Rich Dad Poor Dad for Real Estate Investors


  • Franklin Hopkins Jr

    Loved today's vid. I'm taking action on real estate and biz…Thank you Clayton!

  • Great vid. Just listened to you on cashflow ninja. Awesome info. I want to cash flow 5k passively! Rich dad really made me change my mindset about money.

  • You are awesome sir!!!

  • Krystal Quarles

    Thanks so much for the information and guidance. I keep watching your videos to stay encouraged. I am not ready to purchase but I will be calling you in the near future on my 1st investment deal. Thanks so much

  • This channel is killer! I'm looking forward to our call in May. I'm ready to take action! Thank you for all of this sage advice!

  • Another great video. Thank you sir!

  • I booked a call with you sir. I just wish we could speak with you sooner.

  • Hey Morris, this is very intriguing.

  • Another great video, thank you Clayton. Met with Dave a few weeks ago. We are so anxious to buy our first 3-4 properties almost immediately but heading out of the country so need to wait till we get back. If it wasn't for you I would still be unaware of the power of passive income. Have listened to every podcast and Youtube video! Would love to talk to you someday, you have been a favorite on F& F.

  • Hey Clayton. When I started watching Robert Kiyosaki's videos on YouTube about the 4 quadrants of income, expense, liability and assests, that's what made me start thinking about investment properties.

  • Great Vid Sir!
    In my country, there are no taxes for the individual real estate.
    In that case do u recommend to start investing directly in real estate? I'm an Employee, and I'm looking to shift to Investor in real estate.

  • Nice job Clayton!!! another great episode, such a powerful message for kids and their education. I always share with my 6 and 9yr old daughters.

  • Finally!! Someone who shares the same experience in paradigm shift!!!

  • Awuramma Parry

    Hi Clayton, if you l already purchase a rental property in my name, can l now transfer to an llc?

  • great information here, thanks!

  • how much do we have to pay your team to get me started?

  • Great vid!

  • Great video! I loved Rich Dad Poor Dad and started following your channel after I heard your interview on BiggerPockets. I love the way you approach real estate investing with a clarity and focus on financial freedom. One of the things that the Rich Dad Poor Dad philosophy stresses is this idea of getting cash flow. For someone in a financial spot where the (bad) debt has been paid off (to less than $2K) and is getting ready to make the next move, would you advise correcting/cleaning up my credit score first to take advantage of low interest mortgage opportunities or should the focus be on saving/building up the capital for the first investment?

  • Mr. Morris great insight on how to take business stand point and bring it with real estate to make it a business. I enjoyed the video. Thank you

  • Thanks for your videos you do a great job I've been investing in real estate for about 3 years now and really starting to scale and you can really make some good passive income at it about ready to quit my job in less than 2 years

  • Spot on! Great content.

  • Hey Thanks for the vid
    what do you think of
    owning a small business like a grocery store or laundromat?

  • Also how do you know when you are truly ready to buy your 1st property? what's some of the main things you need in order? Thanks again

  • Just purchased the Book Rich Dad Poor Dad to read before my call on Monday afternoon~

  • I'm not saying this to fluff your feathers, but as someone who just finished the book, I really feel like this video is an adequate replacement for it. The book is really more philosophical in nature and you pretty much nailed it.

  • I'm in need of a real estate mentor for investing….HELP!!!

  • Thanks for the video! I read his book many years ago before finishing school and it totally changed my perspective. Now I’m ready to take those principles to make it a reality.

  • Within one year of listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad on Bluetooth audio while driving for
    “ the big cola company” , I have quit that career, started my real estate LLC, purchased my first investment property, wholesaled my first investment property!
    (different properties)
    Thanks for the knowledge Robert Kyosaki!
    I LOVE REAL ESTATE!!!!! 😀🤑
    I can’t wait to see whats next!

  • I was a student of Rich U while I lived in Hawaii… We own & have played the cash flow game. 10 years later we own 5 units. I had a goal, a few months ago I came across Morris Invest and know with a fair amount of equity I'm looking to put it to work. I want my money to work for me, instead of me working for my money and I'm hoping Clayton and his team can help me achieve my new goals of financial freedom.

    Here to having the courage to work towards doubling my previous goal and putting it into action. Thank you for the motivation and the insight to help me on my way.

  • This is all true! #MiamiKid

  • Clayton
    I just found your videos. Miss seeing you on Fox. I have some things to ask but do I ask on this forum or is their another way. I probably missed something

  • I am getting into real estate investing based on your terrific vides and podcasts.  I was wondering what bookkeeping software you or Natali can recommend to keep track of expenses, finances.

  • so if I own a rental in my own name but as of now have dumped all profits back into the property as to not pay taxes on that income is there any reason to put it in an LLC or S corp to avoid paying taxes right now, or are there other benefits that I am missing out on by not owning it under an LLC. or S corp?

  • Whats an LLC in Canada ? I'm canadian from Montreal and i am not sure this will work. I own a condo and its almost paid off and rented. And planning to get another one. Can i switch my almost paid off condo in LLC ?

  • I am Kiyosaki follower and I feel, After kiyosaki, you impressed me with your good presentation

  • I love your channel. I'm watching all your videos. Thank you. I'm going to be rich. I know it. I'm ready so many books. Ur helping me so much

  • ❤❤❤

  • This is a great and informative channel!! Thank you!

  • What’s your take on owning real estate properties that are older than 30+ years?

  • Hi Clayton, any thoughts or opinions about the Rich Dad 3-day seminar? Worth it for $700, or …?! I appreciate any advice you are able to offer. Thanks!
    PS: I enjoy your show very much!

  • senora solitaria

    3 comments..I have a condo in Calif to sell that I am planning on using to buy some rentals from a turnkey. After seeing some reviews online that were negative, I am a little unsure as to which turnkey to 'turn' to. …

    When I repaired my condos on my own, I made a name for my future company as a little joke. After learning about needing an LLC, it really surprised me that my little biz existed beforehand and was actually going to become a real boy. lol. so proud.

    There is a Rich dad/PD speech coming to my area next week and I'll definitely be there.

  • Great vid and tips on taxes/ real estate 👌👌

  • I just finished Robert's book and I have always been convinced this was the way to go. I tried in the past and actually do have one rental now but I am ready to scale up.

  • I love it!!! you fire me up!!!

  • Totally agree, personal finance is a powerful tool for life..

  • Hi Mr. Morris,
    According to your video, I need to create an LLC and buy properties under that LLC. However, I am usually using the traditional bank and they won’t allow me to buy rental properties under LLC. I watched some of your video and know we can put those rental properties in the LLC after close on the properties. If I first purchase the property in my name then place it in the LLC, will I have the same the tax benefits and the protection as I purchase it under LLC in the first. How can do the refinance in the future? (Take it out of LLC, refinance, and put it back in the LLC?) Furthermore, I know the limit for one person to own the property under their own name is 10 properties. For example: If I own 10 properties under my name, and then put it in LLC, will it consider that I am not owning any properties in my name and I can still purchase another 10 difference properties in my name and repeat that process.
    One more question, how many holding company/ LLC can be formed in one person name?
    (I want to ask because I want to open one holding company for myself and another one for my brother and I).

  • Why the clock in background is not ticking, it's showing 10:10 in whole vdo…. 😊

  • Everyone can’t be rich

  • thank you! so helpful!

  • Its not just lack of education. Information is out there, a lot of it for free. I am a former college professor, and I could watch students and pretty much tell the ones who would wash out. Yes, you could see it in their grades, but their grades were only an outward manifestation. You could see it in their deportment. None of these washouts were stupid. Most were just lazy. I think the majority of society is this way. The old adage "The creme floats to the top" is very true. The beauty is each of us can CHOOSE to be that creme…or not.

  • Awesome, I m a new real estate investor. And a new fan and listener to your show. You guys are always spot on. What really love about your show is. You are very Factual and, right to the point. I'm a late comer to real estate. Investing. But once I learned about Robert Kiyosaki, I haven't looked back. I started my son reading Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad. Cashflow quadrant and everything in between I started him at 11 years old. and he reads every night before he goes to bed. One of my goals is to, fund my son's college tuition with the funds from rental property real estate. while he learns real estate investing so that he can one day continue On.

  • The book has changed my view without a doubt. But a warning, the rich dad Corp offers expensive train g starting with a free seminar I just attended. It's a horrific sales pitch that I am absolutley disgusted with. I'd rather keep my Integrity than make it rich by hurting others. looking at the reviews and seeing the law suits against the rich dad Corp training I hope nobody else is hurt by them again.
    I have a lot of respect for YouTube channels like this though, ur doing a great job and I'm learning a huge amount from you. Thank you.

  • Excelent advice

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Richest Man in Babylon are my 2 favorite books. I wish I could have read them when I was much younger.

  • Thanks your great tips. I didnt know we can create a LLC to buy a rental property.

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