San Diego Realtor | Control Lighting for Emotion in Video

You know the really nice thing about
light” is it can bring on a certain dramatic appeal. But how did I do it,
let’s turn on the lights. (clapping noise) Of course you know that we’re all products of our
experiences and the things that we’ve done. Well, years ago I worked with the
people that represented the Green Line in that American flag back there and we
had to work under a set of circumstances that were not over always favorable. And
we didn’t have all the tools that many other governmental agencies had. So we
had to come up with ways to invent. We would look at things that other people
would cast aside and figure out how to make them work, even better than the
tools that the person had, that had the best tools. So when I needed a spotlight
I decided I better invent one. Let me go grab that. Now you can tell by the change in the
light, that all this is is a baffle. I was able to manufacture this out of a
vinegar bottle and a piece of cardboard. And now what I’ve done is I have another
square light, that is an LED light. Of course there’s no heat put off by these,
so you’re absolutely safe and using paper. And what I’ve done is I fashioned
one and I’ll show you how I did it. First thing that I did was I took a piece of
cardboard and cut a circular hole the same size is the one gallon plastic jug.
then I took another two pieces I cut it to a baffle size the same size. (As) the two
more pieces of cardboard. I put spacer pieces in, glued those in.
Then I took a baffle I laid it in and made sure that it would go back and
forth. And so it would clear. And then I started to cut some baffle holes.
It’s really not that difficult a process. And what I did was I made something that
will give some dramatic effect, that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Also I used my
brain, I thought, I contemplated how to make something out of nothing and I
succeeded. It’s a very nice feeling knowing that you can do that. If you don’t mind for the dramatic part
of this I’d like to dedicate it to the people of Las Vegas, that have lost the
loved ones. And to the first responders. I know how difficult a job they face. Our
nation is hurting right now. The senseless murder of our countrymen when
they’ve gone out to listen to the universal language of music, it’s just
not right. That is evil. I wish each one of you the very best and please join me
in a prayer for everyone in Las Vegas. Thank you. Amazing Grace how sweet the
sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I’m found was
blind but now oh I see

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