SERIOUSLY?! 8 Mind-Bending Real Estate Facts You Won’t Believe 😳

– [Man] You might not realize it but there are a lot of mind blowing facts about the real estate industry that most people around the world are completely oblivious to. By the time you finish this video, you’re gonna walk away
with some impressive new knowledge that you can use to impress your friends and start some fascinating
new conversations. Stick with me, you’ll be glad you did. (gentle music) Let me start by asking you a question. How long do you think it takes to build a 30 story skyscraper? Do you think it takes
like a number of months or maybe even years? In China, some builders are
able to regularly construct buildings of this size
in as little as 15 days. That’s right, not 15 months,
not 15 weeks, but 15 days. How do they do this? Well in a lot of cases what they’re doing is they’re using prefabricated modules and a construction crew of
approximately 200 people working round the clock 24 hours a day and because they’re so well organized and they have so many building projects that are always waiting to be done, construction companies are able to build dozens of these buildings each month and given how fast these
things can be built, some people might wonder,
okay, are these buildings safe? Well according to a company in China called the Broad Group that’s responsible for building a lot of these
buildings at breakneck speed, they say that these buildings
are able to withstand up to a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and they adhere to the highest possible environmental standards. Don’t let the quick turn
around time fool you. These things are
apparently very well built and perform at the same
level that it takes American companies years to build. So remember, the next
time you’re dealing with a really slow general contractor, feel free to let them
know that there are people in the world who can
build massive buildings a lot faster than most people realize. Most of us who live in
first world countries may think we understand
what poverty looks like but if you’ve ever traveled into some of the deeply poverty stricken
areas of the third world, you’ve probably seen a whole other level of what it really means to be poor. For instance, did you
know that the typical full size home in many
developing countries is 75 square feet total. Its main purpose is to serve as a roof and shelter from the elements but not a whole lot more
so just keep in mind the next time you feel like
you’re running short on space, there’s a good chance
that unless you live in something like an old refrigerator box, you probably have things a lot better than many other people in the world do. When the average person
hears the words Las Vegas, they probably think of images like this but it might surprise you to
know that for the most part the famous Las Vegas strip is actually not located in the city of Las Vegas. As a way to avoid paying taxes, most of these buildings are situated in an unincorporated place called Paradise which is completely surrounded
by the city of Las Vegas. Despite this, the name Paradise
remains relatively unknown because all the zip
codes that serve Paradise are assigned to the default
place name Las Vegas. For all of you accountants
and CPAs out there go ahead and add this to the list of creative ways to dodge taxes. Speaking of weird facts about big cities, did you know that the Chicago
river flows backwards? Back in 1887, the
Illinois general assembly decided to reverse the
flow of the Chicago river by taking water from Lake Michigan and discharging it into
the Mississippi watershed. This was partly in response to concerns created by an extreme weather event that happened in 1885 that threatened the city’s water supply. If this sounds like a
somewhat difficult project, you’re right, it’s actually a huge deal that they were able to do this. In 1999 almost 100 years later, the system was named a
civil engineering monument of the millennium by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Now if you’re a germaphobe
or if you own properties that are occupied by germaphobes, you might be interested to
know that brass doorknobs disinfect themselves. I know that probably sounds crazy, but it’s really a thing and it’s called the oligodynamic effect,
which basically means that the ions in the metal have a toxic effect on spores, fungi,
viruses, and other germs, eliminating them within eight hours. There are actually
several different metals that have a very similar
effect including copper, iron, silver, and gold,
but brass is by far the most antimicrobial and the
least expensive of them all. If you talk to most real estate investors in the United States,
you’ll kind of hear this ongoing assumption that given enough time, their properties will
eventually appreciate in value and become worth more over the long haul. In countries like Japan however, it’s a very different story. Most Japanese houses
actually depreciate in value. Half of all the houses built in Japan are demolished within 38 years and there is virtually no
market for pre-owned homes. Because of how the real
estate market works in Japan, there are nearly four
times as many architects per capita and more than twice
as many construction workers when compared to the US. If you’re one of those
real estate investors who buys for appreciation,
Japan is one of those places that you might wanna think twice about before you dive into that market. Have you ever dreamed
about owning that perfect piece of land where you could
go camping in the summer time or build your dream home? If you’ve spent a lot of
time looking at vacant lots for sale and you’re still coming up short, you might be interested to know that there’s a website that will sell you one acre of land on the moon
for less than $30 US dollars. So aside from the fact that you’ll never be able to access your
land and even if you could you would die in a matter of seconds ’cause there wouldn’t
be any air to breathe, who knows, maybe you could pass it on to your great great great grandchildren so that when humans
finally colonize the moon, they’ll have some place
to park their space RV. If you could travel back in time and go to New York City in the late 1920s, you’d probably know that
there was fierce competition between several buildings in that city to be the next tallest
building in the world. Ultimately, the competition narrowed down to two contenders. One of them was the Chrysler building and the other one was 40 Wall Street. When it became apparent
that these two buildings were going neck to neck to
become the next tallest building in the world, each one of
them while they were both under construction
continued adding flag poles and other details to inch their
way ahead of the other one. Meanwhile, the architect
of the Chrysler building had secretly built a 125
foot long spire inside at the very top and when 40
Wall Street was completed, the spire was pushed up
through the Chrysler building to make it taller by 119
feet, which at that point, made it the clear winner as the tallest building in the world and I can imagine the
architect of 40 Wall Street probably said something like, aw come on. With that, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you learned something new here, be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what your
favorite real estate fact was. And for that matter, if you happen to know of any interesting real estate facts, leave a comment about that
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