Tips for Hunting Public Land — Wild Wisconsin 2019

[Intro Music Plays] Okay…this is one of my favorite segments
because I’m from the Hunting Public and this segment is titled Hunting Public
Land. Yeah that makes sense because Wisconsin has almost seven million acres
of lands open for public hunting…and I get to go. See you there.
Hey everyone I’m Erin with the Hunting Public I’m out here with Jake at the
Wisconsin DNR and you work in wildlife management correct? That’s correct…and today I want to share with the viewers your story you’ve been hunting
on private land your whole life right and you’re interested in trying public?
Yeah that’s right so I grew up hunting my grandpa’s land in Marinette County
and I’m no stranger to public land and hiking and all that kind of thing but
I’ve never been a hunter on public land. I think there’s a lot of questions that
the beginner hunter might have…if you’re on private land and you see someone you
throw them a wave and say hey that’s my uncle I know what they’re doing out here
I know that they’re gonna be ok with me walking past. If I’m on public
land I might not know the guy that’s sitting in the stand right there, what’s
the interaction like there? Well there’s no right or wrong answer for that I mean
what we tend to do is we take the social approach and we go introduce ourselves
and let them know what it is that we’re doing out there…in almost every time we
have a positive outcome. Some people might have this vision of hunting public
land that there’s hunters all over there’s not that many deer but that’s
not the reality is it? No it’s not and we’ve hunted public land in all over
the country…including in Wisconsin a bunch and we have not seen that to be
the case there’s certainly times when you can go
out there and encounter more people like on the weekends versus during the week
but as we were just talking about…if you interact with them and learn what their
intentions are and what they’re doing and give them information in return then
you can better make your decision…and obviously it’s not just deer out on the
landscape what else do you hunt on public land? Oh you can do all kinds of things
out here I mean we’re out here along the edge of a lake today we’ve got boaters
and fishermen out here we’ve had hikers coming through here that’s the same type
of situation you’re going to run into in the fall as well people small game hunt
out here all the time for squirrels rabbits and such…waterfowl hunts turkey hunt there’s all kinds of different stuff that you can do.
When you’re on public land you just have to be more adaptable…so you might not be
able to set up in the the tree that you want to because there’s too much cover
there’s too many limbs to cut but you might be able to set up 20 yards from
there up in a deadfall or a bunch of logs or something on the ground…so just
keep that in mind there’s multiple ways to harvest an animal. Wisconsin has
millions of acres of public land where do I get started? Well let’s go take a look.
Lets do it. [Music Playing] Check out our Off the Record podcast to
find out more about VPA and hunting public land and see you again on Wild
Wisconsin [Outro Music]


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