The ‘Fuller House’ Cast’s Candid Confessions

[music playing] Hey, I’m Andrea. And I’m Jodie. And I’m Candace,
from “Fuller House.” And today, we’re playing
Full House Confessions. Ooh! I look like I’m naked
in mine, because– (LAUGHING) You do! (LAUGHING) Oh, you do! [interposing voices] All right, which one of you
had the dirtiest thoughts about John Stamos? [laughter] Yes! For sure. Totally. Yes. [laughter] 100%. Who is most likely
to be late to set? Yep? Yep. Yep. [laughter] And you lived the closest. And I lived the closest. You lived the closest. That’s why. Because I’m like, oh, it’s
going to take me like, 12 minutes to get to work. And then– yeah. Yeah. Who’s the cheapest cast member? Oh, probably– [laughter] Womp, there it is. A joke. It’s just cause
they’re the richest. You’re right. They’re not really the cheapest. Which cast member was
the biggest heartbreaker? Oh well. Yeah. That’s an easy one. [interposing voices] Everybody knows that. The guy that doesn’t age. Yeah. Ever. It’s the same. With the best hair, right? [interposing voices] It’s the same. We don’t know what’s the
before and the after. What year? I don’t know. Most likely stole
something from the set when “Full House” wrapped? Oh. He stole a bunch of stuff. Yeah. Everything. He stole everything. Everything. His house actually looks
like the Tanner house. [laughter] Who was the bigger diva on
set, Mary Kate or Ashley? I never could tell them apart. Still can’t. [laughter] Oh, there you go. Yes! Yes. [laughter] Yes! Yes! [laughter] Who used their fame to
get out of a ticket? I don’t know, but I
would assume it’s him. We’ll guess Bob Saget. Don’t you know me? I’m Bob Saget. Right. Don’t you know? Come on, you know who I am. [interposing voices] Who cursed the most on stage? Oh wow. [laughter] Oh my goodness. She has curse
words on her rings. I do, I have– Not currently, but– –expletive– Expletive rings. Expletive rings. [laughter] I just carry around my Jesus
phone around Jodie a lot. Yep. [laughter] And I go like this
with my rings. Yeah. [laughter] Opposites attract. [music playing] We didn’t know you were 12. [interposing voices] You want a job, still? OK. Three things that are big. Oh. [laughter] [screaming] Just give me a
minute, one second. Guys, have you ever
seen a happier person? Can you believe that?


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