The Only 2 Reasons To Ever Hire A Realtor

Hello! Your real estate expert, Lance Mohr,
and I’m talking about how to sell a house. Today I’m going to over the only two reasons
you ever choose a real estate agent to hire. So last video I talked about the number one
mistake home sellers make and that’s choosing an agent based off of the list price they
say. So you know that’s a mistake, now let’s go over the only two reasons you
would ever choose a real estate agent. The number one, and most important, is choosing
an agent based off of their marketing plan of action. It’s very simple: the more
marketing, the more buyers, the higher price you’re going get. Now, any agent could go
out there and put your home in the multiple listing service and put it on a few
websites, but that’s not what you’re looking for. Now, I’m going to go over marketing
in depth in a few videos, but we’re going to talk about right now choosing a real estate
agent. So it’s not just about what they’re doing marketing, but it’s also how they’re
marketing. So when you’re talking to real estate agents, you want to get an idea of
what they’re doing for marketing and you want to see how they’re doing it. The number
two reason why you hire a real estate agent is negotiation. You want someone looking
out for your money, for your family’s best interest, someone who will negotiate like
a pit bull and try to get every single penny they can get for your home. So number
one is the marketing plan of action and number two is contract negotiation. If you have any
questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you like these videos, please
share them, give me a thumbs up or just leave me a comment. Have a wonderful day and I wish
you the best of luck.

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