The BEST Part About Being a REALTOR – Calgary Real Estate Market Story 2019

Oh man I am so thrilled to be handing
over the keys to this beautiful home in Tuscany to my clients. We scoured the
northwest. We looked through almost every home in Tuscany, Royal Oak, Rocky Ridge
and finally we found this gem, in Tuscany. Exactly what my clients needed. Now the
reason it took us over 20 homes to find the right property, is because they had
some very special needs for their family. This whole last month from, from when we chose
this home, we put in an offer, and once it got accepted, that’s actually when the real
story began. “oh yeah” “which one is yours Nachi?” “Both are mine! You can use this one honey”.
“I’m going to set it up just the way I want” “isn’t it incredible.” We had such an incredibly difficult last
month, due to a whole host of different reasons that most people never come up
with in their entire real estate career. “There was stress… But then when you think what we have
ended up with, its Good!” “We were outside a house and called you to see it.. yeah I’ll come right over you said!” So I’m satisfied and thrilled to just be able
to give my clients the keys finally, after all this time. Congratulations
Daniel & Nachi & Wantemwa! Oh yeah Thank You, It
was probably time for me to leave these guys. “Yaaaahhh!, thank you so much Brad!”

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