ANNOUNCER: The following
preview is rated F for Fake. Lincoln Loud in the house! ANNOUNCER: Lincoln
Loud loved his family. Who wants strawberry muffins? TOGETHER: I do! I do! ANNOUNCER: But sometimes
life with 10 sisters– We’re gonna make
fun of you, but only for the rest of your life. I’m looking forward to it. ANNOUNCER: –could be tough. (ECHOING) That’s it! ANNOUNCER: Until he went
to sleep one night– [BATS SQUEAKING] –and woke up in
a sweeter world! Aah! Morning, Linky! I brought you something. A short stack from your
favorite short stack. Wait. Huh? Your comedy is so mature. To Lincoln. (DISTORTED) To Lincoln. Why are they being nice to me? ANNOUNCER: Here his
family smothers him– What is happening? ANNOUNCER: –with kindness. Ow-ow-ow! Thumb cramp! TOGETHER: Aw, poor Linky. Here’s Let Lily kiss your
boo-boo better. TOGETHER: Gauze, stat! Clear! LINCOLN: Aah! What is happening to my family? ANNOUNCER: Not coming this
fall, Totally Fake Pictures presents “A Nicemare
on Lincoln’s Street.” Family bonding has never
been this terrifying. TOGETHER: Aw! Isn’t he the cutest? Where did it all go wrong?

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