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Hello, new subscribers, old subscribers or brand new to the channel, welcome! So what are you going to get out of the vlog today? Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take and continue to put together some previously produced snippets that were optimized for Facebook. Now, at the time that I did these YouTube didn’t offer many of the tools that are now available. Which include end cards, drop down notice cards, for series. There’s a lot of new stuff here. Let’s jump into what was a short intermission, and I’m going to install some of these component pieces. As we go into the next segment I’m going to add a couple of more of these three assets. If you’re a realtor think of the ability that is now present. You can prompt a buyer or a client through a series of videos. If you’re a home seller think of all the tools that are available Matterport, video, address specific websites. Make sure to demand these from the agents that you elect to do business with. Let’s get back to that video. Every now and then you look at the camera, and you just know that something’s wrong. Well I got a channeled message for my dad, and I know exactly what the problem is I’m gonna go fix it. Now that that task is completed, let’s go back out into the garage where I’m converting it into a studio and we’ll go through a couple of the boxes. I think I may be able to show you how my dad figures into all of this. Fishing equipment, what does fishing equipment have to do with cleaning up a garage and turning it into a studio? Well, this is some of the contents of one of the boxes or a few of the boxes around the floor. Including some in these Penn international reels, Dad really liked a good fishing equipment. A little bit about my dad. My dad was the United States Marine. This is a picture that was taken of him in about 1956 in Detroit, Michigan. He was on recruiting duty, prior to that in the Korean War he was injured went to Japan, learned fluent Japanese was then sent to San Diego where it became a drill instructor. He met my mother and my sister was born. Let’s call her my younger sister. That’ll make her feel good as she watches this and Dad was an inspirational man. He became an electronics engineer, retired an officer in the Marine Corps. He always believed im. I mean he really practiced it in his life , if he wanted it he pursued it with passion until he had it. If a failure would come along he would just look at it and say hey, try again. And that’s the way he raised us, he told us you can be anything you want so when I hear someone tell me, You can’t be both a real estate broker and do video because there are two separate fields. I look at the,m, like are you nuts? You obviously never met my father, when he retired he became the president of the Orchid Society. How many Marines lecture on orchids at Kew Gardens you can do anything you want to do. Now this Was a camera my dad bought me. This was one of the first Minolta underwater, built for basically anybody’s ability, to buy, not professional. And I liked it so much. I think I took one picture of it and tried it underwater just to prove that it could be done. I still have this it has to be a 45 year old camera To thank my dad and to maintain the inspiration of turning me into who I am, this is gonna get posted in the studio. As a backdrop, and when I feel I either need to talk to my dad or I need to say something with some real power. I may just stand behind this. I wish you all the very best in let’s go to the next episode. It’s got to be easier to do then going through the boxes of loved ones that passed away. Thank you Thank you very much for spending some time with me today And I want you to do one thing for me if you wouldn’t mind, besides subscribe, remember Realtors can do anything we prove it every day!

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