Realtors – The Market Stinks – Why Would ANYONE Invest? – Real Estate Investing

Joe: Hi, this is Joe Crump. Here’s the next
question that I’ve got. Frank: “Joe, what you’re teaching is nuts.
Who would be crazy enough to buy investment property in this market? I know you only make
money if people buy your books, but it’s just plain unethical to try to convince people
to buy houses and lose money.” Joe: This is from Frank in New Jersey. Frank,
I really disagree with this. I think that it makes a lot of sense to buy property in
this market right now. As a matter of fact, for the things that I’m teaching and the way
that I’m teaching it, it’s the perfect storm for buying properties like this and selling
properties like this. Joe: There’s so many people that need our
help in this situation. There are people that can’t sell their properties, like what I showed
you on a previous video, where we can help people sell properties that are in desperate
situations. We can help people that are going into foreclosure. We can help people that
just need to move and can’t make the payments anymore. We can also help people who can’t
qualify for a mortgage right now. Joe: As a realtor, you should know that it’s
very difficult in this mortgage environment to be able to qualify for loans and only people
with very top credit scores can get properties, so when you can help someone who couldn’t
otherwise qualify for a loan buy a property for them and their family, and buy a good
property in a good area (you don’t have to buy junk) it feels great. It’s a really good
thing to do for them, and there’s so many deals out there that are available for this.
Joe: Also, by keeping these properties and buying them, when the market’s down, you’re
going to make a lot more money as the market starts to creep up again, which we’re going
to see. It may take a year, it may take four years, or it may take five years, but we’re
going to see the market cycle back again. That’s eventually going to happen. So if you
own and buy properties now, it’s going to make you that much more wealthy when that
time comes. So, try this and take a second look at what we’re doing. Thanks.

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