Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E25 (08 Nov 2019)

Hello there. I’m Richard Osman, this is House of Games
and it is Friday, which means at the end of
today’s show, we are going to give away this trophy. It has moved slightly nearer
to our competitors. They’ve been playing
all week on House of Games. Let’s meet them for one final time. They are Nina Wadia…
Hello. ..Johnny Ball… ..Suzi Ruffell, and Danny Wallace. Hello.
APPLAUSE What a week we have had. Listen,
I’m gonna go down the line, but there’s only one place
we can start. The first three days of the week,
Danny Wallace won. Yesterday, if you didn’t see it,
you missed a treat. Our champion was…Johnny Ball. Johnny won yesterday. You won a stick of rock.
I won a stick of rock! And today, just relaxing.
You’ve won one now. You’ve proved yourself. Or are
you gonna go for another one? No, no, I’m not gonna win. Don’t want to be greedy?
Yeah. Absolutely. Nina, we’ve had four days… You’ve come a plucky fourth
every single day so far. That’s what I was aiming for. But you’ve never been that
far behind, is the truth. Oh! I think you’re capable of third. Come on, then! Suzi. Yes. Yet to win. I know, Richard.
I want to see you win today. Shall we take a look at
the weekly leaderboard? Can we? One day to go.
It’s double points Friday, But let’s see how we stand
at the moment. Nina – 4 points. Johnny, you have 11.
Suzi has 12 and Danny has 15. Now, double points Friday –
eight points for a win, six for second, four for third, two, Nina, for fourth. How about that? Be nice. Danny. There he is. Yes. Three wins in a row.
Very impressive. Yes. What a win from Johnny yesterday.
Well, he taught me a lesson, didn’t he? What lesson
did you learn?! Perseverance.
Perseverance, humility… Yes, all of those things!
All of those things! You’ve already won three prizes. Let’s take a look at the prizes
for today. Ooh! Ah! Good. We’ve saved some good prizes
for Friday. Here we go! There is a House Of Games
cricket bat, House of Games scent. House of Games tankard. Listen, there’s
a House of Games pillow. But it’s not just
a House Of Games pillow, it’s a House Of Games
pillow and duvet set. Wow. Ooh! And also, this is my favourite –
the House Of Games toolbox. Yes. What would you go for, Danny,
if you won today? Well, today I’d go either the tool box
for tinkering or the cricket bat. Lovely. Listen, it’s been an
absolute pleasure having the four of you here this week. We’re going to find out who’s
going to take away this trophy at the end of today’s show.
Shall we just get on with it? Yes. Let’s do it.
I’m going to press this buzzer. We’ll play round one.
Today, it is… Now, this is how this works. I’m gonna go along the line
and ask you each two questions. If you get the answer
off the first question. Nina, you’ll score two points. If you get it off the second
question, you score one point. The answer is the same to both
questions, but the first question is highbrow, like something classy, and the second question
is something lowbrow. Let’s begin. Nina, for two points, what’s the answer to this? Solid layer that lies
beneath loose materials. Sediment? Sediment,
you’re gonna say. Why not? We’re going to look at
the lowbrow question now. Let’s see if the answer is
sediment. OK. OK. But you can change it
if you need to. Sure. So, lowbrow. It’s got the same answer. Fraggle Rock? Ah! No, that’s another show entirely. What town do
The Flintstones live in? The town of Bedrock!
Oh, there we go! So I’m guessing you’re going
bedrock. Bedrock! Let’s take a look. Is it Bedrock? For one point, it is bedrock.
Hooray! There you go. One point to Nina. Johnny,
here’s your highbrow question. Can you get two points here? Johnny. Genesis. Genesis, says Johnny. Shall we take a look at
your lowbrow question, see if you want
to change your mind? Oh! Are you gonna change your mind? Not at all! Sticking with Genesis
for two points. Is that right? Well played, Johnny Ball! He’s got very good all of a sudden,
hasn’t he? Yes! Yeah! Four days in, he really
gets into his stride! Doesn’t he just! You just need a running start,
don’t you, Johnny?! That’s all! Suzi. Yeah. For two points,
here is a highbrow question. 58. 58. Let’s see if you want to
change your answer when we look at the lowbrow question. I almost
certainly will! You might want to. Here’s the lowbrow one. Was it 19? 19… Is that the eighth prime number? Absolutely right, Suzi.
Well done, for one point. Danny Wallace. Yes!
Danny Wallace. Three-time winner. This is not boding well, though. For two points, Danny,
answer me this. Flowers… So there’s the sunflower.
That’s a famous one. That’s Van Gogh.
Oh, this’ll be good. Go on. Are you goin to go through all the
flowers? Why don’t I say “poppy”? Going to go poppy? Let’s see if you want to stick
with that or change your mind when we take a look at
the lowbrow question. Well, Poppy’s a name, isn’t it?
Isn’t it, though?! And I can imagine a model being
called Poppy. But Cara Delevingne, I feel like she’s got
a different name, her sister. Oh, let’s risk it all
and go for Poppy. You’re going to stick with Poppy?
Yeah. For two points, let’s see. It is Poppy. Poppy! Hey! Well done.
Two points to Danny Wallace. Heading back to Nina now. Highbrow question for two points. Hmmm. Hmmm. I actually can see it,
just don’t know the name of it. Hugely famous. Oh, my goodness. The Spectator?
You going to go with The Spectator? Let’s give you
your lowbrow question, see if you want to stick with that
or change your mind. Punch. You sure it’s not
The Spectator and Judy?! It might be Punch and Judy.
Is Punch the answer? For one point, it is, Nina. Well played. Johnny, two points
in the last round. Can you repeat the trick?
Here is your highbrow question. If it’s not lion, it’s… It’s not unicorn,
but I’ll try unicorn. Unicorn, says Johnny. Here’s your lowbrow question. Unicorns! Are they unicorns?
Yep! How about that? Four points on this round. How about that? Beat that, Suzi. Yeah, I probably won’t. Let’s find out. OK. Two points for this, Suzi.
Highbrow question. I think I’ve read this play. Oh, really? Yeah. No. No? It’s not coming.
We’ll go on to the lowbrow question. Jumpers for goalposts. And Jumpers, the Tom Stoppard play,
is that right? Yeah, sure, that makes sense!
Jumpers. Let’s go with that. It’s the right answer. Well done. Jumpers for goalposts. Danny Wallace, last question
in this round, Two points for this.
Highbrow question. 1908, you say? Yeah. Just think back. Just go through
the old mental rolodex of Nobel Prize winners for Physics.
Physicist, in 1908. No, I’ve no idea. Should we go lowbrow? No, let’s just keep…
OK. Keep doing this. No, no, yeah! No, go lowbrow! We’ll go lowbrow.
Here’s the lowbrow one. Rutherford? Is it Rutherford? Greg Rutherford
and Ernest Rutherford is the right answer. Well played.
Rutherford for one point. Nicely done. How did you do at home? Get any of
those highbrow questions? Did anybody do as well
as Johnny Ball? Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
at the end of that round. Nina and Suzi both have 2, Danny has 3, Johnny, maximum marks, 4 points. Well done! Well done.
APPLAUSE Let’s see how we go
when we go to round two. This is a team game. Whoever is in last place
chooses their partner. Nina and Suzi both have two points,
which is very valiant. Nina, you’ve chosen a couple of
times. Suzi, who would you like to go with? Well, I did so well
with Johnny yesterday. That was awesome. We got
three out of three yesterday. Yes. So I think I’ll go back with Johnny. So Suzi and Nina,
do you want to change places? Just try to sneak some points off!
Sorry! Yeah, I’m sorry. Now, I’m going to give you a series
of questions. On the buzzers. Every question has
a two-word answer. When you buzz in, you must only give
me the first word of the answer. If that’s correct, I will then ask
your partner for the second word of the answer. See if you can play this
at home as well. If someone is sitting next to you, one of you
gives the first word, see if you can get the second.
Here’s your first question. Is it Childish? It is not Childish, I’m afraid. OK. Not Childish Gambino. Anyone else? Danny. Ice. Ice is right. Nina. T. Is it Ice T? It’s Ice Cube! The other one. Ahhh, one or the other!
Could have been Ice T. Yeah, exactly. As soon as he said
Ice, it was one or the other. It was! Ice Cube was the answer.
Well done if you said that. Here is your next question. Yes, Suzi? Charlie. Correct. Johnny? I don’t know his surname. And it’s Charlie And The Chocolate
Factory, so that won’t work. So, it’s one word! Mmm. Ruggles. Charlie Ruggles – is that right? It is not. Anyone else? Danny? Bucket. Is it Charlie Bucket? Yes, it is Charlie Bucket. Here’s your next question. Please
tell me the name of this song. # I’ve got sunshine # On a cloudy day # When it’s cold outside… Suzi? My. Is correct. Johnny? No idea. Girl – perhaps. Girl. Is it girl? Oh, it IS girl!
It is girl, well done – My Girl. Next question. Yes, Danny? I don’t know,
but I’m going to say… ..Bristol… Bristol is correct. Nina? City. Is it Bristol City? It’s not Bristol City. Anyone
want to buzz in? Johnny Ball? Rovers, perhaps?
Oh, we like them, don’t we? Bristol Rovers. Point to Johnny and Suzi there. Here is your last question
in this round. Thank goodness!
You’ve got a couple of points! What is this song, please? DRUM BEAT WITH SCREAMING Yes, Danny? Oh, hang on… LAUGHTER ..because in my head,
this has got three words. I need one from you.
Well, I … Stand. Stand? Yeah. It’s not, I’m afraid. Do you
want to hear some more of it? Yeah. INTRO CHORDS WITH SHOUTING GUITAR STARTS
Oh. Oh, this will be good – yes, Suzi?! Prince. Prince… right. Johnny? And I’ve no idea. What would
you like to go for, Johnny? Eternal. Prince Eternal. What’s the answer, Suzi? Prince Charming. Prince Charming is
the answer, by Adam And the Ants. That is the end of that round,
You Complete Me. Nina and Suzi, if you
would swap back places…? I literally, in the chaos of
that round… Thanks, partner! ..I literally got no
idea who scored what. No! Nothing would surprise
me now on this leaderboard. Let’s take a little look – who is
in the lead at the end of Round Two? Nina, you have three points. Suzi and Danny have four. Johnny, still in the lead,
six points. Well played. Well done! Three rounds to go in
this week’s House Of Games. Three more rounds until we discover
who’s taking home that trophy. Shall we play the first
one of those? Yes, please. OK. It’s going to be… Now, I’m going to give
you all one of these – if you take one
and pass it along… They’re a magnetic board, and they have the letters
of the word “parties”… Oh, right, OK. ..written on them. OK? I’m going to give
you a series of questions, and all you need to do is spell the answer using the
letters in front of you. But we call it Can You Feel It?
because we have other props, which is you’re all going to be
wearing blindfolds while you do it. Lovely! So if you all put those on So I will read out the questions and you need to spell out the
answers with those letters. As soon as you’ve got an answer
you’re happy with press the buzzer. Here’s your first question. It’s somewhere in the word PARTIES. I think most people know
the answer. It’s who gets there quickest. Buzz as soon as you’re happy,
you’ve got the answer. That is Danny. Let’s take a look. Your E is the wrong way round
but you’ve spelled PIER. That’s absolutely right, Danny.
Well played. Thanks. PIER. APPLAUSE Here’s your next question. Can you spell this, please? And we know the answer… ..and we know how to spell them,
but where are the letters? BUZZER
Nina? What on Earth is that?! I mean, with respect, you
could not be further away from… LAUGHTER Anybody else? Buzz in if you think you’ve got
the answer. I’ll go! BUZZER
Johnny? You have got an R in the middle of
your answer there Johnny,
I’m afraid. BUZZER
Suzi? EAST. Well played, Suzi. She’s done it. You’ve done it. APPLAUSE This is harder than it looks,
isn’t it?! It’s really tricky. It’s exactly as hard as it looks. Your next question, can
you spell this, please? I think only Johnny and Danny
know it. Your board is a disgrace, Nina. LAUGHTER BUZZER
Johnny? You have got it! Spit the Dog. APPLAUSE Well done. Here’s your next question. Can you spell this, please? Oh, I’m doing it. This is the most frustrating
thing I’ve ever seen. BUZZER
Oh, look at that. And how neat as well. Johnny Ball. PIRATES. Well done. APPLAUSE Here’s your last question in this
round, you will be appalled to hear! What’s the answer to this,
please? They all know the answer, but who… BUZZER Yes, that is Nina. You know what? I will give you that. Hooray! They’re all sort of slightly
skewwhiff. Oh no, are they wrong?
Your P is the wrong way up. PARIS, the answer there. That is the end of that round. Pass your boards back, please. I found that unbelievably hard. Two rounds to go in this week’s
House Of Games. How has that round
affected the scores? Let’s take a look at how we stand. Four points for Nina. Suzi and Danny has five. He’s increasing his lead,
Johnny Ball, 8 points. Impressive stuff. APPLAUSE
How about that? Two rounds to go.
What is round four today? Let’s take a little look.
It’s going to be… In this round I’m going to show
you the four answers immediately, and they are these. Those are our answers,
all we’re missing is the questions, and your job is to work out
what the questions are. We’re going to do this one by one. Nina, we will start with you. Danny, would you choose
an answer for Nina? Um, Nina, your answer is going to be
the A93 from Aberdeen to Perth. So, Nina, your answer is the A93
from Aberdeen to Perth. Right. But which one of these three
is the question? Is it… Urgh. Do you know what? I’m actually going
to go with The Proclaimers. Going to go with The Proclaimers.
Yes. Is that the question? WRONG ANSWER TONE
It is not, I’m afraid. We don’t throw it open, but if we
were to, what do you reckon? Danny? I think I know this.
Really? Yeah. I think this is one of those
little stories you read when they don’t have enough news.
Yeah, I know those. It was the most forgettable highway.
Really? It’s amazing you remembered. Let’s have a look. Is that right? No points up for grabs, but I know
you’re playing along at home. No, it wasn’t! That’s interesting. I think it was about a hedge! It’s a mile long and 100 feet high. Wow. Wow. Now, Johnny, we’re going to have an
answer for you now. Suzi, would you choose
an answer for Johnny? Can I have…Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley? You can have Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. Johnny, that is your answer,
but what is the question? It’s one of these three. Is the question… One of the those is the correct
question. Because I love science, straight
I’m going for number three. Number three, you’re going
for the mole? Yeah. OK, The answer is Diggi-Loo
Diggi-Ley. Is that the question? WRONG ANSWER TONE
It’s not the question. It’s the first one, isn’t it?
You think it’s the first one? Yeah. Let’s take a look.
What was the answer? It was the title of the winning song
in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest, Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. Johnny, would you choose an answer
for Suzi, please? Acoustic Kitty.
Acoustic Kitty is the answer. Suzi, what is the question? One of these three. If it was a CIA operation to train
a cat as a spy, they should have called it
Acoustic Doggy. Like, I think Kitty would
have given it away too much, right? Yeah, the first thing about spies
is, don’t tell people they’re spies.
Right? And that’s what I learnt
in spy school. The GIF… Yeah. I think if Ed Sheeran tweeted
something, teenagers go nuts, right? Everyone would retweet him.
Yeah, they love him. Yeah. Let’s go for the Ed
Sheeran one. You’re going to go Ed Sheeran. I am. The answer is Acoustic Kitty.
Is that the question? WRONG ANSWER TONE Everyone’s gone down the bottom,
they’ve all been wrong. I think the stalactite. Some of them when you hit them, they
resonate, so it could be that. Oh, so it’s got acoustics. Could be
the stalactite. Let’s take a look.
Is it the stalactite? No way! It’s the CIA operation to train
a cat as a spy. But if you’re in a room
and there’s a weird cat there, wouldn’t you be like, “Can
someone get this cat out of here?” With a reel to reel recorder
on its back. Yeah, with a mic on. Danny. Yeah. Nina, I mean, really I need
to ask you… Oh, I wonder what question
he should do! Choose a nice one. How about 12 seconds?
Oh, 12 seconds, Nina’s gone for. Interesting. Danny,
12 seconds is the answer, but what is your question? Hmm. 1896. Usain Bolt can run
that in, like, what, 8.5 seconds or something. 9.5 something. 9.5 you say. And he’s very tall and very quick. So I reckon that is too fast
for 1896. I say that with no sporting
knowledge. And 12 seconds seems very short…
Mm. ..for an Oscar-nominated short film. What brilliance can you bring
to it in 12 seconds? Would have to be a great gag,
wouldn’t it? I’ll go for the scientific one. How long’s it take for light
to reach the Earth from the Moon? Because it is a long way away.
Let’s take a look. The answer is 12 seconds. Is that the question? WRONG ANSWER TONE
It’s not the question. 1.3 seconds it takes light to travel
from the Earth to the Moon. JOHNNY: I think it’s the first. Who thinks the first one? I think
it’s the fresh guacamole. You think the fresh guacamole. Johnny thinks the first one,
Nina thinks the third one. Let’s take a look. What is the answer? You’re right, Johnny, it is. Wow. Winning time, 12 seconds in the
100 metres in 1896. Thomas Burke set that time. That’s the end of round four. Let’s take a look at the scores
before we play our final round. Nina, you have four. Suzi and Danny has five. Johnny has a three point lead. APPLAUSE Who’s going to win today? More importantly, who’s going to win
the whole week and take
home that trophy? The next round is going to tell us,
and that next round is… As always, I’ll show you a picture,
put a clue underneath, smash them together. You get a point if you get
one right. You lose a point if you give me
an incorrect answer. Best of luck. Fingers on buzzers. Your first category is… Here is your first one. Johnny? Hyena Sharples. Hyena Sharples, says Johnny. Hyena, Ena Sharples.
He’s only right. Very good. Hyena Sharples. Here’s your next wild animal
and your next clue. Yes, Danny? Kangarooney Mara. Kangarooney Mara… is the right answer, Danny. Well done. APPLAUSE What a battle we have on our
hands here. Here’s your next wild animal. Yes, Johnny? Hippopota-Moscow. Incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Yes, Danny? Hippo…pota… ..Muscovite. Hippopotamuscovite. I didn’t read the question! I just saw Russian capital. Oh. So, Johnny loses a point
and Danny gets a point there. It is close now. Next category. You’ll see tennis players
in the picture, there’ll be clues underneath. Smash them together. Yes, that is Nina. Steffi Graffle. Steffi Graffle is the right answer. That’s a nice one. Steffi Graf and raffle. Next tennis player. Yes, Danny? Bjorn Borganic. Is it Bjorn Borganic? It is Bjorn Borganic. APPLAUSE Here’s another tennis player
and another clue. Yes, Danny? I was going to say,
Andre Agas-Sicily. WRONG ANSWER TONE Incorrect, I’m afraid. Suzi? Andre Agassisi. Andre Ag-Assisi is the right answer. APPLAUSE And fun to say.
Danny loses a point now. TIME-UP HOOTER That is the end of the round
and the end of the show. First thing we need to do is find
out who won today’s show. Let’s take a little look, shall we? Who has won Friday’s
House Of Games? By one point
it is Johnny Ball once again. Well played, Johnny. Danny, you are second.
Suzi, third. Nina, five days in a row you’ve
lost, but by so little on each. Statistically, it’s almost
impossible to do what you’ve done. Johnny, you win again,
so you’ve won yourself prize. Which of these would you like? Tool box, cricket bat, scent,
tankard, duvet and pillow set? The tankard, thank you. Oh, that’s nice. Put it behind the
bar at your local pub. Johnny Ball wins Friday
and wins a House Of Games tankard. APPLAUSE But the small matter of the
House Of Games trophy. Danny, you won the first three days. Johnny, you won the last two,
including double points Friday. So who has won the trophy? Shall we take a look? Who’s this week’s champion
on the House Of Games? It is Danny, by two points. APPLAUSE
Wow! Well done. Congratulations, Danny. Well. Would you pass that along…
There we go. Danny Wallace, please? Oh, Johnny. What a valiant effort
to take it off him. You did just enough in that last
round to come second there, Danny, which got you enough points
to win the week. Our champion on House Of Games,
Mr Danny Wallace. Thanks. Well done.
APPLAUSE And to all four of you,
thank you so much. Been nothing but an absolute
pleasure throughout. Absolutely been a joy from
start to finish. Thank you so much for joining me
all week, and thank you as well for joining me
all week on House Of Games. APPLAUSE Cheers!

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