State Dept. Veteran On Trump White House: There Are No Adults In The Room | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  • Will Brian Williams ever learn ….THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS SURFACE


  • Frightening to see a US President publicly advocating foreign interference in US elections. Selling the US elections to the highest bidder.


  • Thank God for President Trump! The media is falling apart. Lol🤣🤣🤣. God bless America!

  • How much longer are we going to hear, “there are no adults in the room:” we’re talking about the president and he’s not an adult, though no one else is either. We have the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, Trump has wanted to use them, yet that was only a blip for the media. We’re the laughing stock of the world and most dangerous country in the world.

    All the while no matter what Trump does, Mitch McConnell said while he’s the Senate leader there will be no impeachment. McConnell is basically the most powerful man in the country. He’s shaped the Supreme Court and backed Trump at every move.

    Don’t forget Trump also asked the Chinese for help and Putin

  • The house is on fire and nobody wants to dial 9-1-1…and some are deliberately hiding the phone!!!!
    Vote 2020!

  • Trump's a Traitor. Prison awaits, and he knows that.
    And all the lawsuits, coming once he's out of office. A lifetime of Court appointments will definitely be the remainder of his career.
    Right along with everyone else in his circle that's already there.

  • Trump's main background as a lifelong con artist is marketing, just as it is for the salesman at a used car lot. He uses reverse psychology, plays on biases, ignorance, and fears, distorts or avoids facts, lies incessantly, bullies any opposition, accuses opponents of doing what HE'S actually doing (a standard trick used by fascists), and employs very rehearsed hand gestures and vocal ranges. Hitler did the same thing before he seized power in the early 1930s. He took acting lessons, to develop skills in transfixing crowds. Look up vintage film archives of Hitler's histrionic speeches. Kinda look familiar, don't they?

  • Everblue Freediving

    Trump is unfit for office.

  • Ahahaha!! I like that title, "no adults in the room." It's funny because ever since that person stole the White House from us I've imagined it looking like a daycare with frumpy being the bully who makes all of the other babies do as he says.

  • Read the lyrics to “war pigs” song……Trump & his cronies who call for civil war WILL hide under their beds while his supporters get killed/maimed at his request! Trump’s kids won’t be on the front to support it…only pitiful, brainwashed fools that supported his lies & propaganda! 👎 💩 👎 💩

  • Trump muppets who want to like that president like him stupid people out there 😜🤪

  • God forbid this guy gets away with this whats next. What will he fell emboldened to do. In his mind this is all not only normal, but also expected. I ask again, what's next and next after that? Extrapolate a few years down the road (if he wins reelection) what would he feel embolened to do?
    The only reason he is getting away with what he has to date, is the bully supporting senators from the Repubican party. What in the world could be thier rational. What could be superior to the well being of the USA? How do they shave, do they not look themselves in the face?

  • Some believe what he says about being a very stable genius.✋🏻🗑🤚🏻

  • Is anyone still naive enough to watch this channel? Isn’t this the guy that got fired at the other channel for lying? At least we can trust him now.

  • Not ‘drain the swamp.” We need to drain the orange pustule that is growing on our democratic republic

  • Anybody note the irony between the similarity of the name of Pompeo and the word Pompous?

  • Let's find out what deal he made with Putin, then this whole mess will be over rather fast

  • Trump only understands his own self interest and has never been concerned about upholding his oath of office. It is not remarkable they he would get himself in this kind of trouble. What is remarkable is that he has so many enablers in the Congress and elsewhere to defend and explain away his actions. They all need to be held accountable.

  • What kind of sick president declares the Dems, the press and the national intel community the "ENEMY" ????

  • Dirt on a political opponent as opposed to accomplishment in governance seems to be what wins the White House these days.

  • Col. George S. Patton, Sr.

    the title of an MSNBC YouTube video…SURPRISE..!


  • Everybody using everybody…the aides and whistleblowers are our future senators.

  • Absolutely, we need matured individuals who truly have strong shoulders 💪 and respectful when it comes to political interest issued and dealing with other governments.

  • More confirmation of that fact.

  • Enjoy the propaganda. Trump was getting nato to contribute more, and he's been successful. You don't get others to pay their share when you pick up the bill

  • Trump is a traitor to the Constitution, his oath of office, the United States government and its people. The Constitution clearly states as a founding principal, that asking for foreign aid in an election is not permitted. There is no misunderstanding and there is no excuse. There is no question as to his motives. The world heard him ask Russia, Ukraine, and China for that assistance. After the Mueller investigation, he said he would do it again, and he has. But in the Republican heart, there is only greed. That's why there is no shame. That's why all those who swore an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution are also traitors to the Constitution and the country they serve when they make excuses to protect the traitor instead of the Constitution. Trump must be impeached as well as all those who took the oath of office yet support the spin and lies undermining the Constitution. No one should serve this country if they are unwilling to fulfill their oath of office. And none have the right to defy this nation's Constitution. Asking foreign countries to interfere in our elections is not just against the law, it is a high crime. It is an attack on this Nation's Constitution that grants We the People our freedom of self-determination. Refusal to fulfill one's oath of office is a corruption that cannot be tolerated.

  • Can someone please tell Mr. Trump to stop this show. The Aprentice is over and so his presidency should. No more drama please!!!!!

  • More people are getting responsibility that is telling the truth no hiding secrets and no telling a lie because you already know that it's some of your dad sometimes that is so we got trouble and it for the past and the future whoever that is is a leader well they could be more trouble and head that you just don't know about it because you should know this already it is right front of your nose👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃👃

  • Who is the socialist??

  • Trump con in chief. I bet most Americans will celebrate when this psychopath is no longer in the White House.

  • You you pig commy

  • Shame on you MSNBC watcher. Act like a soldier. SOlDIER.

  • Ashim Chakravorty

    trump is the oldest thing in the white house , than Warren or person that had heart attack 72 or Sanders, so what are they talking about……k.c.

  • What a bunch of stuffed shirts. Pompeo, Trump, Barr, McConnell. The hand puppets of Putin. Where is their pride? There can't be room for a heart and lungs with Putin's hands so prominent. Dems will have to show them how to pull up their pants, and fasten their belts. Maybe they can run to their wizards in search of hearts and brains. They seem to have no good will. Do they not see how dangerous it is to support mad men?

  • Why is Bidens son the director of the ukrainian oil business? Is he ukrainian citizen or double citizen?

  • The Frolfin' Dolphin

    Pompeo is a child molester

  • Machiavelli Plato

    Only toadies, sycophants and eunuchs in the ROOM.

  • Obama asked several countries to spy on Democrat opposition candidates particularly Trump…. Where was the call to impeach Obama? Hypocrites, and fake news propaganda, no wonder the majority of Americans rejected fake news and Elected Trump…These people know one thing…false mis-attribution of the Truth…. Biased liberal theatrics is all this is.

  • Republicans have become rotten, time to throw them out

  • Crowley here showing respect to his name "The majority of the Crowley family came from the county of Cork, with three-quarters of the family originating from there. The Irish "O Cruadhlaoich" or "Ua Cruadhlaoich", a Gaelic name meaning "descendant of the hard hero" or "descendant of the hardy warrior", was anglicised to "Crowley" or "O'Crowley".

  • Pompeo: "I'm not gonna let Democrats bully MY people! They're MINE to bully! You'll see. I'll bully them away from testifying!"

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor



  • My amazement; his lemmings still follow him; how clueless can they be?!

  • Fake news media, dems are great people. 5 dollar a gallon clean air clean gas windmills they have all the bright ideas….while we were in 2012 Obama was selling weapons. Osama Obama they say

  • History will remember trump as the worst president ever

  • I don't condone ditry politics of anykind and I have no use for people who turns his back on his Country during the Vietnam war and and goes to Russia and studied over there over there come back get pardoned and then Year's later become President not once but twice. I'm sorry but anyone who turns his back on his Country should never be pardoned let alone become president. Everyone I know said no matter how you look at it!! Turning your back on your country in war time is treason.

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