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  • Can you please shed some light on the ad you ran and the audience size of the city and the targeting –
    Why do you feel you reached such low cost per lead where people are lucky to get $5 a lead.
    Thank you so much
    I know it was a listing leads campaign…. for a city only… 4 or 5 photos. Was it the low price? is the area in super demand?

  • Thanks Jason for the help starting my new channel. Having some dificulties but starting none the less. Going to give it a try. Decided on going for a compilation channel starting with gaming and moving on to other things like fails and tech. I know this isnt the right video but I wanted you to see the post and know that you are inspiring people to start generating a pasive income. Keep up the good work and all the best for you.

  • Hey Jason. Love your content. I'm getting into marketing for real estate agents and brokerages and you really clarify how to make that as effective as possible.

    From your perspective, any tips to stay effective as the housing markets starts to shift as more and more experts are warning?

  • Can he at least share some ad copy or anything?

  • I generated 88 leads in 3 weeks at $0.46 per lead I didn't realize this was considered good? 1 deal closed 4 serious prospects

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