The Loud House Original Halloween Short ‘No End In Bite’ + Stitches πŸ§› | Nick

Long Beard had Edwin chained to the mast, as his gang of pirates hauled away
the last of the vampires coffins. Argh, we’ve got your gold now,
ye’ scurvy vampire! For the last time,
those aren’t treasure chests, they’re coffins! Argh, a likely story! And once we’re through here, you’ll be going off on a little sail…
into the sunrise! [laughing] But… I’m a vampire,
the sun will destroy me! That’s the idea,
you blood-sucking scallywag! No! What happened
to the last page of my book? [baby laughing] Oh, there’s my last page. Oh, sorry Luce, ran out of diapers. Had to use something. [hissing] Well, maybe I can still read it. Poo-poo! Never mind… Sigh, how am I going to find out
what happens to Edwin? You’re creative and junk,
just make something up! [hissing] [screeching] Make something up… hmm. But… I’m a vampire,
the sun will destroy me! That’s the idea,
you blood-sucking scallywag! Just one more treasure chest to go! [screaming] A ghost! No, just a stowaway,
but thanks for the compliment. Come on, Fangs. Davey, shake a peg-leg! Davey’s all tied up. Huh?
Who be saying that? Up there, in the crow’s nest! Or in this case, bat’s nest. Fangs, attack! [screeching] [clanging] [screaming] Argh! [music playing] [crowing] Gasp!
Oh no, we’re running out of time! That was amazing! – Who are you?
– My name is Lucinda. You saved me, Lucinda! How can I ever repay you? Well, I have always wanted
to be a vampire. It’s the least I can do. [hissing] – Yo, earth to Luce!
– Yeah? Aw, I feel bad about your book so I went to the library
and got you another one. Wow, thanks. Also, er…
Lili’s next diaper change is yours. Hmm, not bad,
but I think I like my ending better. [hissing] You’re watching Fright TV. Up next, the season premiere
of Vampires of Melancholia. This is it, Edwin. A whole new season
of our favorite show. Can’t wait to watch it,
just you and me. – Hey, Luce!
– Scoot over! [gasping] What are you doing here? The Dream Boat
is on Monday nights, remember? – Duh, we’re here to watch VOM!
– Duh, we’re here to watch VOM! First, please don’t call it that. Second, you guys have never
been interested in my show. Why are you– – There he is!
– There he is! Woah, this place looks sick! – Oh, Blake Bradley!
– Oh, Blake Bradley! Who? Duh! Literally the cutest actor ever! Didn’t you know he was gonna be
a new character on VOM? Sigh… it’s called– Yo, anybody home? Why is he literally so dreamy? Yikes!
Who’s that creepy guy? That’s Edwin, the main character. Hey, uncle Eddie! Tristan, my great-great-great-
great-great grand nephew. This is a surprise. Looking good! Are you sure you’re really 300? What brings you to Melancholia? Just thought I’d crash
at Casa Creepy for a while. Well, I must confess, I am not really accustomed
to sharing my castle with mortals. No worries, bro!
I can hang with anyone! Now bring it in, bro-hug! So gorg’! You can just tell
he’d be a great boyfriend! What… is… happening? – Sigh.
– Wait, who’s she? Griselda, the other main character. She’s on a quest
to the underworld right now. If you guys had watched the show
from the beginning you’d– Why are her teeth all pointy? Wait, his teeth are pointy too! Because they’re vampires! Tune in next week for more
Vampires Of Melancholia! That was literally amazing! Totes, this is definitely gonna be
our new Friday night thing! Lori, me, you and VOM! It’s Vampires Of Melancholia! I have to put a stop to this.


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