“Receiving Stolen Property” (Penal Code 496 PC)


  • mjgarrett9885ify

    Hawaii was stolen ! Fake illegal overthrow . now this meands federal reserve had and US. Corporation IMF all took part in receiving stolen property , Vatican , European elites , all banks even united nations , and banks at Some point in time received financial gain thru the illegal overthrow of Hawaii by a corporation called the united state of america . The elites 1% controlled the actions of countries thru the financially system . by law this is racketeering . This is the only way to take them down by just doing the right thing . love aloha should be the planets slogan ! They push for a N.W.O. well why not give it to them by taking it all away and letting see how hard life could truly be . reverse the ladder and the bottom be top , top be the bottom ! As above so below!

  • This one seems super sketch, like how easy can it be for an arresting officer to dismiss the idea that a person didn't know an item was stolen. The worst is just sort of expected from people in the legal system it seems.

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