Mont Kiara is one of the highest demanded neighborhoods in Kuala Lumpur. It is expat friendly, safe, and convenient to all the major roads. Are you lost in your quest to hunt for a property here? Let me do the work for you exclusively! Hi, my name is Kevin Teh. Today I’m going to show you this particular unit. It’s “Seni Mont Kiara” This is a very very unique unit. It is a duplex It is a corner and it’s a very very huge unit. It is 6684 square feet Seven bedrooms Ten bathrooms and five car parks. So this is the private lobby And this here is the foyer Are you ready to have a look at this? Let’s go! So welcome to the grand living area, so what you can see is this is the living area This is the dining area What is good about this particular unit is that it’s got a very wide frontage with a full view of the swimming pool outside There’s a lot of things that you can enjoy here why first of all, you can sit on this dining area enjoy the view, but We don’t have so much time. I would like to show you more of it come let’s go Here There is a guest bedroom with its own attached bathroom And here is the kitchen area Look, Owner has already done up this whole place from the ground up. There is a Island area just done up with a solid teak as well as an Italian granite table top and this is the second kitchen here It is a wet kitchen area Behind here there is a utility area, Yard area, as well as a toilet so you can see this is a duplex unit Duplex unit with an upper level and a lower level so this upper level has One bedroom that I have already shown you and there are another two bedrooms and it is where this place is Bedroom number one Bedroom number two Look we have already seen bedroom 1, bedroom 2, and a guest bedroom, and some other spaces like the Kitchen area as well as the living area, the dining area. How about some other space in the lower level? Let me show you there. Let’s go! Ok! So here we are at the lower level of the “Seni” ground floor unit So we have already seen that upper level. Upper level has got the three bedrooms we have already shown you So we got another four bedrooms Which are they the first one is going to be a master bedroom Second one is a junior suite third one and the fourth one are similar size sort of bedrooms Let’s have a look at the first one. which is the master bedroom. Come! Welcome to the master bedroom! So master bedroom itself is beautifully done up by the owner The owner has actually got this lanai area and converted it into a walk-in wardrobe Also for this master bedroom this area here is actually a chill area where the owner himself Can actually use this area to chill with the TV and also a bit of view Towards the pool outside. The bathroom here Which is the biggest in the whole unit because this is a master bath. Have a look around. It’s quite big, right? How about this? We have actually got one more space here! This is a dressing area Look how big this particular space is. Look! This dressing area is so huge You can put in all your shoes your bag your dresses and this particular size Here is as big as one of the bedrooms upstairs so you can imagine how big this master bedroom is so this junior suite is Almost the same size as some of the bedrooms up there But owner has already made this particular space an extra space. So this space actually adds on about 10 to 15 percent of extra space When I’m standing here on my left and on my right they are similar size bedroom three and bedroom four. Have a look at them. Come! And this particular bathroom and bedroom as well We’ve got seven bedrooms already right and we’ve got so many bathrooms I can’t think of how many already but have a look this particular space here Its called a Powder room right, so you will think why do we need a powder room in the lower level where every single room here has got its own attached bathroom. So maybe you should look at this view here. We call it a family area So most of the families they want a family area. Why is that? For a unit as big as this we need a place for all the family members to chill, right? so this is the area where you can explore to have a common area for the family As well as something that you can explore to actually renovate up the place to make it a home theater system So this particular family area is actually located right at the corner of the lower level Its gonna be the best spot in the whole unit. Why do I say that? Well, you can see this particular area opens up to a outdoor space welcome to the outdoor area Where you will see this is a private outdoor space it has got a garden itself and For a owner he can use this a particular space to welcome his friends and family from another entrance. Where is that entrance? This is another entrance From the lower level. So that is a good thing about duplex where you have a second entrance From a lower level and it has got a lot of privacy Why do we call it a privacy because number one if you have such a huge house huge area You need some privacy as well and if you have a private event here what you can do is that you can just open up this area and Welcome your friends and family to just particular space like this So do you want to know how big this outdoor space is? Let me take you around So you can see This whole stretch here belongs to you right, and you can enjoy The convenience and security of condominium unit as well as a privacy and the feel of a landed property So is there anything else to it? Maybe! How about we go to one more space to wrap up this whole place have a look! come! Remember when we just came into the unit just now we talked about: Full frontage view, right? “Full Frontage View” is that there is a lanai area, a mid terrace, and an L-shaped terrace here This is the L-shaped Terrace In Mont Kiara itself, especially in Seni Mont Kiara, most of the big units are four bedrooms, three bedrooms, but this one has seven bedrooms So you have extra space here. Number two is this is a very secure area and, number three this one is more like a landed property “feel”, and There’s a lot of good views to die for! Have a look at this particular swimming pool here Thank you so much for watching this video! If you liked this video support me by giving a LIKE! share it around, tag me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform! Subscribe to my channel and turn on the post notification bell too – so you won’t miss out on any future videos. Thank you!


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