hey you wanna pick a room or a place where were we we did 15
I can see 18 18 kick this building must have been the hamlets mill while the
building is as decayed and nondescript as the others the wheel still wobbles on
its original drive shaft as is turned by the lazy stream which is the gray like
line filling the murky millpond there is a periodic high-pitched squealing sound what do you guys do
those two go inside let’s go have some fun do drunk-ass give stop drinking
right now okay shorty we’re not doing what you did on the boat this time which
which time oh yeah you did that with the captain last time you got so drunk you
forgot where his hammock was and curled in with the captain okay you guys go
inside 18 you basically you can’t picture her destroyed mill lots of kind
of leather straps are kind of tore now there’s kind of some wheels in there
looks like they were doing a fabric here yeah with the wood mill using the mill
to like take care of it running the weaves in that okay both you guys make
intelligence rolls 30 30 34 okay only thing you mostly
notice is there is a large pile of like damaged furniture and things from this
place all piled up towards the center do you guys want sir move through door yeah
okay ah both your roll bishops – all right
okay too much surprise they start digging
there’s things moving in there as they rise to attack five giant
centipedes Oh lovely they’re about three feet long each its diverse enemies by
bigger ones okay the size of this table yes yes it is and I did not do well
apparently I wasn’t ready for battle you guys when you’re ready give me
numbers tell me the number if you have it yeah
okay just like what the hell you might for something I got any sixes at all well those are
the spike damage these things have us light damage basically if the centipede
like ran up your arm it puts holes all the way up with the
plagues they dig in yeah remember that one lost those it Lost Tapes they had a
good one on that beats there’s actually there’s ports you get there
148 would you get 115 did it just to prove to you I mean okay there goes diving back into the
floorboards leaving the area not dead but you guys damaged him pretty bad um
the other athletes sixty experience points of peace and
there was nothing else in the can that was a kid poisons are you good Jenny um
that was 18 we’re now 19 this a room barn two small trees standing the East
probably once planted by the occupants water cottage a farm house once stood
here the barns walls still intact but much the plank siding has fallen away
the roof has mostly collapsed all the Northwest and Southwest or southeast
corners still covered the shattered interior to gray colored humanoid shapes
they sprawled and unmoving in front of the yawning doorway facing the roof did you bodies in front of it you look at them like you said there’s
two bodies in front of it father they’re little bigger than you little
smaller than you they’re hobgoblins but they look like
they’ve been like sucked of all life essence or something that’s why they’re
gray and they’re like oh like why not make you toasters this is your stone
you’re sucking the life out of things again Oh yeah we get a lot of those things going
back and forth between the city so help Marrero fifty-five no problem you notice now
that you look at the house the windows seem to have some webbing in there
spiders like thick webbing spiders like big spiders you start blowing up the building yeah
okay go for it you kidding me if this boom bomb goes
just right be prepared for spider gets we’ll eat our shields okay well you guys
go back and call it a night anytime you’ve been staying here this lippy it’s
their tomb bomb at level seven 19 and CT now if you killed him there
were spiders and two big giant spiders but they got blown up they didn’t make
their same we roll to get out like I said spider gets cue them and the place
burns we’re close up which other classes do more the charm of these plays do you
okay we’re now don’t pour it on us that’s the last no we’re now brown cow
for that is ninety two points 14 okay no you just check everywhere we go over
here yep I gotta find up where we are which is
fine these are different places and so is that observation she paid a little below so
shit 14 you’re like mad but against this age is it disrepair typical to the other
buildings in this Hamlet the eastern half the building is sunk in collapse
the western half still stands but most of the roof planking has blown off and
about half the siding has warped and fallen away from the frame a large mound
of Earth is gone no earth organic matter is visible over the sagging roof line of
the remains what does anyone want to do that you can
send someone Jewish just sending them all together so far
they lived those two Griffin Reina cheer guys’s church okay you go into there huh
make it tell the first of all died successfully it’s been nice knowing you
too six okay I should get into the room you notice
the earth is a pile of decomposed manure yeah probably left for what looks like
these be dairy cattle around here but you’re hearing a buzzing sound
this is mean Raisin Bran in giant organ from one of the stone shit what do you guys wanna do what could be and then something digs itself out of
the manure pile it’s a slide about this big that says my football the big fly
yeah then another one comes up and then they will even hang around their brother
too long Oh before we roll that that’s a rule no one got any damn sign
again cuz they spit up you know for the really 69
this favorite in front of the whole wide world so just smack that damn thing pretty good
probably trying to find you will occur to kill it
finish the bitch off that’s a yes okay bro you and Dan you’re helping but cooking
Devils bro 124 for me did
46 points and you go ahead and finish yours it
only had three points left and it was trying a speed roll to it leave it so it
doesn’t even get you a closure number she’s like did my guts all over the
place you both need intelligence rolls 79 when I was over there somebody not on
that nice Tita yeah yeah yeah with that he rolling – okay he’s – he’s just like
cleaning the guts off this stuff you think yeah 18 okay okay that’s it for
that room that place you know did you hear something squishy in there maybe a
fly came flying out for a second and then he killed it it was about Sipos
like I said a football you just what were they irradiated with the fucking
giant carnivorous slide yeah 13 13 ah this cottage is a mess or like any of
the others were like great things yeah each wall has a yawning hole in it and
there’s nothing left in the rafters or roof there are three tree stumps in the
front of the it cottage each scarred with many x marks one of the stumps has
a rusty Bucks Oblates stuck in it missed the handles long
since rotted away basically like a lumberjack saw a big one huh
so who’s gonna go okay both you guys intelligence rolls tell it to telling us roll so just
booked two nights you’re only care of your sister wow that sounded a little
dirty not dirty she got last night I got hang 67 18 out no shit
no but you find as a NATO large pile of rags and I’m in the field will end of
the day for those debris inside the cottage but in there is a small velvet
pouch holding eight gems there malachite snow worth hundred gold pieces each so
hey gems worth 100 gold pieces do we split this and not give it to the others
yeah six there’s eight see tips over for worth 100 each yep yes so yeah or trade
them for something okay do we have a what’s left what do
you want first or do you need to go rest for the night
because you need to grow with skits about boys okay everyone goes back to
the camp they will roll dice six three dang it
did you get a magic number they built it roll two dice six little things you
encounter throughout the night three roll to distance eat okay and then put your rule three and you get to roll to their six as you roll doubles no 8 okay as you guys are sitting there well
they’re coming to the camp and they got it such as rats apparently the rats are chasing things
to eat giant centipedes but they’re all running into the camera Sakura and sitting the kicker are
sitting inside the way and that’s what they say are you for doing that b-but a fire
you’ll get my fire try to dodge them grope around me take a look roll anyone
who wants to just stay out of their way make a luck roll are you hoping you may take it 20 if you want so far so good we got one to
check left one one okay hey I’ll just go chasing them that’s easy food for a
seeker all giant rats is about the size of a mid-sized dog sure rodents of
unusual size they exist ah sorry Princess Bride moment okay um how’s
breakfast is being prepared the next morning he’ll give you guys some more
information he’s he’s learned in the area the tinkerer will he’ll tell you
story about many strange beings have been seen near the northern woods these
for-profit survivors have three heads three arms and three legs so far five
people have been killed by these horrible beasts farmers complained that
their cattle chicken and other farm animals are disappearing and they are
blaming the disappearance on these creatures but there are many troubles go along
here what you’ve now noticed is the whole range looks like this guy stopped
here is he’s been trying to find good lumber and he pulls it off the old
buildings you know once he can so he can fix other people’s stuff later
so as long as no one’s here he can hunt through for wood even sometimes metal so
sit there and like be straightening out nails and stuff so next morning what do
you guys got left there ok one two why just start there – yeah ok you have been
to this building there were two old two oldest living in it you decide to leave
them alone last time a line of scrawny maple tree stands in
the north side of the road here barely screening a granite statue
the statue is about six feet tall carved with exquisite detail vividly depicting
a magic user with flowing robes and a crackled leather scabbard at his belt
buckle of impressively smooth granite he holds a staff in his right hand the
grain of the wood murderously reproduced his stone however you wonder at the
treatment of the subject by the artist for the face wears a horrible grimace which one we’re getting there 20 as the main road
smugglers track leaves the hamlet it passes in front of a small Ridge that
looks to have been man-made there’s a huge pile of stone rubble atop this
Plateau its placement suggests there was once a
tower or gatehouse of a larger fortification you’ll want to go yep other okay go down
there he okay anyone else going down with him okay you know you know the last
time you and me teamed up we got you know we talked about causal into the
world right or at least change the weather we’re not sure about you try it
again it’s just you’re gonna do this yep okay something comes up out of the building
as you slide down into the hole around it you know it’s basically the area
where it is a troll hop comping comes out but it’s like dragging a leg like
the legs broken but he doesn’t seem to care shit don’t speak the language do
you is it central hum Goblin yeah
please moose makes the language in a worse state oh it’s not just a troll
Hobgoblin it’s an unpaid troll boy it’s a man here Pig is undead its pista
sure in his area pissed because we come into your house okay this just and it’s swing a large mace this is the thing that I want everything
else in the village throw bitch animals and see so anyways that’s a date we’ll find out next time on you get your
nose all right so it’s gonna be a cumulative 179 okay first of all I need you both
make luck rolls cuz there were spike damage I guess you two two took the
damage and you who got the lowest but 2084 you take three points of damage and
I need a wizardry rule ty all right now just fucking give it to me my wizards
not that high well I could just you know you’re trying to resist being paralyzed
oh I got five and Wiz here you want Ryder you just won’t see your very life you’re paralyzed but you guys have
beaten this thing up pretty bad do I promise being an undead it still rolls
it’s full attack he saw the SRO again yeah he does
you don’t feel like fighting anymore roll ball all right hi Oh what time will we have it
yes we could do another well we’re not far from finishing this
place out thank you guys we’ll be back on the map turning to another area and
see what’s there again the other one yo there are no cc’s
sixty-two you take eight points damage you got her
though right he does is it more than eight yeah okay he’s safe go again we leave those up there I just got those
ones in let me see this one yes the ones seventy this time seventy it’s dead Hey it that’s a really nice-looking mace but
I don’t think that’s actually what is a magical nice you want the vase let me
check here smashing head Oh heavy mace its two-handed but this
thing was using a one-handed it takes the 17 strength but only it’s three
decks oh these got the and it’s because of its
magic it is six plus two and it’s what six plus two heavy mace two-handed does
he or she KP doesn’t have shield in its own different 200 you don’t have to
worry about putting now you shoot every mace magic you reckon it it was six six
plus two they’re usually five plus two but it’s six plus they’re supposed to oh my god dude what are the big points
for is 140 oh you guys caught up on that one kicking its ass and then you got a
new weapon does even more damage than you did nothing no you helped them first
round then you got paralyzed now what we gonna do get a carry you around I’ll
make sure to pee on your head I’m not Gary so let’s tear lice in the hole
we’ll start with that one hey you’re down there still do you want
your girlfriend of Treasury okay make love and I’m dating one of the other
gamers but will it make something on this you find the nest this place is
filled with awful bones and manure but you look through it you find so 750
silver pieces and 10 aquamarine gems worth 50 apiece and a gold necklace with
225 yeah I’ll go through it again 750 silver you
got that you so write it on that backside if you want to turn the page
over ten gems worth fifty and a necklace worth 225 there you go
and Jim’s worth 50 apiece the necklace were 225 twenty-five really two things what was
that last one there was a third one or now there was seven or 50 silver pieces
that’s the first thing third thing usually glass well I got the
ten gems now what who goes to 21 well first of all you all
see a dense grove of huge oak tree stands e’er clearly older than the
others in the hamlet the trunks are black but do not seem to have ever been
burnt a foul draft as here it seems to emanate from the midst of the green area
there’s a thick growth of bramble berry vines strangling the tree trunks tangled
amongst many bones and drop it a broken branches there is a small rock tear made
of gray stones piled together a little like rock house or like I Oh anyone approach everyone’s approaching
it yep everyone roll dice six or six the ones we’re good large pile of rocks is
up as you’re looking at it to actually be a central altar of a sort to some
kind of druidic worship there’s an exquisitely detailed green glass
sculpture in the middle of the wood near the pile rocks it seems to depict the
head of a helmed warrior of an ancient kingdom with a curly tangled beard of
seaweed is essentially worthless but you know it can baby something about value
someone into the religion but it looks homemade okay anyone else one touch it
and play with it nobody wants to touch them last but last place it’s the millpond
which drains from the larger pond of undetermined nature but is very stagnant
it is covered with a thick pad of green and red algae sickly Sun starved water
lilies meekly poked through the tendrils above the surface of the muck I watched the way are you build enough to do it you got a one okay how tall are you okay
the water ends up because of all the stuff that is just piled on the bottom
he used to be deeper it’s about three feet deep athletes and other small
creatures will be mired in them but in the sink so you’re there you start feeling around
in the muck in that or see if there’s anything down here or just walk around
or what are you doing okay make a luck roll yeah she probably wants
to outside we will we’re having extra bricks I guess 22 first level yes W toe
on a box the large box with the boxes what do you do cuz you’re underwater or it’s underwater
you’re getting Nora come out so there’s a box in there left it there well we had one thing that’s screwed
with us the other thing that gave us some goodies I’ll try and go again
oh of course he will put the pink roll of dice 6 how much not enough just one
yep we need to get him drunk he’s too stupid so great okay
now that make a strength roll it’s a pretty heavy chest
probably weighs at least 500 600 pounds that’s a big tip strength yeah fifth level to pull it out of the muck
you 28 well you need a 40 see you got it you pull a long chest out of the water
you pull it up on shore but it does have a padlock on it see if I can break it
okay he loves breaking locks doesn’t punch
his doors does he punch doors to get in I think so open it break it
that’s what he said about our front door when he got drunk 57 okay he’ll break it
and luckily there’s no glass things of it will you’d open it up and it’s full
of silver and gold it’s got 500 gold pieces and 1,000
silver 1,000 silver why you some people my finance you Brambleberry
it’s kind of like blackberries if I can watch the state in it but you’ll
probably have like large much larger thorns so you can get berries out of
there but you’ll probably get hurt some oh yeah but you know it is a possible
thing of food maybe make drink having Brambleberry wine they actually grow a
lot that’s all of it right yep okay um so one take a break before we walk from
this area to the next area okay everyone go take your break my seat our kitty cat
still needs to go out so another break well we’ll be back to Matthew you guys
can find out the direction your door there’s a road yeah no way yep you go do that found it there manaphy we always have a solution
I just balance is gone I don’t know I just looked at the pickle
and I go oh that looks good tickles it’s better than then what that’s why I didn’t
that’s why I didn’t go out to the coffee because she needed her coffee or I was finished often got few Peaks our heart down seizure hey I’m the safety question on there afterwards I got some earlier yes three class of
the day is you have full load and there are four hours though lots of people
don’t have graveyard Oh destroy somebody cover start click
weeds come on you know they she get her traits well he’s over there the bathroom
I know you’re mad she never trees reinvest way we know he
has treats on her plate oh she hasn’t touched so well feelings
didn’t answer no she just she’s eaten him before this but like I said I found the education I
didn’t get a job Oh what they said was I took the
interview because I didn’t have the computer I back to do with having hoping
it would help me get a job by working in public access I had studio experience no
we got in the way they said because of my production experience if they hired
me I could become competition in a few years because I’d learn what they knew
they like people who can animate Woody’s left ear and only that so you don’t have
to worry about people advancing grip um so green dice is you guys oh um we
should check to see if he has any more because you guys have a camping again
that night I’m 188 healing pitas yeah um pearls he is fine after an hour
it’s just that study does paralyze him for one hour he slept yeah just kind of
like the marshmallows on it so puts put them in put them in cute underwear I
don’t know you’ll wake up going oh I hate these nights here like this night
before you guys leave the next day he’ll cover the story of on the map I have but
is north of here is the misty swamp which changes magic-user spells in
strange and unpredictable ways and this area was created by the elves during the
war that took down the sewer tower the elves working for the silver
princess they’re attempting to stop anyone from getting through
okay because it’s done you guys didn’t really find anyone you could recruit
because the taste is too trashed it does raise the question though what kind of
Queen is this clean this area of glue via if this is like what her places
would like we pair Lee not really taken care of what holes which way you guys want to go
remember like before you move forward you will see all the spaces around take
three spaces especially cuz you’re in a clear area um actually if you following
a road I will give you an additional area
you guys can travel because you’re staying on the road that’s no reason for
road it’s quick senior quarters that are three years of normal brain hills will
be too and mountains just don’t force or – also there’s the map which way you
guys won ahead continue following the road I guess
gonna head that way move it go ahead and move it them for me you there
well first move one area go from there yep because we’ll start with you
for old i66 okay actually you’re safe it’s not a one
whoo action this one says one on a bad channel but that’s TV
I want more encounters I got stuff the principal Oviatt must survive
she makes Kalu’s and we all need to lose and sheepskin
boots yeah we gotta get glaze everyone wants to please okay um you guys had one
area to another area and then next will be Dion rolls doing a straight or head
north because in roads splits into two
directions here or here so north there okay two three oops squares but as you get there there is the item of
interest here just something looks strange over here shit we may not have made it that far um
here here’s yeah here
with so we have three things to check you can you just see three and then we
have planes let’s put it over here although it’s kind of out of your range
being kind of see the things over this way and actually looking at it this is
over here three points of interest um you wanted to know about him in the
vision looking at it or what do you guys the first one you ran into would abandon
the one that was like just going a native range see Creek good looking you
go blind it’s all the way at the bottom pretty
close if this thing is not in order you can tell I didn’t write it
I’m too lazy okay well this one and way to mark with the three spots because it
looks like it’s like a fog or a swamp or something you see lots of like bugs in
the air around that area the bog of eternal stench sooo but yeah I’m gonna looked at again
so you’re not absolutely sure but it doesn’t look play okay the next one
above the trees looks like it’s a farm house of some sort so there when you’re
there you guys remember what sir well you guys you guys could leave the
road and probably camp before the farm when nightfall comes where you guys
can’t force yourself through the night and hope that maybe they likely have
visitors okay um you ruled you roll you roll die
six because we kind of fell behind not here yep
did you get one okay then I need from you the magic numbers called earlier I
said they can’t roll by 20 do you have one otherwise I’ll 31 we
just were playing to use it that’s what we use here ten during the night you notice your
supplies are being like judo no it’s a bear kill it
probably just chasing the courses just chase it away well that worked here for
glow he had freaked it out it’s like eyes buddy yeah grunts he’s scare the
bear away take twenty experience points evil laugh to go this is why I don’t
deal with basement work okay um Mike goes pretty good how do you wish to
approach set up farm okay farmstead seems to be a shepherd and it
seems to be an active farmer they use they have a bunch of guess this is not
read dead you could probably fly some from all
right let’s see what they sell go talk to him
you gonna walk up to the farm all I ever just you just a scary white off your drought he’s not like he’s pink like most nails
peachy color yes you’re probably a little darker than him though you know
they call it dark pink it could be fuchsia yellow your fuchsia
he’s you glow as long as you’re not using a crayon that says skin color and
it’s obviously Caucasian that was the old pin just to do that no
Lisa didn’t listen for Elmo says shit that would just be interested hey fuck
you crayons I’m gonna go buy the cheap Creole Crayolas or whatever you know
some other brand that’s trying to copy crayons okay shippers farmstead belongs
to a family of shippers the father comes out in the ground um you see a lot of
people moving in around there it’s like that place that they live in is like a
Klan home it’s like multiple families and they you guys walk up just the five
you and the taker he will not come rolling up they’ve you know they’ve got
some things he could work on but most of time they take care of their own stuff
but he brings some wooden stuff eight planes the woods so it’s still usable
the ones that you know are all warped and shit
and uh they in turn give him milk which they plan to turn into a mild dry white
cheese they also raise fish in several small towns nearby them bass and
bluegill mouths words there’s a functioning dairy
here with fish supplies there like all were you now they’re looking just at you you’re
the first one approached they’re kind of like back by the fence it sounds like oh we were told that it doesn’t exist
anymore no but you know we don’t see much you type except for in the forest
way down to the southeast and even then not as much I’m talking more the years Wow well you know the elves kind of like
disappeared a century or so ago after the war so there’s two more you have
duplicates are you like you there’s two oh well a lot of times you need to
travel together there’s about oh no honey how many we
have counting everyone there’s 25 which includes parents grandparents children
spouses grandchildren et cetera princely rate grace sheep place that they also do
some fishing hey are you from there come here come
here fuck did we get dog see last town before
you get to the misty swamps because you know people trying to run away from the
galleta peein lifestyle and that swamp is deadly to go it’s the only way to get
around the the tower actually sits in this okay
well what can we help you with anything you need you guys are you staying for
dinner well take with us serve you on cheese’s
and slow me a fish lamb stories you don’t like cheesy them or you begin
which there’s cheese and wine Brambleberry wine now do you want to try
the the bramble berry wine now roll on your streaking 72 okay you’re drunk no that was to give
him 25 experience points he’s experienced four tips for new types
of alcohol you can drag down his teen alcoholic actually well know what sphere
is out afterwards take two people’s coming out yours and then average so um they seem perfectly fine and happy
to have any questions for memorizing look at the oh the other name um the one he told you
about um they’ve heard the stories too they hope it’s true they don’t believe
it’s it’s no no we haven’t we don’t get a lot of visitors except for people who
are wishing to come buy some cheese but we usually have to take it too you know
we should take it north to go out you know to Glu via and they buy distribute
amongst their own towns most of towns are bubier up north this area down here
is kind of left on its own because you know ever since the sewer mine closed we
haven’t really been developing enough for them to care if you can’t pay their
taxes they don’t really care are we still got to deal with the patrols
jingle well technically I guess I’d have to say what you’re really left but what you can keep in mind is you can
recruit two people out of here and still be within your ranks you want to start
keeping track different farms basically there’s Gabby leash baby two children
here who are father’s or someone that wants to join the military but you would
have to then pull out your banner and show that your military then everyone
will know but do you keep track of these places and say oh if we don’t have towns
to attract from we do have farms which have a people that’s the name of this um
it’s a shepherd for B they don’t put a name it’s they they’re called the Shepherd’s
people’s original last names came from their occupation know where to take you
track knowing that if it came down here certain keen up to try to kill somebody
we really come back and recruit but they know this there’s a possibility here you
can you feel actually when you want you would open you wouldn’t know and she did
a charisma role to check once the banner goes up the forces will come after you
so you’re just actually a group of five adventures right now as far as they know
following the tinkerer who is kind of a good cover he explains you guys to the family as
his bodyguards to his troubled times words um you know any faster
booyah sure you have your a efficient supplies
covered but now you know you can have dairy yeah they go by
cheese okay no let me know have some milk and then roll this even affects the
stomach how much cheese do you want amilies not vegetarian no cuz you’ll be
sitting next to silver fox when your ass goes off as a toe and we all want to see
how much that new your wor gives him damage and games oh shit cheap cheap s-http rates up there we’re a farm and
put that just so you guys will know it’s easier to go hey there’s sheep you know but I could say you’re wanting like a
days so in other words a we love it yeah real ten gold you’ll be good for ten
uses of going on with more than that for a month of cheese cheese that eats it by
the block all right it’s cheap cheese kind of cheese that’s kind of a father
it’s gotta be just if someone looked up huge bull it’s a real army type all the
cheese so what are you getting in pictures or like Hales sure sure sure
cheese from Serpas it’s pretty ugly sweaty when she’s wheel well we depend
is this cell sold in wheels that’s why we’re yeah does it like give me any
examples images would work feta yeah a feta cheese were crumbly but it still
could be in a wheel it can be it’s just very it’s really well juicy coated in
something it’s like goat cheese yeah we got plenty of finished raising goats we
already know well I’m one get more fish doesn’t last
here you try it they’ve dried fish for transport they also transport it in
like Vito bats up north yeah so clean feeling cheese you coming
yeah what holds it together is the wax yeah so that’s what you have you have a
cheese wheel did it the oceans are huge shoe to my drink I’ll pull it out it’s a
pleasant mild dry white cheese they have sheep they have fish fish that’s
basically what they raise there anything else they pretty much buy
because they needed like grains and stuff like that they don’t sell that that’s what you find at that location
now from there you guys go ahead and put that should give you from there a there’s some more trees back this
direction and that’s fools what and the rest area is open you go back road head
over okay you roll a dice six and you roll of dice three okay okay forget about an hour we started at 7:30 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 yeah just recently I think that because
I’m usually closed early when we still had like an hour we could have gone yeah
no that’s a no we’ll just finish but ah well random suggestion giggles what you have right there it’s
like what caught your attention is the trace for him little bit here but then
you cross over here but on the way there what kind of caught your attention the
object of interest was the weird like some of the trees have been pushed down
and knocked over and stuff everyone making intelligence rule to see we find
anything or see anything or if you want to see reception with my shoes but she said this was that
poster 18 so 18 plus 12 butyl in if you choose your finger finger that’s literally
glasses actually they’re on my nose okay so I got 3718 here hehe got 36 with
intelligence how are you 355 I got 32 so you know one
doesn’t see a thing you all see bears over there I have to roll this to see
how many and they’re big bears there’s six of them here’s one go bear hunting
fighters time to kill some bounds add ice Oh God what she got six six doubles six six six
six six do you know the other day I checked our viewers and number if you
see Hammond was fifty six thousand six hundred and sixty six Jesus Wow
that’s overall so I’ve been doing this for a couple years still eventually
you’re gonna get them oh yeah you’re gonna get that reward for viewers yeah
oh no well the viewers you gotta get that they change that yeah yeah thousand
subscribers or 100,000 views so I’m getting over halfway there
yeah are you joining in this fight he says oh kill bears you to read reports I
remember early Colbert I am but not cold their reports because that
was always Juno yeah I was gonna start here 153 now I’m get yours yours we’re
working on is but one of 101 six downtown-2 threes they can roll one of those two sixes last one wow you got higher store this time 85
Sundiata you will be able to do damage like the rest of us so what would you came in here you did
over a hundred damage what are you complaining about
oh I didn’t we get fat Amanda she was ruling hooking single-digit yeah
constantly Jesus she’s got like six sick she’s wanting me to commit herself to
fighting right kind of fight Oh run away now
oh my god hey I’m running hey there’s still six bears 315 was my hit yep okay
I need numbers I need numbers no no yep oh that’s nice now because it hurt well that’s the new rule dang maybe what do
you got was waiting to see if they were going this way this time well then I
guess not what you get I got 158 how one yeah and 315 I’ll use it on this one 99 okay they’re good underneath points
for you except for her she want to kill bears – I just thought of an epic idea
let’s use them as me I want to skin a bear and turn it yeah they can children’s role I want to
do that listen you fucking meat eaters y’all
better eat this fucking meat we can sit down it is Oh 16 Russians has a skill at this no I
mean you on butchers no you just rip it off chunks EU over good man skill six
days plus it’s also rating in that so an animal will give you six give you
because there’s also 6e it fiber you so that’s like me yeah so that’s 405 yeah
so that’s five people eating up one bear for one day so six days ration for
everyone so it’s actually comes out to six times five equals thirty rations now you also want first check down might give me I’ll give you a six for bears
skins great wrong world no you know what I do with them what I got to do with the
what I started doing with those animals I just shoot him throw him on the back
of my horse and take them in can’t take bears anything yeah no you can’t put
oxen either no but you can kill a man seller food you can kill a dachshund so
I got how many of those for fair skins you have one good wolf which means I need to find a dealer
Lissa Taylor and you’d stick your head in the skull of a bear hey Rayna I have
something for you you want to like okay cuz that’d be
awesome you know we run around looking around this area
you know this this looks like what schnitz also a it attracts someone if
you stay around become some world will come and this is a forgotten finger with
knobby old vines planted in neat rows and cleaning to run wooden stakes the
Bears love the grapes Misha the sugary wine grapes like these and will defend
perceived threats to the source of their tasty treat or you guys stay role for
encounters and pick grapes for a while or you decide you don’t want it’s a nice six role for anyone who
wants to cruise by okay three anyone else okay choose rations of
grapes define a dose sucking on that later
guess what no lovely 45,000 okay what do you want to raise anyone else
got levels well I have this out l know okay just double-checking um you
guys all have a misunderstanding it now and I’m looking for the page yeah don’t
say exactly how many points you get for spending your level on con um new level
eight points from level four to five what do they need to get fifth level
yeah seven thousand that sound right yeah yeah shifts that way because I added a look out there I think do you guys want it okay you guys hung
around here for a little bit no one like you know Bears came along you do kind of
see them check around the area of it this take some work it’s not as good as
it is it’s kind of getting burnt out what happened is one broke me still
something I did dump you out of an old one he doesn’t hit as hard as the other
one Sam there’s also see
I wish it did Venice those are you want terrible news but just like the animal
they’re made out of ham they’re not feeling like actually smoking it’s kind
of like the we did George Washington’s watch yeah it’s 10:30 wish them only an
hour 45 minutes where you guys want to go I say we go up okay
as you’re heading that direction he head back to the road what do you set across
okay so we’re just there now what we have or mountains the tinkerer each other
thing will mention you understand that if we continue in this direction we will
walk into the heart of alluvial well billion dollar question well it all
depends how much you actually tell me what your intentions right we need to
find out who that absolutely silver princesses that’s what the princes of
gold wants us to find out should we look around here because this whole area will
close down to a shorter area and then straight into patrol central where there
are only three towns that exist out here are three or four um also in front of
you though I will give you but we can hit the next place it’s after that we
gotta say what to do cuz up ahead is a fur trading camera let’s see I want to
find that that one woman that you were telling me about yes maybe we hit level 10 and we can do at level 10 yes take another class
that’s and also instead take a second character but basically a second class
is but what you should keep close to your abilities from the previous such as
if your warrior he became a rogue now you can’t go from warrior – wizard them
you have to transition um but if you become a rogue you get actually spells
but you’ll keep your times two armor bonus if you go from a rogue to warrior
you’ll gain up tumbs to armor bonus hey mouth and shall we become every level
you go up from that point adds it died six to your attack just like you would
go up levels as a warrior man you would still keep access to spell become a
warlord and you are a warrior wizard well what I still continue to gameplay
die six rope no but you did gain spells yeah
that’s what happens you you don’t proceed anymore on the one class a beer
barrel man sir yeah well nobody live debated on that
one he could learn actually in the long run I was looking at it he can heal from
drinking beer now he is dumber because we know but it yields now that I’m like pick up the wire first of all it’s worth
the mm er bonus right off the town yeah look at me and him and look at the three
last week that armor bonus is beautiful in the end not to mention right in here
in yeah that’s a bunch of having that extra dice on your level I may not do it
until I hit level 20 if I can so that’s it’s unlimited
that’s takes millions of points so after like 15 or 16 I’ll care I’m willing to
fight but I’ll tell you when we get into Wars actual full-blown battles it’s easy
to see the you can get a level go what you’re fighting 50 people so things feed
you crazy so it happened both us epic day silver Hill and its surroundings are
teeming with wildlife as explorers will quickly discover many of these bear
valuable furs the group of fur traders was one of the first groups to return
this area when the constables arrived their number vary in anything they’re
basically a lot for hunters around this area they bring in stuff you’ll see
carts of like furs and bears and bears and wolves and stuff there’s a haphazard
collection of tents and lean tools around the area campsites you know
campsites at night all five are lit to warm the camps and to discourage
intruders there’s a central fire pit basically in a common oven now right here a matte finish place and
we’ll look around this place and I can go ahead and say that’s good enough
we’ll stop here at the camp but this is basically what we have see the place I
will go through some little idea of what’s here and then if you guys want a
word is exactly I can show you but I’ll tell you what’s around here there’s of
course um a bunch of fur traders roll two dice 6:49 there’s nine fur traders
here with their tents and everything they carry Spears short swords and short
bows he circles also though think about this those there’s nine people that know
how to use bows build you can learn a thing or two
no no no that you don’t get sure yeah well you guys start building your your
armies you as she’s four so you start by you need some not to you pull your baby
you know these are things that you can milk a vein this is your resources
that’s your battle he’s saying check out resources before we proceed
because you don’t know that you’re heading right into their territory
saying that was gonna save you is if you had furs at least them look like you had
a reason to be here and you guys been collecting first yeah senior trainers
which runs the place although he has no formal authority of any kind the senior
trainer has trapped in the area for many years and comes to me seeing the traders
ISM contrary or the head of the group fair mine and practical to mediate
disputes see people respect him oh well they’re okay there’s a junior trader a
couple half-length trainers which people don’t trust too much but what you do is if you want to sell
stuff you roll dice 6 and see we get and that might have set two prices but just
give you the idea trailer made by a wolf pelt for it around and it with depending
on who you talking to 15 gold Scud pelts for five gold these are skunks that are
giant bear pelts for thirty gold although some will give you all of the
the halflings will give you will even buy push tail possum belts and giant rat
pelts but they’ll pay much now other thing basically towards the
people now basically how to know what places are in this camp so nice so camp
Stalag was rebooted my good ok there’s a fire pit by day these small fire pits
are just piles of ash with a few coals beneath well the Sun Goes Down the fire
pits are kindled intended all night to warm the fur traders award up beasts
that fear fire and light basically you should not have the wrong encounters
when here tent city there if you’re staying there there will be no
role for encounters you’ll be safe throughout the night if so you have a
bunch of people that will deal with it because you know everyone here will be
concerned there is a central fire pit also those an oven it’s used to be meats
and breads to supplement their rations it’s made a drag clay and stands just
about just above a large fire pit you’re a knight trader sharing stories and
keeping warm and long nights which means you guys could possibly get some rumors
fires not usually stoked during the day the oven remains very hot both inside
and out don’t get in it now I’m head steaks each of these locations marked
with a spear struck in the ground with a head impaled on it the eastern stake
holds the head of a Hobgoblin the western stake holds the head of a bandit
these unfortunates serve to warm the writ to warn the Raiders away from the
camp to varying effects so there are obviously hobgoblins out here somewhere there’s a latrine facing maybe like an
outhouse there are some lean tools for places to
sleep in that there’s a mule pen apparently there’s mules out here can’t
see any horses though they’re good for carrying stuff there’s a skinning block
and a carcass bit there are tents there is a well Paige you want to stick together too
much um actually but the well is kind of like roped off
right now so did you want what do you guys
actually like I said I should see if we have a good list for some rumors and can
I find somebody cheering one of the pelts into what I want no I uh yeah roll
egg Karisma roll Oh 35:35 you know there’s some yes and it
will cost you five gold done you have a helmet do not okay well you gonna need a
helmet too and we don’t have one so we can make it a hat like a hood will
basically take the skull out that way it doesn’t draw it on you yeah okay but it
will just be a good that’s good see you right down hood it uh no doesn’t have
any defense which kids look scary great mom did you want to sell any other
first yes now that the one how many would have taken one or two one okay so
I got five more so there were 30 apiece well first of all roll that six who do
you talk to to the junior straighter 25 he’s half the age of the senior
trader he has none the senior trade his leadership skills though in this nice we
confused mostly any important decision without
him there but he will give you well the these aren’t like very good
pelts I mean you guys currently you’re not skilled at this shit you know go
hang around the UH poster where they do some skinny maybe learn something but
we’ll give me 25 gold apiece and then I got five of those yep so that’s 125
should we love it fair hood as small as you are
that’s an entire cape exactly just want to change your picture and put a bear
head on yeah I’m pretty sure we can look up I can find a dwarf boob
yeah there the bear mask yeah so or a couldn’t well it doesn’t have to be a
dwarf who would know bearded man cuz yeah that yeah yeah I got that just put
that on whenever we’re walking around wherever we’re at together just but
people run up and start stabbing him please forgive me shooting arrows in
there to see it to the forest well I got you know everyone else knows to put on
orange vest and you’re disguising lucky animal they’re shooting at ya well let’s
see there all I need is gloves let’s just hope you don’t get an arrow in the
button I have a full full body ever full button my pants and a chest plate
I just walking around without the helmet in the gloves yeah that’d be your problem I’m gonna use
this church somebody nobody’s wearing a new hood and cloak of a bear he’s gone
native he’s gonna wander around the woods Fahrenheit
this guy’s there all of the Bears four to five feet tall
nope I’m shorter than that motherfucker he’s a little bear oh you’re a cub I
would be look not everyone as you stay there the night what are you doing check
out the way they basically think your camera with an actual latrine – Sam
tinker just pulls up to one of the things everyone they starts talking to
everyone you can do that do you want one well well they can kind of think I know
I did foods I’m gonna get foods first well did you want some yeah I’m gonna
need to add more than just have them but make a luck role well see if he has one
on there he’s got a lot of stuff here he’s like your local supply guy for a
little bit but it’s a local to see if he has that item yet no 19 okay no beat that didn’t know
that’s the helmet check the other one bones you have then your loose okay roll we make them out of seaweed Smith we’re
not going there today that was worse than the last one you don’t get boobs
today well he has them but they’re not the right size
they’re very like humans yeah boobs and Horford look funny with human boobs
this is all kind of wrong size anyone hanging around with everyone at the fire
or Zion hiding themselves I’m hanging around yeah it’s doing that make your
charisma roll I would everyone has anyone that does has a
chance to get rumors there are 20 rumors seven personal roll pretty smile it’s
yours this 1277 your new people so people will talk to
you anyways remember 12 plus clove 45 you’ll need to
get a how’s everyone doing everyone make it yep yep
hey everyone rolling guy 20 you rolled a one for 19 okay walk my way around okay
nobody won you didn’t bring yours there’s a curse you hear someone tell
you you came from the ruined Hamlet he says well that place is cursed all
things there are plagued the person gets up and walks away from me did you been
there he used to be over there which takes
over there’s two Dwarfs you get nothing you truck your dates no I didn’t drop
that this Oh better hope I don’t need whatever it is
okay bill woods yet eleven it’s one way other days sewer Hill Hill mine is
haunted and many shafts are filled with bones someone talked about the mind it’s
haunted filled with bones would you roll 19 there’s a secret treasure in the mill
pond at the ruin to Hamlet you guys found it yes we already got
that oh yeah I know I found it oh we couldn’t find it what’d you get
do you want to do did you want to hear any rumors 18 same thing pull the letter
roll again well again yeah IRA heard that Street
you got something else one uh that one try again one more time and this one’s
not anything yuck what’d he get what do you get no no you got a one
again two evil elves roam the village I’ve heard of evil all elves roaming the
haunted village haunted village the one you found the treasure it was us whoo apparently it was us no they come from
South the forests here and there and they hide well I know we’re going after
this those who might get an army okay you 15:15 a weird old hermit in the
south of the trading post has a magical vineyard but he never harvests the
grapes that’s that’s the stories you hear
throughout the night from people fires now do we wish to call it there well
then next morning which way do you guys wish to head that way head back down the
road yep okay one to you for roll by sixes hey thanks for you know one you got –
okay you’re all good no we’re not would you get wide one roll the die 2014 14
for your head explodes very losing nothing we ever use those dopes line up
with a six here there it is it’s on the bottom I always got a check the bottom
my favorite tape well that doesn’t looks a little wrong
there brother another man reach point your man’s legs okay 9:28 would you roll 14 today hey okay um you’re the first to notice a
stench or beautiful lead smell that’s your wish though the me I didn’t fart and put four
down this it’s an apolog isn’t it maybe you just smell it
making it tell that’s wrong forty-seven 4:7 Kirra excuse me good thing that came up
they notice a bear sized object rooting through the grass heading your direction
let’s kill it okay okay get a little closer I’m being a cocky bastard now and as you
get close enough it looks up foaming at the mouth
twitching of the eyes and it’s a scum Oh besides about there it’s a we’re stoked
they attacked you that is dying from a brain rotting disease former brain
let’s see if we can get you we’ll share it
we’ll share this disease me you you didn’t wanna be alone in his death okay I have my big scary number ninety-seven you heard it but it doesn’t seem to care
it’s coming at you anyone else want to get involved anyone
else want a piece this No oh and make a luck roll for me just
leave it fifty-five he missed you miss spring you’re gonna die after out of all my doubles three yeah it was like I ain’t fighting a giant
scope you know you doing all right over there so anybody that’s got any wine with him that’s right should’ve bought
Wow so that’s some of our brewing my forget it’s just over there – about half
a day away there might be other farms with the answer yeah good think about
that hunter – protein yeah but it’s probably coming off try
out what we saw just holding your elbows weren’t even on the table hey you
writing that like you started like this backed up that’s all right okay
really 104 teenager sisters she’s the toughest fight he’s gonna come
from a giant’s come he’s still going yeah bring it on these brain decreases
we usually run how many times you gonna try to hit on arena while you’re drunk
what UK here this year a fight I’m picking on her well you’re drunk
no I’m saying I’ve heard you if you tell your girl I’ve heard a few choice words
given over that mouth every time he’s drunk he talks to leprechauns leave
alone chip he’s not drunk unless he’s talking to a leprechaun
like we’ve never seen it damn leprechaun you’re talking about well something
about that leprechaun the last time it should be dead by now
would you yes he did he was my 64 experience hey does anybody want this
pail maybe we’ll take this but for skinning anything now cuz you’re just
being lucky or not but if someone wants to spend 300 experience points later on
you can gain a new skill and skinning once you guys have done it enough like
10 times well you’re halfway there Yeah right or
if you get time watching the actual people doing her professionally at the
back of the camp but you guys are 30 fuckin stumped so who wants a rug to
have a stunt but I don’t mean he was just vicious because it was our brain
disease as I kick it it explodes a little bug truck knows
the hell did we get in the Resident Evil territory I’m sorry but there’s a T
buyers going around he shot me up right do it most frightening creature was the
first time they airdrop nemesis on me I spent the entire God there and it’s
written that way when you do you spend the entire game doing nothing for
running from that bastard like crashes down there I’m like I’m going that way
but you gotta go that way fuck that way I’m swimming across Ashok’s the ocean
this guy was dropped and he’s like keeps you’ll be walking along and sudden he’d
like crash through a wall Oh God and come chain here just and he
moves slowly you’re like taking a bazooka at him cuz you have any get one
wasting the ammo on him because he doesn’t you can’t really kill him and
the ammo you spend to be used to save your life later but god that sounds like
they give you did any of you have ever played evil within that sounds at the
butcher from the beginning it’s 11 here’s there near the bog do you want to
proceed or go check out the phone to see ok 1 2 3 4 roll die sixes whoo three six two five okay well where
are you going just straight down towards the other illness do you follow the road
or leave the road there’s a road go that way okay I think we will as what sewer
we’re gonna be whoops that’s the permanent one rest of us she’ll know
where that click we could do this another time where you guys just tell me
where we’ll do you have a we do you have a map with the game yes I do I will show
you everywhere okay okay sir a chick farm is due here is something but on the way there’s also
something over here and here with a tree the only differences is on the online
version thing pic form and historically from what I gather have you got in have
you met up with the witch train I’m in the storybook right here no I don’t have
PlayStation Plus once I get I actually plan to get a year
subscription okay that’s where we are now which one do you want to check
before we call it yeah the first one yes okay so rude River I’ll mark them with
question marks pull off the road travel a little bit
look over there what’d you find there’s a falling piece of paper yes
just smoothing all by this box is dad never know so we can find out Fox’s dad
is the same person that you the spider demon half-brother
no I’m saying it could be the same one your dad and her dad can be the same how
much spider demons possessing this area she’s no she’s your stepmom II oh sorry
as you guys got close to you notice these little stone buildings and the
fence this is in a heavier days this was the main burial ground for the silver
Hill area as civilization declined throughout the tortured century very
unscrupulous or desperate Souls robbed the tombs and despoil the graves here in
addition to nefarious clerics particularly those from the coven of
evil casts use the remains for their own in CEA’s purposes from time to time sir
animate creatures escape from their creators control and they usually come
from so
it’s a graveyard do you guys want to go check it out or
not okay we’ll call it good then but you guys went back to the road and just say
no one graveyard so Alex think it’s 207 little great they drama be like next in it looks like a consumer offense but
what is alright I am the one I do Cubert Mike we’re trying to figure out basically you
guys will be exploring this area which I’m not 100% on everything that’s down
there but discovering what you guys love available no well then why because the
reason is it’s also helpful when you’re creating armies because then you have to
see an army gets cannot roll doubles in their attacks
unless there’s a leader there yeah and characters you guys make can be leaders
for that group once they’re past fourth level which like at tenth level you’ll
get a fifth level character for 15 you didn’t make it up son
damn close and for the last time after the freakin last time holy cow
because most the time leaders for the military are like around tempo but not
always you wanna be around the same there’s no photo – maybe next week at
this amazing time I don’t the same damn time
same damn Channel oh well prove it know what let’s go to a poor area well if I’d
have the farms there’s some farm stuff there’s some hunters it may be uh you
know destroyed so say it was cursed from the war yeah that’s where everything
looks so bad well no one feels they would play so we’re gonna go for the
night people hope you enjoyed you for fantasy it was sunday for water totals
and trolls and on Friday we do Marvel superheroes get surprised if you want to
notice so when we’re doing it like we surf subscribe hit that notification
panel comment and hook them up valuable player yeah what why love you all

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