This is a 794 sq. ft Tiny Cottage Has Two Bedroom | Small House Design

This is a 794 sq. ft Tiny Cottage Has Two Bedroom | Small House Design


  • How much did this sell for?

  • Typical cape cod design. Looks like radiator heat. It should have back up heat source. I do, even in CA. Don't like bathroom in the end. It makes the bedroom very dark. Washer dryer should be on first floor

  • I can't believe It's only 794 square feet. Very well planned!
    You could even do away with table and chairs. You have a snack bar.

  • Looks cute. But show it with a family moving around in it. Ever time you used the kitchen table it would have to be moved so people could actually sit at it. A toilet and sink in a closet sized room, with kids? Really…. what's the room dimensions?

  • Can't understand the high price for a " tiny house ". The whole idea behind a tiny house is to cut expense, not drive it up. Love the house but not enough to pay such a price.

  • I want one ☝️

  • Perfect size!!!

  • The pictures were too close-up. It was hard to tell what the rooms look like when you do that.

  • Michelle Marie Perez

    How is the floor plan? Couldn't tell, just seen rooms and a stairway. Is one bedroom in a basement? I seen downward steps in one of the rooms. It is so cute. Perfect size.

  • That's seriously incredible! <3

  • What, no bowling alley? 😛 I'm thoroughly impressed!

  • Love this! and the music too! Who is it?!

  • I keep telling the contractors and real estate agents that people are overbuying homes to get what they think they want or need. When the children move out too be on their own the parrents now have too big a house. A smaller home would be more efficient and much cheaper for upkeep. An extra bedroom and bathroom are great for company but are not completely necessary. Go into a home with an open mind as to what you really need.

  • My favorite Tiny Cottage!

  • I would love living in this little cottage ♥️. It's perfect for single and/or retired, widowed, people who don't need or want a large space. Of course, it is obvious that if you're raising a family with several kids, a tiny house like this would not be practical because you would want all the amenities that a large and spacious house can provide. I live in a 1300 sq ft. Victorian cottage and still think its too big. Thank you for the video. The tiny cottage is darling.

  • My beloved aunt lived 40 years in a 40m2 garden house with her husband and her dog. They had a little cellar for apples and potatoes and a beautiful garden. I loved this place and had together with my mother my Sommer hollydays there.

  • It's a dollhouse!💖

  • Thank God you do not have to crawl into bed! This is a real home! Beautiful

  • I could live in it ALONE.. LOL but otherwise?? and a house in MN or anywhere with 4 seasons… where are the closets? I have winter gear, summer gear… all needs closets!  It's just too small

  • orb by the stairs – beautiful

  • property taxes are how much……$6300.oo per year

  • 35k at the most in material. Is the lot 85k? LMFAO!

  • I'm pretty sure my Great Dane's dog-house is larger….

  • Oh my gosh✨
    I love this home it's perfect for Me!✨
    Looks much bigger"
    Very nice" wow'
    Thank yu for sharing this video Truly✨

  • I like it but it is too expensive

  • No shower or hand-held, no backsplash protection around the tub, no shower curtain, and very tight space between the toilet and the sink. Watch out for water damage to the walls and flooring – and where's the heater? If it's 100 years old, check everything under, over, pipes, wiring and EVERYTHING (crawl space) or you'll have a money pit. One closet? Must be a vacation home for summer.

  • That was the best tiny house I have seen yet! The one thing that turns me off are the bedroom lofts with minimal headspace. Granted I am a bit claustrophobic, odd that I am interested in tiny living… but money, affordable living. Anywho I love the headroom, layout, bedrooms, all of it! Down to the colors….I wish I could clone it!! That to me is the perfect tiny home! Find the right nook of land… wow! I am more motivated now than I have been since I first discovered this part of YT and seriously prepping to begin!!! And this isn’t the usual video but simply showing the puzzle pieces and seeing the end result… it’s magnificent!!

  • Its not a tiny house, its just not an over size , monster house that no one needs, its the size houses were years ago, before bling became a thing.

  • Beautiful !

  • Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd

    Not a tiny house…we live in a 530 sq ft house…and that is not tiny either…

  • A tiny gem!

  • Two fixes.
    1. Nice large eve over front door with a porch.
    2. More space in the bathroom, too cramped.
    Otherwise … Very nice.

  • Charming and homely! XXX

  • This is the size house I bought my mom when I was in college in 1964.

  • C. S. Pridegriffin1980

    I grew up in an 870 sq ft house and there was 6 of us. I loved that house. The only thing I would have added to it was a basement room for tornadoes that occurred frequently in Indiana springtime. We had a kitchen where a table and 6 chairs was in the middle. and another room where the living room was nice size, leading to a long narrow hallway with a furnace room right off the livingroom. The three bedrooms were all off that hallway, with a long narrow bathroom across from a bedroom. The other bathroom door led into a small foyer where a utility room was, and the back door which opened up into the kitchen. The attic was above in the utility room. Plus dad had built a garage with an extra refrigerator and a room added on to the garage with it's own separate door to outside. He carpeted that and had 2 large comfy chairs, radio, ham radio, old woodstove that he would cook stews, vegetable soup, and ham and beans on. He bought a med console size TV. Everybody loved that room. I think we were very happy in those smaller houses cause if we had a problem, we talked it over or fought it out. And the News didn't run 24 hrs a day, so when it did come on, we all gathered and watched it. No cellphones, no computers for the normal households. Easier and happier times.

  • C. S. Pridegriffin1980

    This house is so cute and beautifully constructed. I believe it is one of the best(if not The Best) I have seen!

  • We were happy in our little beginners house except we learned that we always want a full bathroom and at least another half bath. We both got the intestinal flu (upper and lower) at the same time. I'll spare you the details but it was not a pretty picture!

  • I lived in a house about 100 sq feet smaller than this with 2 bedrooms, a large living room/dining area and galley style kitchen without any problem. Shower stall instead of bathtub saved room for water heater and open beam ceiling in living area/kitchen left an open space feeling. Big porch and deck helped.

  • A dream

  • Claire Livefreeordie

    Perfect…..and I love Maine. Wish I saw this a year ago

  • Hardly tiny. We've lived in a one story 800 sq. ft ranch style with 3 bedrooms crammed in it for 47 years.

  • Is the floor plan available? THANK YOU

  • It's perfect for me. Awesome

  • Lovely!

  • Super cute

  • Very cute, I would have more yard then house because I love outdoor parties and gardening. The house is a survival mode against the elements of nature, not to just sit watch Television and loaf. Only on those rainy days that should be a great excuse to do so. Enjoy your life, minimize your clutter and possessions, exchange your 30 year mortgage for peace of mind!

  • Perfect for one.
    People don't give themselves enough physical space.

  • I won't live in under 400 sf.

  • Thanks for sharing. Sweet for a tiny home. A small Chimeniah type Wood Stove is needed for Winter, possibly where the Drums are?? Great arrangement tho. Good job. Enjoy.

  • If you like this house size, then you'll like the homes here in England

  • You say tiny, but some houses in Britain are this big! Superb for one of your kids, if they want to leave, and get a starter home.

  • How much did it cost?

  • Like it

  • which pixel was the house?

  • My favorite tiny house ever. Thank you!

  • Pull back on the shots, too close up to see the overall space.

  • Lived in an American Factory built, NOT a trailer, for 3 years. Everything on one floor about the same size. Where I lived was more spacious although the b.r's were a bit smaller maybe. But comfortable bathroom with a small laundry room where you could actually enter and not have the machines stacked, that gave unto the outside. My kitchen wasn't fully fitted but even if it had been, you could have put in a table. This is cute, for about 5 minutes, then it feels cramped. Especially in Maine where you have to be inside a lot in the winter. I'm in a mild to hot climate with dry summers and only rain in the winter.

  • No video? Only pictures, really?

  • Anyone else think "2 bedroom" and almost 800 sq ft shouldn't be called "tiny?"

  • I love this 2 berm house perfect

  • I like

  • It's bigger than my flat in London, UK

  • I bet they want $250k

  • Utterly adorable.. ❤️🤗

  • I'll take one! 😄

  • Other than that unnecessary little bathroom upstairs which should just be part of the room, I'd live in this house. It's cute!!

  • Adorable! Love it! Things are laid out well. They make good use of the space! I mean how much room does a person need anyway!

  • I'm in 740 square feet, two bed, one bathroom, large living room, eat in kitchen. Plenty of cabinets and closet space. Nice size for us, not too big or little.

  • Except for overt liberalism in the North I, wouldn't mind living in Maine… A great house and it would work for me… Now if I can get my books published…maybe…

  • This is a wonderful starting home for a newly married couple or single person.💋💋

  • Αυτό ειναι μικρό αλλα ναι ειναι σπιτι !

  • I suspect that most would consider a 150 sf to 350 sf house to be a "Tiny" House.
    I have a 700 sf vacation cottage .. I would not consider that a Tiny House by any stretch. Is it small? Hell yes!. LOL. Tiny, imho, would be living in just one of those rooms, perhaps 250 sf.

  • Reinventing My Life

    $400.000 house in Maryland. Houses are overpriced. People are living like nomads, can't afford these high prices

  • My home i owned before I got married was 734 sq feet. Funny thing is o liked that house better than our now 1100 square foot house. I raised my daughter till she was 8

  • Thats bigger than my house now. All 6 of us and only 1 bathroom. This new generation is spoiled , and racking up the debt

  • My house is only 80 sqf more.

  • Donna the Messiah child

    Just perfect for my husband and myself, Love the home.

  • Love love love

  • Our house that we grew up in was 657 sq ft two bed one bath in Pictou Nova Scotia Canada. Every room was on the first floor and everyone who saw it said it had character , as a small child I just assumed character meant small or tiny.

  • too much money maybe 52. thousand dollars in my opinion.? its so small but nice

  • Everything is beautiful! I would make one change and not have a front loading washer, they get black mold.

  • Where can you actually find these houses? It's my dream house!

  • Looks like plenty of space after looking at all these tiny houses.

  • This is the size of a standard UK 2 bed house!! 😂

  • Better without music….very distracting…beautiful. Home

  • Living in a 2 bedroom with 4
    Best ever

  • I would love to see the floor plans! Where does the little stairs go that are in upstairs bedroom?

  • At about 800 sq ft, not so tiny. Nice anf livable. Really tiny houses are silly.

  • Mstellitlikeitis48TheTea

    Nice cute house but however it will blow away like The Wizard of Oz

  • I think that price is OUTRAGEOUS for a tiny house!

  • I think the tiny house movement is great, but all the hoopla HAS DRIVEN THE PRICE SOOOO HIGH SOME CANT EVEN AFFORD THEM, MY GOD 100,000.00 WHAT? SMH!

  • This is beautiful and I wish I owned the house!

  • My first house was 808 square feet. It was built in 1930 and had a galley kitchen which I think was pretty typical back then. It was so tiny, but had a nice big yard and was in a cute little town on front street. It was a good house for that time in my life 😊

  • This "Tiny House" movement is not new. After WW II, some Veterans were able to obtain tiny homes, here on Ottawa at least. Why is the zoning so terrible. Allow people to have a home they can AFFORD; no matter how small. Skyrocketing rents and our brutal weather make homelessness inexcusable.

  • Lovely! ❤️

  • this is all very interesting and most of the house are fantastic- i would live in one is nyc minute, but there's no substance behind the videos. how do we contact the builds, designers etc.

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