Are you betting on real estate to become a millionaire? This video is for you Hi, I am Mothish, your property coach. author of the book Reality Of Real Estate to become a millionaire through real estate investment there are two vital aspects to keep in mind which are right price and right location. There are certain ways to determine the right price to some extent, real estate is similar to share market but with a long term investment period. real estate prices may fluctuate as per market demand making use of such trends and investing when prices are low will result in high property appreciation. for example in Chennai, in 2004 after Tsunami, the prices of properties along east cost road were dead low. making use of the opportunity during such times to invest could have reaped huge benefits today. Hence, an investment during such times would turn into a fortune today. In addition to that, its important to identify the right time to invest by observing developments in multiple locations. Analyzing the ups and downs in prices, and if you take the plunge when prices are low, you can have a better deal. Also, identifying upcoming locations and investing before they become familiar will result in a good deal for you. In order to identify locations for investment and choosing properties it is important to do a lot of home work. it is important to take a look at least 20 to 30 properties before finalizing on one. So, go and shop around constantly looking for new properties and then finalize on one. While searching for properties there are a few things to look for. Mainly upcoming infrastructure developments such as airport, bus stand 400 ft road, 200 ft road, ring road or any infrastructure development by tourism department. Such locations will have rapid appreciation For Example OMR in Chennai which has seen rapid developments due to IT companies. Similarly Mahindra world city brought in lot of developments and appreciation in Chengalpet On the other hand Sriperumbudur has developed due to industries and SIPCOT. Maybe its in a down trend now but it has . seen significant appreciation in the past. So you have to keep on working to identify developing locations with respect to infrastructure and invest in such locations resulting in huge returns. Porur has developments such as DLF IT park hence, the appreciation in price is more. Ambattur has IT park hence there is appreciation around it. Locations where there are upcoming developments will see future appreciation. So, identifying the right location is the key here to become a millionaire. To summarize, investing at the right price and at the right location will definitely make you a millionaire. If you enjoyed watching this video, consider sharing with your friends to receive more such videos subscribe to Reality Of Real Estate Channel and press the bell button Thank you & I’ll meet you in the next video.

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