TINY HOUSE SWAP | van life vs. bus life

what what Bec? hey what what Bec get up!
where are we who’s house is this? Eamon & I have lived in our sixty square foot home
for almost two years now and often we think to ourselves
would this be better if we had a toilet maybe a shower or a couple extra square
feet so today we’re gonna put that to the test and upgrade our rig
I’m so excited are you excited let’s check out what we’re getting into today this is Maria and chase they live in
their 40-foot long bus for 24 hours these two lovely people are going to be
living in Trinity even and I get to live in this beautiful freakin bus but before we trade lives let’s have a
look at these two homes Eamon and I live full-time and our self converted Mercedes
Sprinter van the total living space is only 60 square feet our home is
outfitted with a 55 liter fridge 15 gallons of fresh water and 320 watts of
solar power there is an outdoor shower and no toilet we can live off-grid for
approximately 4 days chase and Maria Jose live full-time and their self
converted School Bus with their two dogs the total living space is 250 square
feet it is comprised of three separate rooms their home is outfitted with a
full-sized fridge 100 gallons of fresh water and 800 watts of solar power there
is an indoor hot water shower and a toilet tio Aventura bus can live off
grid for two whole weeks let’s see how these next 24 hours pan out let’s tick
off the first task of the day we’re gonna try and move the bus they gave us
a few tips but I say a few I mean like not many or like hey make sure you put
it in park when you winter done driving kind of things so that’s all we know and
my role here is to secure the dogs the dogs don’t love it when the bus is
moving so we have to move all the pillows I’ve gotta get the dogs in a
certain position like Maria would and this is just gonna be a wild ride you
guys are you ready house swap baby ok yeah try again first one I don’t need it
I’m absolutely no clue how fast I’m going right now about 35 km/h you’re
okay Jake light of it good boy Jake Amy just realized he did
not have Google Maps on oh my god we’re turning yeah yeah it’s awesome I’m feeling good man
if we can definitely do bus babe it’s super fun the air brakes are really
weird to get used to because it’s like yeah
the biggest disappointment thus far is there’s no big horn so if I had a bus
that would be priority what number one Carla here we go the first major difference we’re finding
between bus life and van life is that bus life you’ve really got to be
intentional about where you’re going and where you’re taking the bus as opposed
to van life where it’s just get in the front seat and drive and you can be
Walmart parking lot no problem beautiful beach side no problem we Nicole over for
a second table was just freaking out little mix-up on the cap definitely a little bumpier nothing we
can’t handle for a short period of time Wow oh yes neutral sorry chase and then
ignition down as I was saying you have to be a lot more intentional about bus
life driving so they actually have to put all of this stuff into their sink
when they’re moving and I think as I move throughout the house I’m gonna find
other things that they kind of lock up and do oh she made the bed so pretty for
us well everything else looks pretty good we have our first house gasps how
was your ride in the van with a little bit in the bumps yeah did you guys have
a nice chat too cuz you guys always say it’s so loud up here
nice we decided that we’re gonna invite our guests over for dinner for lunch and
then they’re gonna have us over for dinner so you guys just make yourself
comfortable oh yeah boy
let me check because we from Brazil and they say chill
uncle adventure man resilient people yeah my my wife is Argentinean that’s
yeah yeah yeah neighbor so continue back with lunch again okay I really like your
dog you like yeah he’s cute this is gonna be a game changer can we start
this without a lighter yes no way Oh all the time here oh yes the Probie oh
yeah we actually don’t keep it on for safety reasons yeah okay three bit oh
it’s not just under you oh I know exactly where it is don’t worry oh
that’s really smart you guys don’t keep your protein it’s pouring out the cop
goes here Oh I’ve never been so excited to have to
peek but no this is their clothing oh where do you think they keep toilet
paper John we’re just getting some paper towel Wow I might as well just like
really fall out white yeah okay you guys so I’m gonna sit on the throne enjoy my
pee this is gonna be the hardest part for me going back I can already see
myself in the morning waking up and just being so happy I’m toilet I already
showed them what the toilet look like okay I’ll be back to pee and they say
after doing here how do you put it on the other way yep right like that I’m so
scared of penis okay gonna go for it right now
how’s it going I think it’s going oh should I go slow okay
one of our tasks today is to go into town although you look like you’re
pretty comfortable Yoshi so we are going to figure out how
this Jeep works what’s up with the keys chase every key has a purpose so yeah okay so that was very exciting let’s go
figure out how to get this Jeep off got it pull back on it just to make sure
Oh nice white oh this is too interesting
because obviously the bus is way too big to bring into town so you’ve got to have
something to whip around in and these guys just happen to have a really rad
Jeep yeah we swapped with the best people ever didn’t wait okay so we’re
just about to go to town and we need to put everything up well that was easy
yeah that was very easy we have the key toes with us
look Jake it’s exciting to going all right I think we’re gonna go and fill up
the water okay and we’re gonna go and get some groceries for dinner tonight
cool okay so let’s find out where we can fill up the water we sent her down cool we have no idea
how to do these so we have to call for help you having pick time Bubba your dad is
not hmm this guy’s been having way too much fun she shouldn’t let me have it we couldn’t mess up your car guys and
not take it for a wash hopefully it gets the dirt off back to the boss this well
your story made me pee my pants laughing filling up water is so so hands-on it’s
an awful process yeah baby always a struggle trying to find that right key
huh nice swamp thank you love to shower for the hot water we need to pull the
generator up and heat the boiler it’s not take about half an hour to heat up
and then my buddy gets it beautiful yeah so we’ve got some boiling water
going to add to it and then I’m gonna scrub a dub dub oh wow this thing’s got
some pressure nice huh wow look at this sexy boy all the ladies
watching she’s doing it went for that y’all wank revenge oh that’s hot Wow
okay well you can adjust it like a normal what Oh Maria Jose you’ve got
such a nice little makeup station I was like oh maybe she keeps her hair dryer
in here it’s all makeup no yeah oh my god yeah Maria Jose you’ve been exposed
darling she does it for a living no I know that’s crazy I don’t even
normally blow-dry my hair when we’re in Toronto or in a known place so this is
like When in Rome baby you like you the
shower yeah like give my shower hey I’m gonna point one to shower in here so
it’s dinnertime now from the bus we are bus in the van we are starting to
prepare some Yogi’s we have quinoa on the cooktop right now yep we’re using
their cookbook for some recipes and it’s over here I just went to the kitchen I
thought that was some kind of chocolate bar and then I saw the word fire and
start and I wanted to impress chase by getting my fire started here
oh yeah it’s an absolutely beautiful situation in order for the heat to last
all night I was instructed that you need at least four to six look so I’ve only
got like four in there but he’s got them pre-cut I don’t need to go cut logs but
I do need to get more so I just opened this up this
is a storage bay that he’s got here and he’s got them all pre-cut so I got two
here I’m gonna grab that’s a nice big one can
I offer you anything to drink actually yes I would love something to
drink what do you want what do you what do you inventory perfect we’ll share
that so Maria Jose and chase what did you do what have you made
well it was and I was trying to reserve cake and we’ve already confirmed so
anyway she’s taking too long to explain but I quinoa salad looks absolutely
unreal I think it’s like a Mediterranean one and then tomato sauce with little
notes and cheese on top Maria Oh Maria four minutes later so far what happens
we need a little mochi balls of potato so I’m going farther tell me I don’t
know public Beckham would just say turn around everyone I’m using the P phone
off but really yes sure yeah but I’m sure yeah I know it’s complicated with
you and you’re new to I that’s okay okay bring bring the adventure cam
okay I’ll be back this is gonna be fun oh yeah I don’t even know boy boy this
is so bad okay I know gonna breathe wait Wow this is very nasty you think I’m
gonna leave that camera here there you go I don’t there you go
got anybody I just really don’t want to drop anything and we have survived Pablo
who owns this bus who owns it staying perfectly quiet if you are the
owner that’s what I thought yeah well maybe you guys take Pablo and we take
Jake that’s okay Jake’s my baby just um good night babe
we gotta go let’s go baby let’s go to bed bus laughs live in that bus laughs
yeah live in that bus laughs yeah I’m living that best yeah hey girlfriend
hasta luego yeah I don’t know people can see I think all
the way in oh I guess we’ve got it guys we go dude this man is not that comfy
what the sheets are very comfy oh that’s good okay this is kind of annoying like
it’s really cute but like you have to put a log on every 10 minutes yeah Oh
Pablo found his favorite pillow back to you yeah he’s on it sorry back there
gonna have a good time at the solar setup right now why I just have a
feeling they will open aim is calling you should put in speaker hey man just
hanging out in your bus right yeah and there’s like a large like kind of pop
noise and then all the electricity died Trinity the spinner has more power than
this bus we’re texting right cuz our bed is
definitely firm and we love it and then I wrote back in my but right now it’s so
delicious you’ll see he’s like in my life yeah maybe should I go to show them
when I did to to Jake I talked to man he’s like yeah he’s real
cute okay so we’ve no more power Pablo’s delicious and we’re going to
see in the morning oh what an experience okay now that the 24 hours are done hold
on is this video brought through my chai wallah time sponsored by I think so enjoy times with friends in your belly my initial thoughts are what a
difference that lifestyle is although a lot of people think you know living in a
vehicle is kind of the same concept it really is totally different lifestyle
obviously you’re going to share the same interest that’s why we get along so well
but the idea of bus life is a literal home that you can bring everywhere with
you but it’s different because you need to obviously Park and set up and be more
intentional about where you’re driving very that’s exactly what I said last
night so it sounded very nice coming out here we got to pull right up in to a
spot to get water yesterday water was hectic super hands-on everything about
this is way more hands-on yeah than the bus the bus is really like set it and
forget it like you can actor your your hose and
also you might have to go three hours to get free water correct right so it’s
like very interesting again like we can just go anywhere really we’ve literally
pulled over on the side street before I’m like hey can we use your hose and
then we have water for three days yeah days we can undo that yeah I’m not gonna
miss you this is simplicity at its finest okay that’s a wrap are you know
24-hour tiny house swap if you guys enjoyed this video please make sure you
give it a big thumbs up subscribe to TL aventura bus come and see us yes come
and find these guys little plumbing gonna do first now that you have a van
at the bus back I’ve been holding my poop all day I’m gonna go you’re gonna go how can i
go poop

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