Testimonial for Realtor Jen Rosser | The Newmans

We love Tahoe. We love this area. I love
being able to go to the lake in the summertime and then to be able to play
in the snow in the winter time so we’re super excited to start making memories
here like this year she’s wonderful it’s She’s wonderful. She’s perfect. She’s made everything it’s super easy for us and gave us some great ideas. Couldn’t ask for a better real estate agent. And she stayed on top of things too, always making sure things got done in the timely manner and you know making sure we were getting what we needed
information wise from wherever. Because there’s a lot of hands in the cookie jar
going on with this because we’re selling one house to purchase this one. So it’s a
little confusing for me and she helped me through that. We started a home search the day before Thanksgiving and here it is the day after Christmas that we’re about ready to close. Nice and quick. Absolutely. Absolutely we would
definitely recommend Jen Rosser as a real estate agent for anyone who’s
looking for homes in this area.

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