Top 10 Families Who Lived In Real Haunted Houses

What’s up you guys, hope you’re having an
awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. Haunted houses arent it, whether its halloween
or reality its a hard no from me fam. My house is where i live in complete comfort,
i cant be living there walking on eggshells waiting for the next time ghosty wants to
throw half my cutlery across the kitchen. At least pay rent if you wanna act up like
that. But of course many family’s dont willingly
move into a haunted house.. It just kinda happens. So here are the Top 10 Families Who Lived
In Real Haunted Houses. Starting us off with number 10 are the Double
Suicides. This one was shared by reddit user suspiciouspalmtree
who said she lived in a house that was built back in the 1800s. Now being built at the time it was, it survived
through both world wars and a lot more shit. One of which being the previous owners 2 sons
committing suicide inside of it. When the user and her family moved in they
noticed strange happenings straight away. Their dog and parrots would randomly wake
up from a nap and follow something with their heads like some entity was walking around. Every animals head was following the same
pattern so clearly they were looking at the same thing. The users brother would never sleep in his
room growing up because he claimed he kept hearing people talk to him. The user herself had her room in the attic
and would have to pass the empty second floor where there were motion activated lights. But the lights would randomly turn on during
the middle of the night despite no human being around. Coming in at number 9 is The Overdose. This one was shared anonymously on thought
catalog and it said that the users sister and her daughter moved into a townhouse apartment
complex when the daughter was about 4. The night they moved in the mum ran into her
daughters room after hearing her screaming about a man who was in her room yelling at
her. There was no man there despite the mum searching
everywhere. Windows doors everything was locked so the
mum put her to sleep. The same thing continued to happen the next
few days and soon the daughter stopped sleeping there altogether and wouldnt even go into
that room. One day while the two were at the playground
the mum was talking to another mum who started talking about how scary it was that the person
living in the apartment before the users sister had died of a heroin overdose. And she had no idea that had even happened. After doing some more research the mum found
out the guys bedroom was where her daughters room was. She managed to find a picture of him on his
obituary and when the daughter saw the photo she ran out of the room screaming saying that
was the man. At number 8 we have The Colonial House. This one was shared by x-ko on reddit who
said she used to live with 3 of her friends at this huge 1840s colonial house that had
like 80+ acres of state wildlife property around it. We’re talking super boujee and super colonial. Now everyones bedrooms lined the upstairs
hall and it was on their 3rd night in the house where things got weird. The user heard her doorknob rattle like someone
was messing with it and she heard it happen to door next to hers and so on. The next morning she was confronted and asked
why she was messing with the locks cus the other housemates had already said they hadnt
touched them. But neither had the user. Brushing it off the housemates did nothing. A week later the user felt this intense urge
to get out of bed, she laid still in bed contemplating if a noise had woken her up or something but
at 3am she eventually ventured out of her bedroom. And she saw all her roommates leave their
rooms and come out at the exact same time as her. All claiming they felt this huge urge to leave
their beds. Filling our number 7 slot is The Figure. This ones from redditor Denholme2 who said
when he was around 9 or 10 he was living with his dad. The place they had was this terrace house
built sometime in the 1800s, and he noticed weird things happening when no one else was
in the house. Im talking footsteps above them when both
were in the same room downstairs. One night the user was in bed and woke up
realising their bedroom door was open despite always closing it before they fall asleep. When his eyes focused he suddenly saw this
7ft tall shadow figure standing at the end of his bed just watching him, when the figure
realised the user was looking at him it seemed to literally disintegrate into the floor and
the door closed by itself. Now at number 6 is the Skeptic. This one was shared by reddit user TigLyon
who said he lived in a house that was haunted for about 5 years. Before moving in he was told about the paranormal
activity that occurred in the house but he sort of brushed it off. Now the user never saw a full apparition of
a ghost right in front of him but so many things happened that he found hard to rationalise
to himself. Like hearing the sound of children laughing
or knocking on the doors despite him not having kids. Light bulbs smashing onto the ground because
they had somehow removed themselves from their metal bases. Furniture moving from one side to the room
to the literal middle and so forth. But thats all cliche ghost stuff. He said what bothered him was that on the
same day every year 2 parts of the house would stink of the smell of something burning. And you could very clearly tell when you left
and entered those areas. He finished his reddit post by saying hey
at least no dead girls coming out of TVs LOL i mean i could be worse. Coming in at number 5 are the Lynchs. The time was around the mid 1800s, and the
wealthy Luce Chase Sprague (Sprayg) had lost her fortune and died penniless at the Sprague
Mansion located on Cranston Street Rhode Island. Fast forward to 1967, Robert and Viola Lynch
decide to move into the 28 bedroom house that came with its own doll room which i dont know
why they didnt get rid of but anyway. Ghostly things would happen to the couple,
their blankets would be pulled and thrown off them in the middle of the night, theyd
wake up with furniture knocked over to the side and rooms with their lights on that hadnt
been used in a while. They do have 28 rooms cmon lesbereal. The couple decided to use a ouija board to
try and calm whatever was in the house and they contacted an entity that spelled out
‘tell my story’. In a plot twist turn of events the entity
is the ghost of Amasa Sprague whos murdered bludgeoned body was found near the house back
in 1843. The family ended up moving away cus they were
like screw this but paranormal experts who have investigated their house since have physically
seen the dolls eyes in that room moving. Unexplained lights have been seen as well. At number 4 is The McPike Mansion. Alton Illinois has been dubbed one of the
most haunted places in the whole of America. In it we find the 16 bedroom McPike Mansion
built by Henry McPike for his family back in 1869. Come the 1900s the house was sold to Paul
Laichinger who used to rent the rooms out to different boarders. The airbnbs of yore. Either way he was not given a 5 star rating
because multiple boarders complained about hearing the sounds of children talking and
laughing together despite children not even being in the vicinity. When Paul finally died the mansion sat empty
for 50 years before Sharyn and George Luedke (lood-kee) bought it as a passion project. But within days of moving in Sharyn noticed
this ghost man that would stare at her through the window while she was gardening. The couple also caught floating orbs on camera
and doors opening on their own. Paranormal investigators claim the most active
room is the wine cellar. Filling our number 3 slot is The Man. this
one comes from ragxdoll on reddit who said her father in law died in her house long before
her son was born so sadly they never had a chance to meet. After he was born though thered be many nights
where she’d hear him laughing to himself which didnt really strike her as odd since
kids get amused by literally anything. One day she was just hanging up family pictures
around the house and ofc the father in law was in a lot of them. When her son finally saw them he asked oh
mommy why do you have a picture of the man that comes and plays with me at night? Mind you theyd never met and hed never seen
a picture of him before. Now at number 2 are The Husbands. This
one was shared by reddit user iMostLikelyNeedHelp and i mean dont we all my friend dont we all. Either way they shared that their dad decided
to buy a house that came with its fair share of baggage lets just say. The woman who lived there before them had
2 husbands die on her in the house. The first hung himself in the garage whilst
the second died in bed in the basement. Unfortunately the users bedroom was also in
the basement and she claimed that she felt like she was being watched 24/7.The basement
also had a secret storage room behind a bookshelf that had a locking latch on it yet every morning
shed find it open. It happened so frequently that the user would
wake up in the middle of the night to lock it and still find it open the next morning. The garage was no different. The user would see light coming from under
the door but when she opened it it would be pitch black, the place was airtight yet shed
still see the blades hanging from the roof clanging together. And finally at number 1 is The Little Girl.
this ones from Naia who said her and her family moved from the Uk to an old beat up house
in the US. and of course all the regular things happened like seeing bright lights in random
places around the house, hearing footsteps around the house etc. When Naia was 6 years old this little girl
started waking her up every night and she would do it by dancing on her chest of drawers. Naia was terrified, her mum thought she was
dreaming or joking like it was going tits up at this point. People working on the house even complained
about their tools being moved around and the feeling of being watched. One night a year after they moved in, one
of Naias sisters friends came for a sleepover and she woke up screaming claiming a little
girl had pulled her off the bed and she literally left their house at 4am and refused to ever
come back. After doing some digging her mum found out
that a little girl had died of asthma in the home.


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