• There is one issue with the basic income

    The question about the running of societies is about power and which individuals within the group hold it.

    Power consists of
    Will to act
    Competency to conduct an act
    Resources to devote to an act

    Successful capitalist societies rely on

    Drive to take risks (willpower)
    Economic rationalism (Competency)
    Cash capital via savings or investment (Resources)

    UBI solves only the last of those problems. Its a good idea but not a golden bullet

  • Yes, been saying this for years and have been laughed at….pray it happens

  • What was this women thinking wearing leather pants?

  • Stop being polite…..it was conservatives who killed the UBI experiments in Canada. Every time.

  • Last year (2018), I used Wikipedia to look up the US Federal Budget for welfare. There's a lot of different programs and I added them up to come to a grand total. This was jsut quick and so the result was a near approximation, but sufficient for what I was trying to figure out, which was "Would a UBI cost more than Welfare to fund?"

    So, next I divided by twelve to determine the amount each month and then divided by the population of the US. Note, I did not include state, county or municipal programs.

    I ended up with an amount just a little over US$1,000. That is, the US government is currently spending more on Welfare than it would on a UBI. So, Americans could receive $1,000 per month, every month, from birth to death, without any restrictions. It would reduce bureaucracy, redundancy, paperwork. Welfare programs that are not Federally funded could also be eliminated allowing for those resources to be used elsewhere.

  • Basically, this does not necessarily have to be a particularly high amount, but enough to live by and preserve one's dignity. That would definitely allow people any kind of blackmail from work, to follow a profession that deserves, to stabilize psychologically, take some time some months to look after their family, or social life, quit smoking and many other very important reasons. Again, this does not have to be a huge amount and of course someone in order to live better will have an incentive to go back to work the soonest but it would be someone that cannot be blackmailed and will be able at some stages of their life to look after themselves. Think that the democrats during the Nixon period sought for an even higher amount, endangering the outcome and demeaning the idea of the universal income.

  • So a historian is qualified to lecture on economics huh?

  • “Venture capital for citizens”

  • Evidence based policy making? How novel!

  • Everyone here looking for money for doing nothing. Whatever happened to good old work ethic where you worked hard and worked your way up the ladder to make a good salary. Now everyone just wants to say hey I’m entitled give me money.

  • I think I had an existential crisis watching this. I work a job where my most important task is making up information for s report about how much work I do.

  • Fortune and glory.

    Rutger is a smug globalist wanting open borders and the myth of distributed income for all. Lots of theory, poor in practice. Right out of Marx's playbook. A socialist wolf in democratic sheep's clothing. As a historian, you'd think he'd realize the turmoil when open border meant marauding warlords taking what they want. As an economist, his economics are severely lacking.

  • dont agree with open borders, what is he thinking of?

  • open borders means europe will be full up and toppled. what nonsense.

  • 15 Hours per week at work is a massive waste of (labour) resources. We need a jobs guarantee.

  • It does not have to be about "No Borders", that is something added by the NWO. Perhaps Bitcoin will do better.

  • I am so tired of that excuse, "Where will the money come from?" It comes from where bankers get it– they make it up out of nothing! Only a small percentage of human wealth exists as tangible form such as bills and coins– the rest exists as 1s and 0s in a database. If that database got wiped out, then where is that wealth?

    It's plain the old ways of wealth distribution are corrupt or don't work. It's time to try something else for a change.

  • A way to keep UBI sustainable is to make it a floating amount based on GDP. Everyone contributes 25% of after-tax income and receives an equal share. It will drop when too many people free-ride, motivating more people to re-enter the labour pool. A minimum wage worker (who still receives the UBI) would have more than double the income of the free-rider. The existing Income Tax infrastructure is already set up to implement this. For the bottom, it would be a refundable tax credit. For those with average (mean, not median) incomes, the amount that goes in equals the amount that they get back. For those above the mean, it would be an additional tax levy. Simple.

  • What a load of horse crap, we already have a form of guaranteed income in various cities across the US right now, its called welfare and medicaid and it's mostly given out to single mothers, and theres absolutely no evidence that it actually changes human intellect or life expectancy for the better. In fact Id say the intellect in certain intercity communities supported by welfare, has actually gone down, so lets give everybody a monthly check and see what happens. He's a typical educated leftist, mixing half truths with a few obvious observations. They like to take some social experiment that was tried in a mono culture somewhere with a small amount of success, then make the assertion, it will also work in a very diverse culture like America, when theres absolutely no evidence to support that. Heres some truisms in regards to civilization, you'll always get more of what you subsidize, and you'll always get more of the same foolishness that you entertain.

  • dulce underground

    Good discussion, however, if they think a basic income system could be implemented in the US w/o a wall being in place on the southern border, they need to have their IQ checked. Unless Mexico, Central and South American countries followed suit and had sufficient funding to also implement the same plan, we would be swamped more than ever by people from several countries south of the border.

  • dulce underground

    If you can turn down jobs or "not have to work", who would be garbage men, work at restaurants, or even be teachers? The system has some flaws that need to be worked out. Turn over at lower paying jobs would be insane and there would be a shortage in work force; I mean, that is happening now without this plan in place.

  • I am all for these ideas. This is what can create a much better world. Eradicate poverty and militarism. OOhh how should the US military industry survive

  • “Absence of the condition is the cure for the condition, therefore the cause of the condition is the condition itself.”

  • This man is my new hero.

  • There should be an income limit for this ubi. It doesn't make sense to give a rich person something they don't need and will not really use since they already have millions. But if the rich protest that it is welfare for the poor then perhaps it has to be given to even them so that they cannot complain. But the fact is the rich are not paying their fare share of taxes and a grand a month for them is like pocket change.

  • It should be printed not taxed or borrowed. The way you stop this causing inflation is by how they stop inflation now monetary policy of the central bank. It should be phased in slowly so there is no sudden increase in the money supply. Using the natural growth in the economy to finance the expansion in the money supply. It should be remembered that QE money printing in the trillions failed to produce the desired inflation growth in the money supply. It should also be remembered all money is created in the form of a loan and there is no restriction on this except for the monetary policy of the central bank.

  • The Ultimate NANNY STATE — Orwell would be proud. Ask the blacks how Welfare worked for them — they sold it to them the same exact way. How has this worked out, NOT SO GOOD. This is complete bull shit.

  • Richard Nixon while president suggested this basic income to allow no one to be under the poverty level. Nixon also was pro national health care. Imagine. That is how totalitarian and greedy the Republicans have come from the 70s to 2019

  • When I say Orwell would be proud — I mean proud of his predictions not what is acutally happening.

  • And how do you deal with cost of healthcare, and education. Will there be free programs for the necessities of surviving and thriving? You know the biggest problem why we have poverty is by design. Man want's to enslave man, UNFORTUNATELY.
    While not all people are enslavers and mean and unjust and careless; but, those who are, end up becoming wealthier (in position of power), and they are by nature and character are not interested in justice, righteousness, fairness, or doing what is right and what makes sense. So, the very wealthy people find ways to not even pay their fair share of taxes. Remember, the WORLD we live in is not square, it's round and unevenly round for that matter. Just think of the cost of bombs and the planes that carry them. Some of these bombs cost in the millions of dollars. And wealthy and powerful countries, in an interest to control the livelihood of other developing nations, will drop these million dollar bombs on them and disrupt and destroy people; and would not drop million dollars sacks of money on them. But, to be fair, If wealthy and powerful countries, in the interest of humanity, did drop million dollars sacks of money on nations, these nations, as soon as they are wealthy and powerful, will drop million dollar bombs on the same country that strengthened them. Unfortunately, man kind is not free from careless and selfish behavior. This is the way of the World we live in.
    The only way to get out of poverty is through taxation that does not come with loopholes. It's taxation based on buying power, luxury, and is applied across the board to all rich, the middle class and the poor. It's a percentage based on the life style you are living. If the super wealthy did not have all these tax shelters and loopholes, and paid their share of taxes, there will be so much wealth that no one will be poor. Everyone will do their role and responsibility and honor their contracts and commitments, etc. But, that is more of a pipe dream than a possibility. No one in POWER will willingly accept to relinquish it to another so that this "Other" will become their Lord and control their life. We all want to be in control. It's a monkeys in the cage rule. He who has the power, rules; It's the golden rule, he who has the gold rules. We already have good functioning systems. What is not allowing them to work, is corruption, loopholes, shelters, etc.

  • Daryl Pettiford

    President Yang, obviously is a big fan of this man’s ideas.

  • Geralt of Riffia

    How awesome would it be if a dutch dude would finally fix poverty for everyone. Talk about making a positive mark on history. Such an ideal to strive for.

  • 31 minutes in, for God's sake, no the left does NOT only know what we're against. You're outlining plenty of things we're for in this video, basic income, affordable and decent standard of living, universal healthcare, jobs that have value and aren't just wastes of time that don't pay you enough to survive etc. Right wingers like Friedman and Libertarians say the left is only against their shit like austerity, we're against austerity b/c it's PROVEN TO NOT WORK, the left is for plenty of things, specifically whatever works.

  • Reagan and Thatcher should be brought to a wall of shame for converting the world economy to favour only the rich ! It's the greatest theft that destroyed and impoverished directly or indirectly millions of people ! Their policies are literally the wrong turn

  • If you take this twat seriously , I feel sorry for you.

  • Love that the questions here are actually informed and constructive.

  • This 'first step' makes the next step visual..as all ways in a productive process.
    Not making this 'first step' means also to us, not having new options for the future for the world we live in right now.

    In fact, after this profitable step money wise, the opening of borders comes up by itself.
    'my world is yours' is not an Utopia really.
    Today, we loose a lot of energy in fighting with political groups.., this energy-loss does not need to be.
    Government is there to regulate the total of the democratic state, not fighting to change it towards their own ideas, separating the total which is already democratic.
    A democratic country has no need for separation, it is a whole, and the electronically voted dissisions can be gathered with ease.
    A government is just a functional group of people, following the democratic rule, not fighting towards the left or right..which is not the whole of the country.
    Surprisingly you might come to the next step if you understand the workings of this 'total and whole' democratic functioning, after all, you yourself is not just left or right, you have both sides as a collection of the whole you..dependent on the issue you meet.
    There is no real need to vote for a political group, as long as you are able to express your ideas and feelings when the time is there, for every issue a simple 'click' on the net..

    But the first step has to be made first..:-)

  • kitabootforever

    He is so smart!

  • Great idea. One problem: you give everybody $1000/month their rent would go up $1000/month

  • *They are saying that one of the goals of UBI is to eliminate the cost of bureaucracy.
    My question is what are they going to do with immigrants from third world country who will set up a bank account here but live in their original country where $1000 gives you a chance to live like a doctor there??
    *They are claiming also that UBI will boost our economy because people will spend the money by buying goods from business which is a win win deal.
    My question is, what is going to happen when immigrants decide to take $1000 per month and live in their original third world country where $1000 gives you a chance to live like a doctor!! And billions of dollars will be spent in third world countries ‘s market instead of our American market???
    Listen guys, this UBI May work in a country with homogeneous population where there are no immigrants at all or very few, but it is not going to work for a country like USA, Canada, France, uk, Australia……etc. the immigrants will drain your economy, because they will simply collect their UBI while living in their original country.
    *To sum up, if their goals are what they are claiming, I am telling you it is not rational. Their goal are what they are not telling which is socialism

  • Interesting!! They repeat the same thing over and over that have been said by their fellow idiot globalists!!!
    They use Friedman when it serves their agenda, but they will not use all his idea which are most capitalism, free market and limited government intervention.
    It is an irony

  • Unbelievable!! He wants a basic universal income in meanwhile open borders!!!

  • StarSkull_Cyborg

    Andy Yang for president 2020

  • You can’t just be against something.

  • Yang Gang Yang Gang Yang Gang

  • But…..but…… ''muh'' work/starve hierarchy based on ''voluntarism''
    in a free market were we replaced the whip with homelesness and
    starvation That leads to freedumbZzZzZzZz.

  • I think what is really happening here is that people are being given stability and from that stability, they can then build a future. When life is unstable, most people are unable to plan or work to the future which pushes more people deeper into the problems they are struggling with.

  • There are people who get an income without having tomwork for it. They are the1%. Even the 15-20. This just extends that right to the rest of us.

  • The question of basic income and "why it has not been done" and a historian do not answer that is surprising. It has been done and has been done for long period of time, just that it is not written and reported in the english language.
    The entire concept of Zakat is essentially that it is used as a mechanism for the rich to show their gratefulness to Allah (SWT) whilst also showing concern for those who are not privileged enough, financially. Perhaps one of the most iconic incidents regarding Zakat is when, during the rule of the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed II, Muslims would spend hours and travel miles trying to find someone to give Zakat to.

  • Vlado Milosevic

    Love the basic premise of the book, but I fear the way assumptions are based on false comparisons. You can't compare bankers in Ireland in 1970 with garbage collectors in whole New York and doctors in some third place and say – if these people go on strike, depending on the effects, I will determine which calling/job is most important. Dangerous thinking that… 🙂

  • Vlado Milosevic

    UBI makes sense, I am 100% for that. However, a lot of things need to be made manually, would 15-20 hrs of work suffice to cover for the increase demand of certain manufactured goods? (due to UBI more ppl will be able to afford things).

  • With basis income, i would choose to help single mothers/fathers with job applications and childcare. And i could do some work for the elderly as well. And I would still have enough to pay for my own expenses. This is not well rewarded work in our capitalist society. But it woud make me very happy and it would help my society.

  • Totally agree that UBI should be a thing, and try to help get the word out about it. But speaking of "barbaric," you feel (if I understood correctly) a condition for getting UBI might be getting one's children vaccinated? That's complete bullsh*t. That's an area where it would seem you need to listen to some of those "fringe" ppl. Start with "Vaxxed TV" here on youtube, and see many professionals, doctors, nurses, and intelligent parents, giving their heart-wrenching experiences and extensive knowledge on this topic. It's all very compelling, along with discovering all the supposed studies on this sh*t were juiced by conflict-of-interest (every single one of them). Regardless, if we can't come up with a "health system" that doesn't require forcing their science juice onto rightfully unwilling participants (again, see the stories on above channel), then go back to the drawing board, and get your goddamn hands (and needles) and insane control off of what should be sovereign beings.

  • Rutger bregman is a hero of humanity.

  • I thought this was a good idea when I was like 22. Now I'm 36, and I think its a horrible idea.


  • He's a little bit smug but the message is good.

  • Far from radical. Its the future.

  • Well said by a person who produces nothing of value.

  • The reason that politicians and those in power are afraid of experiments in things like UBI is that if they do work, the false hierarchy we have now might crumble and their undeservedness would be exposed.

  • She comes off as disdainful of him ! She must have a vested interest in blowing patriarchy ;0 Women who benefit the most from male power structures and toadying to those are the worst . It's embarrassing as a women to have to watch these catty digs and smirks she gives him wow . And she seems dressed for a hot date instead of an intellectual debate . Reflects so badly on women , wear what you like , but don't be shocked when people don't take you seriously. Jenny from the block is giving this interview , bye felicia @

  • Who controls the money?

  • Pritam Banerjee

    People dont like changing their minds, thats why borders are still standing…
    Accolades from India 🙂

  • I was around in the work force in the 70s. This idea had no currency. I'm just now hearing about it. I believe much of this to be specious.

  • that host women is typical us: the commoners who didn't believe in the idea. But the question she raised was no nonsense and precise with what we all concerned about..

  • John Gillanders

    So much wisdom in this!

  • joeblackakareaper

    Instead of central banks having ZIRP and buying stocks and bonds driving prices through the roof, just give people free money for a while instead. They've tried everything else. TheReaper!

  • Well the money is only printed anyway. The people who control the printing give it to themselves first. With that they buy up everything, people, land, stock, natural resources etc. Then they sell to the rest of us at a premium. We pay with interest with our sweat and blood. Taxation just lends an air of legitimacy to what is a ponzi scheme. The truth is that there is plenty of money, just look at the sales of essentially useless luxury goods. However the illusion of scarcity is essential to keep the lie going.

  • i'm not paying for it… no way i'm giving all my $$$ to the state so that they can piss it all away on a massive welfare program based on invented "rights"… you don't have a right to take my $$$ and to give it to anyone you want to, that's legal theft with a false morality behind it…

  • i have no moral obligation to save the world by having people confiscate my $$$ to then simply give it away as they wish — they talk about the "1%" paying for this, but it's really the middle class who end up doing the bulk of the lifting — people in canada already pay about 50% in taxes, and now they want more so that people can sit home and paint? is that a joke?

  • A very basic economics module during his history degrees would have put a stop to this idiotic thinking.

    His dream of UBI 'spreading around the globe' is so 2017: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47169549

    If you throw a set sum of cash at everyone in a society, all the goods and services they desire will increase in value until the effect of the cash is zero. So you have to then give people even more, or introduce price controls for everything, which is totalitarianism.

    Speaking of totalitarianism – why do you think communist states fell so far behind capitalist ones in the 20th century? Because if a visionary engineer gets paid the same as a steelworker, entrepreneurship and innovation dies.

  • The World is Waking Up, Finaly!

  • Rutger and Andrew Yang need to team up! 😝

  • Jason McQueen

    He talks good, but somehow I still need to be convinced that the price of everything won't rise to fill the void, especially for housing.

  • Rutger says Silicon Valley is in favor of UBI. That makes me suspicious about it.

  • Let it be the start of a better world.

  • Some countries thought communism was a great idea too.
    This guy also thinks the Green New Deal is a good idea.

  • And interviwers like the one in front of Rutger


  • Rutger Bregman, jij denk te simplistisch. De werkelijkheid weet je pas als je met diegenen omgaat die dagelijks leven van een uitkering. Ze geven sneller geld uit dan dat het binnenkomt. Het is een uitgave probleem. Wanneer de uitkeringen verdubbelt worden blijven de uitkeringsgerechtigden met hetzelfde probleem zitten. De uitgaven worden namelijk ook verdubbelt.

  • and what happens when you run out of other peoples money???…….

  • Utopians like to think universal basic income is unachievable and results in the destruction of utopia if achieved – I disagree.The utopian dream is the belief in a universal slavery of large masses of populations and the deprivation of their basic civil liberties. It is better to deprive vaccine manufacturers of basic civil liberties instead of making everyone have to suffer the loss of their civil liberties under their control.For universal basic income to work the selected group to be exempted from it should be vaccine manufacturers so it will not result in a utopia.

  • Nixon did how many things … and he couldn't get this one critical thing done.

  • The purpose of this sick façade, that everyone needs more wealth, is to obscure the fact that the laboring-class is the 50% working poor that is killer-cop terrorized into doing all the manual labor for starvation wages. For the more educated upper-half of society has always hoarded all the land, wealth, political power and healthcare.

    A better way, outlaw wealth by everyone desiring to own no more than needed to have a comfortable life. For wealth is property that has been plundered from the one billion least educated who are now starving, and held back from the trust fund needed to overcome global warming.

    For wealth is power that creates an intelligence dictatorship, a master-slave relationship where equality is impossible. For wealth is glory and temptation so overpowering that honesty is impossible. For wealth makes gratitude impossible. So, if heaven can do it, why can't we?

  • The interviewer seems rather smug!

  • I rather like Bregman and I would support some of his ideas.

    However, I haven't heard a single argument – not even from Trump – to say that immigrants are "all violent criminals". It could just be a slip of the tongue, but it seems more like a straw man.

  • 2:40 also make sure that that basic income is not pawnable. Otherwise mcsgrooge millionaires and richies, and banks will make it not work, again.

  • The left isn't against everything man. This is our shot. Bernie is a golden opportunity that will not come again. Watch Chris Hedges on Empire Files for what comes in Trump's second term.

  • Shaun Ryan-Izzard

    I agree with most of what is said here, apart from the issue around automation. History only shows what happens when automation tack manual or menial jobs (tilling earth, weaving cloth etc). However, the use of "AI" means jobs of intelligence or decision are now on the table. Look at accountancy. 20 years ago, every small business needed an accountant to help with tax returns. How, software like Sage or Quickbooks has all but replaced the need. Autonomous vehicles will soon replace professional driving roles. Medical algorithms are being developed that could replace front line GP services.

  • i love you rutger!! so many great points!!
    do you think he has heard about the venus project

  • Probably 38 people who disliked it are bankers.

  • the Rich and super Rich will never go for this. Since Reagan and Reaganomics, there is no going back. The idea is wonderful, but, in the USA anyway, the society is geared toward individualism. The whole idea of contributing to the common good will never go over in the USA unless a change of heart and mind takes place. People in the states are too selfish. That is our whole problem: selfishness and materialism.

  • Abolish the current UK social security system. Replace it with a minimum income guarantee varying according to whether its a family or a single individual. This would be renewed annually to take account of changing needs…

  • Universal income as a "concept" is similar to education credits. Private schools fought against it to prevent a influx of "public" students into private schools. So one might think basic living stipends is a good thing. But the elites in high value communities own the political parties that fight against basic income to prevent the "public" to move into the private wealthy communities. Likewise the Unions are against it because chaos is good to support the Union's reason for existence. To confirm what I say, look at California's Leftist Democrat controlled monopoly; the democrats control and promote the chaos. Ironically, California is now in its 26th lawsuit against Trumps policies on immigration that isolates the economic basis to implement universal income. This is the socialist contradiction and proves the idea that Socialism is mostly a power grab where winners are chosen.

  • History is a tool of social analysis. Historians can record history and speculate for the present and future.

  • When I was a college freshman at the University of the Philippines in 1972, provision of basic necessities was already considered a must. Then, Martial Law was implemented for 20 years, but the idea of the provision of basic necessities gave way to the power of the military oven the civilians.


  • brilliant mind!

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