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Shawn Bell: Have you been searching and trying
to find which is the best CRM for your real estate business? Then watch this video as I’ll break down some
important factors to you when deciding on how to pick the right CRM for your business. Thank you so much for being here. For more tips on how to use technology in
real estate to grow your business, please click on the subscribe button below and hit
the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Wednesday. By now, you’ve heard a lot of people talking
about CRMs and you’re wondering what’s the difference between them, which is the best
one for my business? How do I even choose the proper CRM? By the end of this video, I will give you
a better understanding what a CRM is and what to look for so you know which one to choose
for your business. I’ve been studying and researching for years
on different types of CRMs and playing around with different platforms and have been able
to decipher different ones for different types of business and which ones are the best to
choose. First off, let me tell you, I’m a firm believer
that there’s not one size that fits all for real estate in the CRM world. What one does great for another person may
not be needed for the next person, so it all depends on what you’re going to do in your
business and what you need out of that CRM. I myself use Realvolve, and I believe it is
amazing, but what is amazing for me and all the functionalities I use may not be the same
for you. You really need to break it down and think
about what you need your CRM to do for you, how you want to run your business day-to-day
and what you really want to get out of that. From there, you’ll be able to pick the proper
one that is best for you. For those of you that are asking, “What the
heck is a CRM?” Well, CRM stands for customer relationship
management. Basically, it’s a glorified database to keep
all your customers in to keep track of them, and it can even branch off of that and do
certain tasks that you want it to do based on the customers that you have. I mean, you can have just the most basic CRMs
work. That is all it is. It’s basically just a housing for your contacts. If that’s all you need, then great, or you
may have to branch off from that and you need it to do certain tasks based on those customers,
follow up with certain ones at certain times, or maybe you need more involved from that
and you need some transaction management where you can keep track of all the deals with those
customers and see certain tasks that you need to do based off of those as well. For myself, I needed a very powerful CRM that
could do a lot of tasks, so that is why I chose Realvolve. It is very real estate specific based CRM. Some CRMs, they’re more generic. They can be for any industry. This one is strictly on real estate. I needed so much out of it. If anybody is curious and wants a personal
review on how to use it or what I think of it, hit me up in the comments below, let me
know or find me on any of my other social media channels. I’d be happy to chat with you and give you
some feedback and let you know my thoughts on Realvolve. Like I said with Realvolve, it is very powerful. I do have it to house my customers in there,
and then I can set up certain tasks which are called workflows where I can tell a workflow
what I want to be done. Then when I set up that workflow on a customer,
a listing or a transaction, it’ll run me the exact same process every time. That way I know I’m not missing anything. Nothing’s falling through the cracks, and
every single customer of mine is getting the exact same level experience. Whether they have an accepted offer on a house,
whether they’re new listing, whether they removed all conditions, I set up that workflow
based on that person and property, and it tells me exactly what I need to do and when
to do it. When financing is due, you need to send this
email out. You need to get in touch with the other realtor
at this time. I mean, the way it’s set up is just incredible. It is so powerful. It could do so much. It even integrates with some other programs
like BombBomb. I have it so it reminds me every week to send
my videos. I talk about those in one of my prior videos,
sending video through email with BombBomb. I do that once a week. Nothing is ever forgotten anymore. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night
wondering, “What did I forget to do today?” I hated that feeling. I now go home at night knowing everything
is done, everything was taken care of, and nothing is ever missed. Now, one caveat I will admit too for Realvolve
is it is a bit of a learning curve. I took an entire month of just learning the
program and how I wanted it to perform. If you’re willing to put in the time, you
are going to love a program like this, but if you’re wanting some more simple suggestions,
they’re definitely out there. I asked you what CRM are you currently using? Are you happy with it? Comment below and let me know. What are some other options out there? I’ll go through just a couple with you. One is Contactually. I used this many years ago and nothing wrong
with the program. It is amazing as well. Just of course I wanted to do so much more. That’s why I switched to Realvolve. With Contactually, it’s actually really cool. You can create things called buckets. If you have a bucket, you can call that a
past client bucket or a buyer or a seller. You can create different buckets how you want,
and you can specify how often those contacts in those buckets should be contacted. Once you have your buckets set up, you take
all your customers that are in your program, and you put them into these different buckets. Then the program is smart enough, it just
figures it out from there. You also let the program know, “I want to
contact five people a day or 10 people a day,” and Contactually will do that. After a certain period of time, you’re going
to have these buckets come up with these people in them because it says, “Hey, you haven’t
contacted this person since a month ago, and it says that you should be contacting them
once a month.” Everyday you log in, you have those number
of people that you need to contact. For that just keeping in touch with people
is an incredible CRM. Lion Desk is another one. I have personally have not used this one,
but the big thing with it is a video texts and video email. That’s their big calling on theirs. You know I’m a huge advocate of video. Actually, I did a prior video on doing video
email. If that’s something you want to get into and
check, then I’d recommend checking out Lion Desk as well. Wise Agent is another one that I’ve heard
is a great CRM. I’ve actually had a recommendation for it
from quite a few realtors that I know. With that one, it has a lot of things like
automation as well. It seems like another cool thing they have,
which some don’t, is landing pages. If you’re wanting to set up certain Facebook
ads, and I did, you could find it up here, a video on Facebook ads as well. Having a landing page is a pretty cool feature
to do or have, sorry, when you are doing things like the Facebook ads. If that’s something that interests you as
well, then make sure you check out Wise Agent. Just from those few examples, you can see
my point. There’s a lot of different types, a lot of
different features. Like I said, one size does not fit all, so
you need to figure out what exactly you need to get out of your CRM and then start and
go researching. Maybe you’ll see some features you didn’t
even think about and you’re like, “Oh yeah, I need that for my business.” Just go to Google, do a simple search of real
estate CRMs, and go through. There is a lot of them so you can see different
ones, what they do and get a better idea. Even if this is a little intimidating to you,
then just start small. Just start with the basic CRM, get used to
it, understand what they do, and then just maybe upgrade from there. Maybe you outgrow the one and think, “Oh,
I do need to do this now and I need to do more,” then go onto the next step, but just
the main thing with anything, just get started. I highly recommend it. As a real estate agent, we all need a CRM. If we don’t have one when we get busy, we
lose track and things start to fall through the cracks. Make sure you go get a CRM. Now that you have a better understanding of
CRMs, what they can do and different options, you’re going to maybe want some more apps
as well to better your real estate business. Now, I’ve done a bunch of research, so you’re
going to want to click on the description below. There is a link to my free guide for the apps
that I’ve used that have five times my leads. If you like this video, please let me know
by liking, commenting, subscribing, and sharing with anyone else that you may find this beneficial
for. Also, if you have any other questions about
CRMs, please comment below and let me know. Make sure to check out my prior videos on
Facebook ads, one-on-one and email video marketing.


  • What CRM are you currently using for your Real Estate business?

  • Barbara Heffernan

    I'm not a real estate agent – but I think this advice is universal! Thanks for the tips!

  • Great video and tips. Thanks for sharing.

  • I was going for lion desk, but support was not good. Im looking for crm for drip campaigns, how expensive are these you recommended? Thank you great content. video on mail chimp please

  • Thanks for your video Shawn! I do business in 2 markets and thus have 2 email addresses. Do you know if any (other than Contactually) will have ability to source from 2-3 email addresses?

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