The White House Has Mice. Ellen Has Something Better

While Gina finds
her way out of here, I want to tell you about
a story I saw in the news. I don’t know if you heard this. This is a true story. There’s a rat in
the White House. It wasn’t a rat, it was a mouse. Did you hear about this? During the White
House press briefing, a mouse fell out of the
ceiling and on to reporters. [LAUGHTER] I thought they were trying
to keep those out of there– reporters, not mice. [LAUGHTER] Well, it shows you
that it can happen anywhere really. Rest assured though,
we have never had any problems like that here. We have asbestos. And we have the
spiders of course. And we have toxic
mold everywhere. And it’s an old, old soundstage. We have snakes once in a
while, we’ve seen a snake. Never mice– never ever mice. Have we ever– (ALL SCREAMING) My bad. That ain’t right. I really– we rehearsed it, and
I thought about not doing it. I’m glad we did. [LAUGHTER] We’ll be back.


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