Tiny House Reality Check! Watch This Before Building or Buying One


  • Small houses are nothing new. Calling an RV that is not built to a state building a "Tiny House" is just substandard housing in my book. The tiny house movement is not much different than the manufactured trailer movement we saw many years ago. Quality houses they are not. If you really want to go cheap as possible just live in van down by the river.

  • With all the issues you just talked about it might be better to just live in a car. There are no intake or out take issues. Yes there are good storage issues some parking issues
    But it might be easier in a car
    What about trailer parks no ones,talking about that kind of life

  • Thank you for your help, I will now consider everything you have said, lots to think about, but so true

  • One of the best tiny house video ever made.

  • Dont spend more than 50k. Build yourself.
    About loosing value, even normal houses looses value during recession bubble.

  • A used bus or a rv/van is a better alternative. Also if ur kids grow, get another used used one. Also once u started saving money, buy a plot ouside the city, like 10-12k for an acre

  • Thank you for your suggestions….. I have never considered some of the points that you made. I appreciate it.. You have been extremely helpful !!

  • i'd say you missed the biggest one. you will change your mind after living in a nice shed and want kids and a normal home, then when you go to sell it, it will be hard as only people wanting mother in law suites will be buyers and will want to steal it from you. I think these are better for retired single people than young adventurous couples but I might be wrong.

  • Im still deciding if I want to build one or buy one. Building one seems more legit but buying one helps out the other person trying to sell theirs. Hmmm…

  • thank you for the insight!

  • seems like mobile home manufacturers have alot of this covered. Initial thought. Just buy one and find a spot.

  • Having your own car or SUV is easy and cheap as heck here in the US. You can go on Craigslist or eBay and before buying a vehicle you can have a mechanic check it out. You can look up info if they allow you to too. You can set your budget range and other filters too.

    I only consider Makes of vehicles Who have parts very easily available and cheaply available so that I can perform my own oil changes and other maintenance duties on my own and I learned how to do these from YouTube videos. I’ve never had car troubles or high expenses this way. There’s no excuse in that regard if you put in the effort to learn how to be more and more independent.

    As for the insulation part…. if you don’t have insulation then… that was a mistake on someone’s part. Don’t know who but that’s definitely a mistake.

  • Excellent vid! Thanks!

  • I think energy efficiency micro homes is the best bang for the buck.on a rented lot.

  • Single wide trailer trash . dont squat on me 🐍. Bye build and get a life . fart light a match house moves. LMAO

  • What I would also like to know is how well are these tiny houses protected against the elements! I’ve heard horror stories of tornadoes ripping through trailer parks, leaving everything in a shambles! And aren’t most tiny houses nothing more than trailer homes with a cuter name?

  • You can by a brand new full size manufactured home for as much and even cheaper than most of these tiny homes.

  • Thank you for this video. I would recommend tho video to anyone that wants to buy or build a tiny home 😊❤.

  • Thank u that information helped a lot

  • Straight up a pot plant behind them 🤣

  • Extremely helpful. Thank you 🙂

  • We are very grateful, thanks. We hadn't thought out any of this, and decided to change our plans. We built it in our basement. The great thing about that is we can still live in our house and have the tiny house where it isn't so much in the way.

  • Lots of planning for a tiny house… I really want one but I'll have to be careful going forward. Thanks for the video.

  • really good information. great video!

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    She should have put on a little make up. Looking like plane Jane

  • Thx great vid. A video with info on how to rent space to tiny home owners would be helpful.

  • One thing I have never seen addressed is the availability of parking or being able to drive up to the tiny house, if at all. How difficult can that be, especially in winter? ❄️

  • A few “gotchas” & “nice to knows”…. thanks !

  • Tiny House Reality Check!
    "Ok… we put all the filthy po0p bums in tiny houses… . and now?…. More filthy po0p bums are showing up"

  • Sarafina Delirium

    I already have a tiny house. It's called the garage and it's getting converted once I finish moving the stuff out of it. It's a work in progress, but it's a building. I've found that already-built tiny houses at 45k and up.are a waste of money. Also if you buy a storage building to convert, you need to pay the 9k up front or you'll end up paying double, over rent to own programs, up to 18k because of fees/rent. Only half of your monthly principal amount will go toward ownership. That's a rip off so just buy it flat out when you save the money. But don't buy a tiny house for 45k. That's ridiculous. Shop smart. Do it yourself. Buy a garage building. I'm lucky there's already one on the property I didn't even realize I could convert.

  • I want to live in a tiny house… BUT I want it already set up in a tiny house community for rent or purchase. Why can’t this be a common thing?

  • If you want a tiny house move to Asia then you won't have a choice 🤷‍♂️

  • Something you also need to be aware of, especially if you have a house on wheels, is that the wheels deteriorate.
    So after living in the same place for a while, your tires might be without air, or even broken.
    In Norway, they use a lot of salt in the winter, so the base of your home might also turn into a pile of rust….
    Isolation steal space, but it keeps the temperature more steady, so don't skimp on it.
    I got myself a cabin instead.
    I got a little apartment in the middle of the forest, electric, well water, burner toilet and several rooms..
    It's a heaven, any upgrade will increase the value and make it easier to sell later on.
    It's just a 5 minute drive to the nearest store, 20 min to the nearest city.
    It's a cheaper solution than a house, but safer than a house on wheels.

  • I appreciate the intention of giving realistic advice, but how on earth could anyone not consider most of this stuff? "Wait, you mean I'm gonna need a car to get to a rural location? Are you saying that people charge for labor as well as materials?"

  • Good information.

  • How much was your house?

  • In the UK the whole enterprise is stymied by land cost unless mater and pater let you pitch up on their garden

  • So basically, a tiny house is just a tricked out trailer house?

  • I love this. My partner is getting his general contractors license soon, he's quite the builder so we're definitely going to build a tiny home, but have been a little overwhelmed by the fact that we also are doing this so we can move out of california and into another state. We want to explore other states to see where is the best fit but the one thing I'm personally concerned about is how we'll park the tiny home while traveling. Do you two have any suggestions for that? Maybe different camping sites where we can park our vehicle and tiny home as we explore?

  • This shit was brilliant

  • Thank you.

  • Hey I want to learn this… how do I go go about learning how to build

  • Great informative video. Well done!


  • I dream of having land with 3 tiny houses on it.
    One for my personal living space. Another for social gatherings (I have a large extended family.) Plus one to use as a workshop/office space. Oh and a shed for storing tools, seasonal items, etc.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for being open and honest about the FULL cost of a tiny home. So many sites are dishonest and provide only the cost of materials, or cost of the build. My granddaughter put a deposit on a tiny home after being told it would cost $9000. When she realized utilities would cost as much as the house, she cancelled the sale and lost $3000.

  • If anyone can answer this I would appreciate it. So I'm planning on building a tiny house for myself would sit in someone's yard for the time being. My concern is I'm planning on buying a used trailer from someone who doesn't have a title or registration for it. Would it be worth but it with out it or should I wait till I can find someone with the paperwork?

  • You need a car ? Well I'm out who can afford such extravagance.

  • Wow, a little wind and those things would blow right over

  • Welp, never-mind for now…i had my hopes up for nothing

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    TBH, my apt is barely bigger than some of these houses.

  • living in a flat the size of a tiny house costs less than tiny house live almost everywhere. dont go tiny house just to save money. only exeption: very low comfort, down to earth style witout bathroom, shower, running water etc.

  • This was great information! Thank you.

  • Millennials are turning to Tiny Houses because they failed to succeed in the workplace. They will never attain enough money to buy a typical home so they invent this cheap alternative and claim they are saving the planet. Latest trends indicate that Tiny Homes are falling out of favor, as the owners mature and realize that the small house is not adequate for them. They find it would be better to live in their parent's basement, than to live in a plywood coffin. Very sad trend for Millennials!

  • Is that pot in the background?

  • Before you consider going down this road, put everything in one small room of your home and try living in it and see how you like it. It could quickly change your mind.

  • thousandaire radio

    A tiny house that is not built with a foundation is a trailer isn't it?

  • The goverment is driving up the cost to build a tiny house so that it equals the cost of a standard house

  • Very informative, thank you so much.

  • 2 and a half years in a c class RV and I'm never going back to city life. I go where I want when I want, I can tailor how I live with my current finances, move to the best climate and fix things myself. And it's cheaper than the city. The only thing I'm looking forward to transitioning to is sail boat life so I can see more than here. Tiny homes are just heavier RVs as far as I can tell. Everything in an RV is already made for "tiny" mobile living. It's wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. Four friends have followed me into the life and it's worked for all of them in their own ways. I'm not against tiny homes, but if you're interested in them then check out RV, van and boat living too. Don't limit yourself just because it isn't fashionable.

  • The sole reason tiny houses depreciate in value is because they are not attached to land. Houses actually depreciate in value also but the land they stand on appreciate in value more than the house depreciate in value.

  • Hey, Danielle, this is off topic, but I really love your green shirt!

  • Made me think even more that tiny houses are a fad. Companies like willerby have trailers that can be used all season, which you can easily find second hand for around 10000€, bought from people who used it once or twice and decided it wasn't for them. They are always factory made and thus can always be insured.

  • Tiny house. As a temporary space while building your house. Not as a permanent home. While you think this is a great idea . I want you to imagine living in a trailor for your entire life. That means a lot of privacy issue. I can see three months while in transition. But , forever , forever , ever. Oh , no way.

  • sooooo "tiny houses" are just trailers for hipsers with too much money to burn. I say this as a person who thinks there is absolutely nothing wrong with a trailer

  • So you can build a tiny home for ease of transport/relocation but you cant move it yourself due to insurances?

  • I had already thought about most of these but there were still a few things I picked up, so thanks 😛

  • People like the idea but soon discover you can't do much living in 400 square feet.

    It seems to me that most folks dreaming in this direction really just want to live in the country but dont believe they can afford it.
    Well, you can afford anything if you do it in stages.

    The main thing is to secure the land – you REALLY dont want to invest in land you dont own. There are very many beautiful places where acreage is very cheap because it is "undevoloped". The idea is that YOU will develop it, in stages, over time. In this way, you will have a meaningful and satisfying project that wont put you in dangerous debt. Also, you will be gaining that sense of accomplishment and independence we all want.

    We just have to reconcile with the reality that we can't have all that all at once. The process is the thing.

    There are better alternatives, IMHO to a tiny house and here are a few:

    Have an open ended building plan where the structure can be enlarged or added to as the budget allows.

    Or have a large empty structure built, a shell which wont cost much and can be configured and finished in affordable stages.

    Similarly, most of the many construction companies making garages, garden sheds, barns and the like also manufacture larger structures that might conceivably be livable. They are either unfinished shells or include whatever level of finishing you decide to pay for.

    If your thinking of a "mobile" tiny house, what you are really looking at is a travel trailer. Buying something mass produced leverages the economy of scale, giving you far more for your money than you could ever get building it yourself.

    Tiny houses look cute and make for photogenic subjects of YouTube videos but they are impractical, uneconomical and not very pleasant or useful structures to actually live in.

  • One area people may be surprised by is your house may be governed by your states dmv laws unless and until you afix the house to a foundation. That might mean a title and/or registration just like a car

  • Good thoughts

  • Picking the affordable option is no walk in the park. Housing is such a chore.

  • Great video. Well organized and highlighting all the important stuff. Thanks!

  • Call it what you want.
    Why would you pay more than for a comparable sized camper or 5th wheel trailer
    I would wouldn't compare it to an RV because those can move under their own power.

  • Wendigo With WiFi

    Tiny Houses are literally just trailers for hipsters. "Tiny house park" you mean trailer park?

  • For some reason I thought from the title this video was gonna be mean. Reality check, it's super informative and not at all "mean* 😅

  • I have been looking at tiny house construction maintenance operation etc. for quite a while. I think you've covered all of the main considerations that I have found. I'd like to add that it's a good idea to consider a tiny house an RV. Factory made tiny houses will actually have a designation/placard as an RV.

  • I don’t know jack squat about architecture. There are 1,000 too many things for to to mess up. I’ll just buy a normal house

  • Thanks for the basic most obvious info, not 😂

  • I’d like them more if they were a lot bigger.

  • Ah yes, now I know not to do the thing I never intended to do, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS AT 5AM

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    I thought I wanted on but nah that's just way too much to deal with for me atleast

  • Guys if you own the land and tiny house you will make more money cause you can just attach it to land idk why you would as you easily upgrade the house.

  • This is one of the best tiny house videos I've ever seen, and I've seen hundreds. This is the first one that mentions the need for a car if, like most tiny house dwellers, you're in a somewhat remote location. This isn't just a financial issue – it's an environmental one, and it's so often ignored amongst the otherwise perfectly valid claims about tiny houses and reduction of environmental impact. Also especially helpful points about insurance and certifications. Thank you so much for a stellar video.

  • Awesome info guys, thank you

  • Babygirl Slaughter

    Thanks for posting this video. My eldest son is thinking about building a tiny house.

  • Great job 👌

  • Can people with tiny houses chime in here and tell us more about the safety (of your tiny house and yourself) surrounding living/owning a tiny house?

  • This is what the millennial american dream has turned into

  • Much better video then most that only glamorise tiny houses.

  • I’ve watched a lot of tiny house videos and most of them seem exposed and not safe. They’re easy to break in without any room to defend yourself or run.
    Not to mention the ones in far areas are not safe if spotted by dangerous people.

  • For me as I looked at this, I knew when I build my tiny home, it wont be transportable, so some of these weren't as much of a concern for me.

  • Can someone just hitch your house to their truck and rob your entire house out of existence? How many tiny house loot box's are on the black market?

  • Rural Waste compost? Poo Lagoon?

  • Thank you for addressing this

  • Not for me.

  • Is that the mom and her son?

  • Liked and subscribed! I am at the point in my own life where I’m ready to approach something like this.

  • As an older single, I've figured out that I could live nicely in 300 square feet in NH, as long as I had a separate storage building for all the "stuff" that I used infrequently. I could not deal with a loft bed or a composting toilet, but neither of those is a requirement.

  • Really good video! It's nice to see someone lay out the realities of living in a tiny house and not just gloss over the "tough parts".

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