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(upbeat music) – So South County, your
favorite realtor is back and I’m here to school you guys about some water safety tips. I hate to be a Debbie Downer,
but drowning is considered one of the leading causes
of injury-related deaths for kids under four years of age. So I started bringing my daughter here at four months of age,
she still comes here, she’s gonna be three soon. And here at Waterworks, they teach you a lot about water safety and how to make sure your kids are water safe. So Waterworks is a great place because if you’re a new
mom or a stay-at-home mom and you just wanna get
out, it’s a great place to come and bring your kids. They can use up some of that energy. And it’s also really great
because it really gets your kids comfortable
with being in the water, even if they’re not old enough to learn how to swim just yet. So what do we do here at
Waterworks, please tell us. – Okay, so at Waterworks here, we have swim lessons, we
have ’em for all ages. We start as young as three month olds all the way to adults, we do semi-private and private lessons. So there you have it guys. Come on down to Waterworks,
get your kids water safe. You can bring them as
little as three months. Like I said, my daughter started here when she was four months old
and she still comes here. She’s two and about nine months and the girl can get out of the water, she knows how to go in the water, she knows how to swim up. She’s learned a lot of great stuff here over at Waterworks. So thanks so much, Latrice
Deluna, your real estate expert and I look forward to seeing
you here at Waterworks.

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