San Diego Realtor Vlog – Video Production Tips – Hang a backdrop

Hello everyone this is gonna be a little do-it-yourself Hack that I’ll share with you in a few minutes, but first what I want to do is I want to address the question That’s asked to me most frequently. It’s almost a little frustrating to me It’s how do you do all this videography work and be a real estate broker well, let’s start with my normal day 5:30 in the morning. I wake up. I watch you University of YouTube for maybe 45 minutes everything from lighting camera equipment and you name it if it’s about videography it is on YouTube you find somebody you really liked it’s a good instructor Subscribe as soon as you post something new you’re right there with it. OK so then I move on to the rest of my day. I do all of my social media advertising campaigns. I Communicate with all my clients. I look for new methodologies to advertise properties and Say somebody calls me. They say George. I wanna go see this house. I’m out here I turn this camera off right now. If my phone rang Transition through the day to come back to this then I take my camera equipment with me most times so if I see something That’s really entertaining and I can share it with my clients or use it as b-roll. I’m right there for it. Ok let’s get to the hack You need to hang your green screen or some other background But you really don’t know how to get it up in that location all you do is grab a hanger That’s designed for pants, clip it on, your hanging. Just like I hung the flags in the background, very inexpensive very fast. It works almost anywhere. So the introduction that I did today That’s something that I’m working on for a client video I want to do the best client video that I’ve ever done to highlight my unique value proposition. Very very few agents utilize video Matterport and address specific websites. I want to share that with the public and they need to do it is Well as I possibly can and and understanding the sixty Seconds? Here’s my storyboard for that that was the intro or part of it if you have any comments on it. Please by all means Critique it! If you don’t like it neither will the clients. I wish you the best. Oh, and I was forgot Remember Realtors can do anything!

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