Simple Tricks to Approach + Land Big Clients

Hi! It’s Marie! It’s Q & A Tuesday time! Q: And, I have to say today I’m really excited
about this question. This is actually something that wasn’t in our original bank of questions.
Someone just sent it in and it was so good that my team’s like, “Oh, my God! This one’s
so juicy, I have to answer it!” So it’s from Hannah and Hannah writes: “I’ve recently set up a graphic design business
and have a few clients but there are a number of people I want to work with because I believe
their current solutions just aren’t working for them, and I believe I can provide something
better.” We like that confidence, Hannah! “These are businesses I don’t currently have
contact with so it would be a cold call business pitch. How can I go about pointing out what
I see to be the problems with what they do to create the opportunity to discuss what
I could do for them without me sounding like I’m undermining them or their current choices? I’m concerned that if I don’t approach this
in the right way, they’ll be left saying, “Who the hell is she?” We’ve never even met
and she’s asking for a rebranding job by slagging off on her current business. Why would we
ever work with her?” Many thanks for your time. I live for Marie’s insightful posts.
They keep me on my feet every week!” Well, thank you so much for that! A: But this is an awesome question. First
of all, Hannah what I love about what you’re proposing here is even the framework. You’re
not waiting for businesses to come to you. You’re proactively looking for you know, who’s
out there in the world that I can do great work for and how do I get them to be my clients.
So we got some really clear steps for you to take today. The first step is you want to do some research,
first on a business level. So go to their website, check out their About page. Look
at the company history. Look at what their products are, their services, who are their
clients. You want to find out about their price points. Learn everything that you can
about the companies that you want to get their business. Right, because the first step to
really connecting with someone is to really understand who they are and what they do in
the world. Okay so, here’s what you want to do next,
you want to research them on a personal level. So check out their Facebook page. Look at
their Twitter profile, see if you can get a feel for what they talk about and what they’re
interested in. So look for any common connection points. For example, I always have a certain
affection for people that are from New Jersey because I’m from New Jersey. So maybe you
guys are from the same state or take a look at what they listen to in terms of music.
Maybe you guys are both Lady Gaga fans, who knows! The point is you want to look for some
genuine connection points. So step two is all about engagement, right?
So once you’ve done all this research, now you want to go back to social media and you
want actually start to connect with them. So you can jump into the Twitter conversation,
maybe you can retweet something that they’ve posted out. You can leave a comment on their
blog or even put some kind of message or post on their wall on Facebook. The point is you
just want to start to engage, you want to connect. Use that research that you did in step one
to just genuinely show that you’re interested in who they are and what they’re creating
in the world. Don’t make too much of it. Think about it like you’re in a cocktail party.
You want to find something genuine that you can share or something that you can connect
with but again, don’t make it a big deal. Just have fun and connect! Okay, so step three and this one is really
important. This is the one that no one else does, you want to “wow” their pants off! Yes,
wow their pants off. I said it. So what does that mean, that means if you are looking at
these companies and you’re like, ” God, I could do this so much better. I can see how
their logo could be better.” Or whatever is happening in that creative gorgeous brain
of yours, just start doing it. Right, you want to walk your walk. I don’t care if you say you can do all this
great work, I want you to show me the results. This happened to me recently actually. Someone
came up to me, they said, “I really want to work with you. I want to work with your business
and this woman had so much confidence, she literally dove in and started fixing things.
She did it with a lot of respect, of course but she won my business because she just started
doing it, right? She didn’t ask me for my credit card number.
She didn’t pitch me with a long proposal. She showed me results and I actually had to
chase her down after two weeks, and I said, “I have to start paying you. You’re doing
so much. You’re helping me get so many results. Let’s get something in place.” So I would
highly suggest that you use your creativity and just do the work for free. Wow their pants
off! Send them some possibilities. Send them options and if you’ve done the first two steps
and you add on this third one, it’s really going to be hard for them to resist giving
you the business. So first, Hannah thank you so much for asking
this question. This is awesome and please do let us know how it goes. I would love to
hear how you’ve taken action on this and also what the results were. So thank you so much
for watching another Q & A Tuesday and I’ll talk to you again soon.

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