The Loud House Thanksgiving Special ๐Ÿฆƒ Top 17 Moments | #TryThis

Turkey Lily! [blabbering] Here’s your pass out pillow, Lincoln. Oh, every year Lincoln eats so much turkey
he falls asleep at the table, – and misses dessert.
– But not this year! I’ve got a plan.
If I start to feel sleepy, I’ll just dip my head in
this bucket of ice water, like so. Ah! Need a new plan! – Sup, Bobby?
– Digging the new look. These are not for fashion,
they’re my pee pants. This way, I don’t have to miss
any of the meal or the football game by running to the bathroom like a chup. Test run! [moaning] Nice! Dry as a bone. So much for my chicken stock. When we lived in Royal Woods,
Mom always had to work the Thanksgiving shift at the hospital. [screaming] Oh, this is just cranberry sauce.
I tripped on the way over. How’s the turkey coming, Dad? Ha! Turkeys are for amateurs, Lori Loo.
I’m making a tur-goosa. A pigeon, stuffed inside a goose,
stuffed inside a turkey. Three times the bird,
three times the deliciousness. – Oh…
– Ah! Triple homicide! Oh, I wish you could smell
Abuela’s famous tamales. [sniffing] No Roberto, there are only
enough tamales for dinner. [yelling] Lola, you were supposed to choose
a photo of Bobby and Lori, not you. What are you talking about?
They’re right there. Try again. – Oh, is someone playing guitar?
– That’s Abuelo. He serenades the family
every year at Thanksgiving. Let me just tune my guitar.
Sergio, give me a G. [squawking] G! Lincoln, I need you
to polish these spoons. What are you doing? Ow, trying to see
if pulling out my eyebrows – will keep my awake for dessert.
– Spoons! – Do I smell…
– My buñuelos? Why, yes! They’re my all-time favorite! – Here, have some more.
– You made pozole too? – Another one of my faves!
– Sh-sh, keep eating! Scram! Nice try, sister.
But as officers of the Feast Force, it’s our job to protect this food
till tomorrow. – I was just–
– We said scram! Leni, weren’t you going to put
a leaf in the table? I did, hello! Come back, Gravy Bot! – Gravy?
– Excuse you? [screaming] Apologies, first-born sibling.
Just doing a test run with Gravy Bot, the robot I built to ensure
equal gravy distribution. I’ll send in clean up bots. No, no more bots!
I got it. I know you said not to bring anything,
but I didn’t want to be rude and show up empty-handed. Oh please, I think we can make room
for one little dish. Alright, back it up boys! [truck beeping] Don’t worry, honey. There’s no way
they’re gonna upstage your meal. Hi, this is a pig on a spit.
Where would you like it? Kitchen. Uno, dos, tres! [playing guitar] [laughing] [gobbling] [laughing] This is great! Here, try my turkey skin-infused stuffing.
You’re gonna love it. But first, try my tamales.
I added an extra kick. An extra kick, that’s cute. They don’t want heat,
they want sweet, here kids! Taste my marshmallow-covered potatoes. How do you know what they want? They are clearing craving my
homemade shredded turkey mole. [groaning] Did someone say ‘gravy’? [screaming] No, they don’t deserve it. Ah, malfunction! Malfunction! [laughing] [shouting] How about a duet? Uno, dos… [music playing] ♪ Two different families
Yet so much in common ♪ ♪ The loudness, the chaos
But we’ll just keep strummin’ ♪ ♪ Together is better
When we’re in harmony♪ ♪ For Bobby and Lori
Our hearts were once breaking ♪ ♪ But now we’re together
It’s memories we’re making ♪ ♪ Mis amigos nuevos that you
And you, and you, and you ♪ ♪ And you, and me
Thanksgiving fiesta ♪ – ¿Aquí?
– You betcha! – Will somebody save me the beak?
– Ew! ♪ Grateful, por todo ♪ ♪ Agradecido
I’m grateful for it all ♪ ♪ Grateful, por todo ♪ ♪ Agradecido
For breaking down the walls ♪ ♪ We’re grateful for it all ♪ Ha-ha, sweet!


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