The Top 10 TV Shows That Deserve Another Season! (The Dan Cave w/ Dan Casey)

Today’s episode of The Dan Cave is brought to you by Zillow (rock style music) Now this is a story all about how, some of my favorite TV shows to flipped, turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute and just sit right there and I’ll tell you all about why and how we’re here at the house of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, which actually isn’t in Bel Air at all. Built in 1910, it’s located in Los Angeles’ Brentwood neighborhood, where according to Zillo, homes tend to be retailed for 2.6 million dollars. We so rich, why we can’t afford no ceiling. But anyway, the real reason I’m here is because the Fresh Prince, like so many Jon Snow’s or Ares from so many game shark hacks saves in Final Fantasy Seven, was brought back from the dead. That’s right. After its fourth season, NBC canceled the Fresh Prince of Bel Air for some reason but because they received so many fan letters and Will Smith got so many letters, they actually brought it back from the grave. But why should Fresh Prince be the only prince who was promised. What about so many other amazing television shows that were canceled before their time? Well today in The Dan Cave, I’m going to run down the best canceled TV shows that deserved another season. Or four. Maybe a movie too. We’ll talk. Clone High. Let’s face it. High school sucks but it sucks even more if you’re the clone of one of history’s greatest figures who’s secretly being raised to be exploited by the U.S. military. Especially if you’re Abe Lincoln and you just wanna smooch Cleopatra and high five Gandhi and get one over that jerk JFK and deny your obvious crush that you have on Joan of Arc because hey, talking about your feelings is scary. Hi mom. Such was Clone High. It was a national treasure that was taken from us far too soon after just 13 episodes. Say what?! Now that series creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller are no longer working on that Han Solo movie, maybe they’ll have tome to bring back one of the greatest shows of all time. I mean, it’s a good idea right. I mean, what could possibly go wrong. Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy’s. Woah!
(crash) Agent Carter. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe still has to wait until 2019 to get its first female fronting Solo film, Agent Carter’s already been there and done that with two glorious seasons of killer espionage action, set in the early days of the Marvel Universe. Now, not only did Agent Carter provide valuable connected tissue between MCU past and present but it showed a badass lady spy kicking butt and taking names both on the field and in her own departments. Seriously what Hydra agent do I need to defrost to get a third season of this show. Is it Walt Disney? Happy Endings What Friends was to the 1990’s, Happy Endings should have been to 20 teens, or whatever the heck we’re calling this garbage decade. This incredibly funny sitcom about a group of friends living in Chicago had more heart, humor and puns per square inch than 90 percent of other TV comedies out there. ABC, in classic ABC fashion, didn’t realize it was sitting on a mountain of gold and sentenced the show to an early death. But at least we’ll always have three glorious seasons of Pitch Perfect misery parodies, deep cut pop culture references and aptly named food trucks. Steak Me Home Tonight. And really nice apartments. Like way nicer than I can ever afford. But I still probably set up some custom listings on Zillo, till I can find some place nearby, so that maybe one day, I could also join Boyz to Minora Hannibal Some shows manage to transcend the medium of television and become works of art. Other shows inspire a fanatical fanbases and feature gory murders that seem impossible to show on network TV. Hannibal is all of those things and more in one weird little package and how it wound up on NBC remains one of life’s great mysteries of Laura. With all star performances especially by the likes of Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter Bryan Fuller’s re-imagining of Thomas Harris’ iconic novels, developed a rich mythology, featured better food photography than Top Chef and were creepy, crawly delights to the bitter end. Except the bitterest part, is there’s so much story left to tell. Now hopefully NBC, or Netflix or some weird content channel. Heck Ebombs World, I don’t care, will see the light and give us more of that sweet, sweet Hannibal. But in the meantime, I guess I’ll just go on Zillo and see if I can find an apartment with a kitchen as nice as Hannibal’s, because that show weirdly makes me wanna cook. Like a lot. Not humans though, especially not if there’s any cops watching. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Now 30 Rock wasn’t the only major network sitcom about the trials and travails of running a major network sketch comedy show. It was just the one that won. Unfortunately for Aaron Sorkin fans, Studio 60, which looked like it was going to be the West Wing for the past paced world of late night sketch comedy, never really found its footing while it was on the air. But like most Aaron Sorkin shows, in between the uncomfortably preachy bits, there was an actually great show waiting in the wings struggling to find its voice. Unfortunately, this voice was silenced too soon, which led Sorkin go on to make one of my least favorite shows of all time, the News Room. What about which, if I speak any longer, my eyes will roll so fast in my head, it will become the Hadron collider. I’m not joking. I hate that show. You don’t look satisfied. Pushing Daisies. Bryan Fuller may just be the king of creating cult hit TV shows that are canceled before their time. And Pushing Daisies is a prime example of this. The premise was simple, pie maker Ned brings the power to bring the dead back to life just by touching them. But, here’s the catch, a second touch will literally kill them. And with great power comes great responsibility. And with a great premise, came an even greater TV show full of a wonderful ensemble cast, oddball humor and some seriously tasty looking pies. I mean honestly, what else could you ask for, apart from four seasons, a movie and maybe a free pie. Please Bryan Fuller. I need that pastry. Party Down. Are we having fun yet? I sure hope so because honestly, it’s been difficult without more Party Down in my life. This wickedly funny show about a group of struggling Hollywood types working at a catering company, while they try to make their dreams of becoming actors, writer and owner/operators while working in soup restaurants was sadly ahead of its time. With a murderous row of talented comedians, the show is heartfelt, hilarious and took us everywhere from sweet 16’s to murder acquittal celebrations to adult video awards. And honestly, the episode where they cater Steve Guttenberg’s 50th birthday party, might just be the single greatest episode of television of all time. That’s right. I said it. I will die on this hill. You really should take your underwear off. It just feels great on you balls. Freaks and Geeks. The quintessential example of a TV show taken before its time, Freaks and Geeks managed to perfectly capture the angst of high school and tell a timeless coming of age story about growing up in a small town. And that’s to say nothing of its amazing cast and future superstars like Seth Rogan, Linda Cardellini, James Franco, Martin Starr and Jason Segel. Created by Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow, Freaks and Geeks gave us 18 glorious episode before NBC decided they was just too much goodness world. It deserved many, many more episodes but sadly that ship has long since sailed into an iceberg shaped exactly like NBC. Deadwood. The wild west was a dangerous, dirty and frankly deadly place. And no TV show managed to capture this better than HBO’s Deadwood. And yes, that includes HBO’s Westworld. This show is decidedly not safe for work. Case in point, the f-bomb is used a staggering 2,980 times, which is approximately 1.6 f-bombs per minute. And probably the same amount of times you’ll say it watching it in your living room. Because this is a sweeping saga of Deadwood’s evolution from a gold mining camp to a thriving frontier town and Ian McShane is the gift that keeps on giving. And he’s giving his absolute best as the surly, violent (mumbles). Now fingers crossed that the long rumor, Deadwood, the movie turns out to be more than just a snake in my boot or else somebody’s gonna voice the watering hole at HBO. Selfie. Now dumb title aside, this was a modern version of My Fair Lady or Pink Maylene if you’re nasty. Starring John Cho and Karen Gillan, that was legitimately great but needed time to build an audience. So naturally it was canceled after just 13 episodes. Because the world is a cruel unfeeling place. Remember ho much you like Karen Gillan on Dr. Who? Well guess what, it wasn’t just because of the weeping angels, genius, it’s because she’s an international treasure and she had great chemistry with John Cho. Instead, everyone who did watch created a butterfly effect that led to the damn Emoji movie. So I hope you’re happy Charles. You did this. You did this. And those were the best TV shows that were taken far too soon and definitely deserved at least one more season. But tell me, what are your favorites? What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below and give me a previously canceled thumbs up while you’re there. Now be sure to like and subscribe or else you might miss next week’s show about the story of nine people looking for love at Christmas time before we all die in a fiery nuclear apocalypse caused by an unhinged air force general in Dr. Strange Love Actually. Until next time, keep on digging. Thanks again to Zillo for sponsoring today’s show. WitH millions of (mumbles) of homes for sale and for renting circle pricing data and other tools for home buyers. Zillo, find your way home. Let’s open up the old mail bag, shall we? @austin_sebben asks.. Well that’s a great question. I’d want them to appear during the end credits of Captain Marvel. Basically, Captain Marvel, somebody who spends a lot of time in deep space, gets called into sea and Empress, specifically Empress Lelandra of the Shiar Empire. But who’s this weird bald guy sitting next to you in a wheelchair. Well, it’s none other than Charles Xavier. He explains where they’ve been the whole time, why you haven’t seen the Xmen for years. They’ve been out in deep space helping the Shiar and dealing with the dark Phoenix. It’s a perfect integration and everything Fox is doing and everything Marvel could do, make it happen Simon Kinberg. You have my number, I think. Probably not. Here it is. Everyone else, don’t look. That’s my number for real.


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