Tierheim Lübeck bekommt neue Katzenhäuser – Animal shelter Lübeck gets new cat houses

Hello my name is Aphrodite. Do you have a free minute? I would like to introduce our new project to you. Hello I am Kira and we live in the animal shelter Lübeck. Here will be build a new cat house for us and how we can move there quickly, tomcat Konrad will tell you. Hello my name is Konrad. You can help to build our cat house faster when you buy a donation module. There are donation bricks already for 25 euros. And you are even mentioned by name. That would be something, right? Hey! I’m Travis and I’m here, so to speak the boss. Today I’ll show you a few impressions what was going on here at the shelter at that day when the foundation stone for the cat houses was laid. Okay, are you ready? Let’s go! You see what’s going on here. Here are so many people who come to donate for us that’s really great! And I’m sitting here at a booth where books are sold. Books from our buddy tomcat Louis. You know him already? He donates for us with his books from each sold copy, for the animal shelter in Lübeck. I do like that, mate! So if someone wants to show his name on the wall of fame, he can easily buy a donation block That starts already from 25 Euros. So, I hope you enjoyed! So come and visit us soon at the shelter Lübeck. We look forward to see you! So long! Your Travis!


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