Sting Lived in a Haunted House and Definitely Believes in Ghosts Now

-Now I know why
you can sing that high. -[ Laughs ] Have you ever been
in a harness before? -I’ve been in a harness
once before, and I promised
I would never do it again. But just for you,
I did it. -[ Laughs ]
Thank you for doing that. -And it was a lot of pressure
on the asteroids, I have to say.
-[ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] -The song you’re
gonna be singing tonight is gonna be in
a different octave. -Whew!
-A higher key. Like, [ high-pitched voice ]
“Ladies and gentlemen, Sting. Give it up.” [ Normal voice ]
I want to mention, by the way, you kind of wrote that sketch,
a little bit. -I did.
-Yeah. [ Stammers ] -I’m not taking the full blame
for it, no. -[ Laughs ]
But we — Arthur — Arthur Meyer,
our writer on our show — and Colin Elzie
wrote the sketch, “Two Stings on the Moon.”
We sent it to you. We go, “I don’t know
if Sting will do it. He probably won’t do it.
We don’t know.” And we didn’t
hear back form you. [ Laughs ] So, I go, “All right.
So, that’s okay.” Then, we heard back
from your publicist, and they said, “Sting likes
the idea a little bit. But he’s got… He’s got some things
he wants to tweak.” And then, like,
in the next hour, we got a scratch track
of you singing that. -Yeah.
To “Walking On The Moon.” -To “Walking On The Moon.”
Yeah. And I go —
No, we — We started crying. It was like, “This is the best
thing that’s ever happened.” Have you — I thought about this
’cause I was like, “Either we’re astronauts,
or you could just wear your space underwear
from the movie ‘Dune.'” And then,
I thought “Well…” [ Cheers and applause ] -I still —
I still have these. -You do? -Occasionally, Trudie
asks me to wear them for, you know, to spice it up
a little bit. -Yeah, he does that. -But it’s very difficult getting
your trousers on over them. -This is legendary, dude.
Come on, man. [ Wolf whistles ] Yeah.
Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] All right.
You know, “Walking On The Moon,” you were
saying backstage, actually wasn’t
walking on the moon. It was about a long night out
in Germany. -I had a bass line
in my head. [ Imitates bass line ] And it kept going
around and around in my head. And it was about
3:00 in the morning. We were in Munich,
I think, and we’d had
a lot of beer. And I thought,
“There must be a song here.” So, I was walking
around the room, going, [ Singing ]
“Walking around the room.” [ Imitates melody ] And I thought,
“That can’t be a song.” So, it became
“Walking On The Moon,” inspired by Neil Armstrong,
of course, the great hero. Let’s talk about
“My Songs.” Congrats on this. This is, like… Basically,
it’s like your greatest hits, kind of, but more. But it’s different versions
of them. -You know, I think some people
imagine that recorded work is a holy relic,
or a museum piece. For me, it’s just a starting
point in the relationship. You get to —
You get to know a song over the years
of singing it. So, I — I’ve been singing
these songs or 30 years, some of them. I know where
the bodies are buried. I know — You know,
every night, I sing them, and I try and find
something different. So, when I approach it again
in the studio, I have all of
that knowledge. My voice is different. It’s richer.
-Yeah. -You know, the way drums
are recorded now is so different
than the way it was in the ’70’s
or the ’80’s. So, it’s — It’s a diff–
It’s a fun record. -Yeah.
-It’s fun to compare the two. -Well, I love it.
I love “Brand New Day.” God, I love every one
of these songs. “Desert Rose,” “If You Love
Somebody Set Them Free,” which I heard was written
in a haunted house. Is that true? -I lived in a haunted house
in North London for a very long time.
-This is really true. -I never believed
in ghosts. I was very skeptical about it
until I lived with them. -Yeah. So, it was numerous ghosts?
-Yeah. You would wake up
in the morning, and everything had been
reorganized in the kitchen. Furniture was in
a different place. Bottles were smashed. Plates were smashed
on the floor. And one night,
I woke up, and I saw Trudie standing
in the corner with our child. And I was wondering why
she was staring at me. And then,
I reached over… and there was Trudie. And then, she went,
“Who’s that?” And we both saw this woman and a
child in the corner of the room. Then, we found out it used to be
a pub called The Three Ducks in the 17th century. And I don’t know
what happened there, but it was a very,
very weird atmosphere. And then,
when I sold the house, it kept being resold
every few months. -Yeah. [ Talking indistinctly ] There’s something in there,
yeah. -I liked the ghosts.
I enjoyed their company. -Yeah.
-And I was very
skeptical about it. -Did you —
Did you talk to the ghosts? -No. No.
I was too scared. [ Laughter ] If I ever feel
a ghostly presence, which I do sometimes…
-Yeah. -I’m kidding.
No. That was real. I’m really here. I hope that you’re
really here. And, uh… I just imagine
all my guests are Sting. That’s how I
interview everybody. But I always say,
“Hey, I’m cool.” Or “Hey, I’m good with you guys.
You can do whatever. Haunt me.”
-Just smile. Just smile. -Smile at them.
Go… “Yeah, have fun.
It’s your place.” Right? -You can’t have an old
English house without a ghost. -You can’t. That’s a rule.
That is true, yeah. Talk to me about the
Las Vegas residency. I’m excited beyond belief.
-Me, too. [ Cheers and applause ] I cannot wait. -I’ve played Vegas many many —
hundreds of times. But I’ve never had
my own room before. This will be
my own room. The only limit
is my imagination. So, I’m gonna have
a different gown very dong. -Of course. Yeah. ‘Cause when I think of Vegas,
I think of costume changes,
dancers. -Magicians, dancers —
everything. -Right now,
do you have a plan for what you’re gonna do
on the stage? -It’s gonna be a big show. We have a year
to plan it. -Wow. But tickets go on sale
next week. So, you can start planning
your trip to Vegas to go see Sting. I am going to be there.
I cannot wait, dude. Oh, my gosh,
we could totally — We could reprise our roles
as Two Stings on the Moon. Yeah.
Whenever you want. Whenever you want.
I’m totally available. -All right.
-He basically said “yes.” I’m so excited. [ Laughter ] I’m just gonna name some other
ones that’s on “My Songs,” just so everyone knows.
“Message In A Bottle,” “Walking On The Moon,”
“Englishmen In New York.” Come on! [ Cheers and applause ] You’re doing
“Demolition Man” tonight. -We are gonna play
“Demolition Man.” [ Cheers and applause ] Which I originally wrote
for Grace Jones. -You originally wrote that
for Grace Jones? -I wrote it for Grace. -I was at something with her,
and it’s — got to be — maybe it was, like, midnight,
or something like that. I don’t — We were somewhere.
Maybe we were here. And I said,
“All right. Take care.” And she was like,
“What are you doing now?” I go, “I’m going to sleep.
I’m an old man.” She was like, “What’s wrong
with this generation?” [ Laughter ] I’m going out.
I’m going out right now.” -She knows how to party.
-She’s the greatest. And you know how to party.
Thank you for being here. And get ready for
“Demolition Man.” The legendary Sting,

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